My Series on Eco-Friendly, Women-owned businesses started May 10th….

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I Produced this Eco-Friendly Series and Co-Hosted the “MaryAnne Show” on Monday, May 10th, with Co-Host MaryAnne DeFelice. It was a real “MaryAnne and Ginger Show!”

Our Bees Pollinate Everything We Eat... We Need Them To Stay Alive.

The Series will take place twice in May and every month throughout the Summer…. interesting, informative, and you will become a better consumer of beauty and health products that can save your life and of those you love.

Our guests were “La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup/Skin Care” and a truly hand-made, wonderful Skin Care company that literally comes from a Bee Farm called “Meadowlake Farm.”

Thank you to both of our Guests for being so good to our environment and for telling us all about WHY we need to be concerned with what transdermally is put onto our skin and ultimately into our bloodstream.

Check out these amazing companies:

The founder of Meadowlake Farm Herbal Skin Care was so informative in telling us all about WHY the bees are disappearing and how this is happening SOLELY because of Pesticides. Pesticides damage the immune systems of the bees, literally confuse them, and kill them.
Bee Die Offs From Pesticides
This is an emergency.

Our Bees pollinate EVERYTHING and their importance to our food supply is paramount to producing anything from Apples to Zucchini.

Bayer Pharmaceutical is primarily to blame, as they introduced a hazardous pesticide in 2006 that is culpable for the massive killing of our pollinating Bees. Also to blame is Monsanto’s GMO Crops that have contaminated almost every other plant on Earth.

Former U.S. President Clinton has apologized in recent years for not fully investigating and understanding the damage that GMO crops can do to the food supply…. as he was responsible, under his Administration, for giving the legal ‘green light’ to Monsanto to sell GMO products.

The GMO product line must be OUTLAWED NOW.
GMO Crops Cause Organ Damage!…. Read and Research and Be a VOiCE!

It is one thing to make a mistake, but entirely another to keep doing it over and over and over.

My God, our Elected Officials really are asleep and missing in action.

However, you can vote with your dollars [and PLEASE send emails] to buy the healthy, organic, handmade, lovingly made products that you and your family deserve!

This series airs on WGCH Radio, and you can catch it streaming live on @ 6pm on the selected nights. The next show will be Monday, May 24th.

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