Vaccines Have A Secret…. They Kill Your Immune System…. Shhhh…. The Medical Cartel Does Not Want You To Wake Up.

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Saturday, August 13th [NYC/Connecticut Audience] and to be broadcast Thursday, August 18th, 2011 for Phoenix, AX Audience: This show on Vaccines is another important message. This is a “Command Performance” and was aired earlier this year. However, since I am on Hiatus, I felt strongly that this particular show needed to be heard again since our children are headed back to school the end of this month….

My Guest, The National Vaccine Information Center,, was amazing. They are the ‘go to’ site for anyone who wants to find the truth behind the media, propaganda hype that wants to force mass-vaccinations at any expense.

Your life, and the lives of the innocent children and animals [who rely upon us to make informed, intelligent decisions for them] mean NOTHING to the gigantic medical Cartel that makes themselves invisible as they hide behind ‘Government Mandates’ to vaccinate…. and as they enforce, wrongly and in violation of your Constitutional Rights, their toxic vaccines on school children and on the elderly, pregnant women… no one is exempt from the long arm[s] of the Pharmaceutical/medical cartels.

Barbara Loe Fisher of The National Vaccine Information Center, told us to take action NOW because the machinations of this horrifying Cartel are working very manipulatively within our misinformed Government to enforce toxic, harmful vaccines upon everyone, without exception, in just a few years from now.

I have a question for our over-grown, incompetent, bureaucratic mess we are forced to pay our taxes to: Why are you letting PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT enterprises like the Pharmaceutical cartel, injure and even kill our children and then walk away without being held liable for this Genocide? Who in our Governmental mess is dumb enough to let this continue to be the worst nightmare in the history of all medicine?

I think it’s time to elect some HONORABLE, INFORMED, INTELLIGENT, ETHICAL human beings into elected office to save our future.

This show, and all shows, are available for listening on the “ARCHIVES” section of this blog.

This show is dedicated to the children, the animals, and all of the people who have suffered as a result of the lies and deceptions of both the medical cartel and their white-coat drug pushers we call “Doctors.”

Awakening America: The Refusers’ Crusade Via Great Music

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My interview with The Refusers’ Lead Singer, Michael Belkin on May 21, 2011, was awakening…. for me, my Producer, and thousands of listeners.

I had interviewed Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center a few weeks ago, and when I got the chance to bring the subject of vaccine dangers to the attention of my listeners once again, I knew this was the right thing to do. This topic is way underreported and it too often gets marginalized as millions of innocent children, animals, and even adults suffer the consequences of such cover-ups.

I believe that conspiracies do exist in this world. It would be naive not to.

Vaccines have been killing, maiming, injuring, and permanently destroying children for more than 60 years. The madness has got to stop.

The most important choice you could make in life today is to Refuse the Propaganda and the myths that are spun to confuse both the American parent, AND people around the world…. especially Third World people who are vulnerable and innocent to the machinations of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

Why do Pharmaceutical companies want to hurt us? Great question. The answer is Control. When you are weak, sick, vulnerable, disabled…. you are controllable. They’ve got you.

Sound bazaar? Well, do your own research. Do an internet search on “Project Paperclip” under the Roosevelt Administration. —- It will knock your socks off.

The very Nazi [mad men] Scientists who were killing in the Concentration Camps are here in America. Not one ever spend time in Prison for their heinous crimes. They morphed, instead, into what LOOKS like benevolent companies doing good in the world… they became the Pharmaceutical Companies that we see given billions in tax breaks and with more Lobbyists than any other group on Earth.

“…. the biological case against thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand their research would say that thimerosal wasn’t the most likely cause of autism. You couldn’t even construct a study that shows that thimerosal is safe. It’s just too toxic…. If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a Petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage.“—- Boyd Hayley, Ph.D., Chairman of the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department

One book I highly recommend is “Thugs, Drugs And The War On Bugs.” By Dr. Brad Case.

Just as the innocent Prisoners in Nazi Concentration Camps died from experimental vaccines, the experiments have been continued on our children.

Michael Belkin shared with us the horrifying news that his own beautiful, 5 week old daughter was killed from a vaccine 12 years ago.

The absolute horror of facing the death of a loved one from a vaccine is beyond description. The unthinkable thing about all of this is that it is akin to killing someone with any weapon. So, why is it that the Big Pharmaceutical giants and their high Priestesses [misguided Doctors] are EXEMPT from facing any responsibility from killing innocent people?

Baby Lilah never saw a Birthday. Her life was stolen from her, and her parents were robbed of their daughter. The millions of beautiful faces of children who have died and been injured from vaccines can be seen on The National Vaccine Information Center’s Website:

The Refusers’ music is amazing. Their Lyrics are powerful, and Michael Belkin can sing all Genre’s of music from Classic Rock, to Reggae, to Jazz. My Producer had their music playing when I walked into the radio studio for the show, and even my own mother loved their music!

Being a “Refuser” is going to catch on around the world…. with lyrics like “a vaccine stole my baby away” and a sound that will get you on your feet… this message of keeping vaccines out of our bodies by our own choice is going to be a powerful force.

Vaccines = Genocide

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My conversation today with Barbara Loe Fisher, Director and Co-Founder of The Vaccine Information Center,, was one of the most important broadcasts I could give to my listeners.

If there is one thing that all American Citizens need to understand, it is that Vaccines, and ALL the Propaganda that deliberately misinforms parents and ordinary people day-after-day, is enormous. The “machine” that pumps out this information is part of a very well orchestrated plan to control the population [literally] and to destroy our health to weaken the will of the masses.

I know this sounds “conspiracy-theory” in its tone, but sorry, it is the absolute truth. There are numerous books, articles, research papers, Doctors, Nutritionists, Researchers, and the list goes on…. who have shared with anyone who is willing to look and search for the truth the horrible reality behind the “Vaccine Machine.”

One book I highly recommend is “The One Hundred Year Lie” by notable Journalist Randall Fitzgerald.

Find out for yourself the truth behind the intention of the Vaccine “programs” that our very own Government underwrites with our taxes! It is truly asinine when you start to unravel the misguided, foolish thinking on the part of elected Politicians who know nothing about Toxicology, or even the meaning of true health and how to go about healing.

The perpetuation of this misinformation on the ‘safety’ of vaccines currently costs the United States several Billion dollars a year in medical costs. But the long term cost is staggering when you think of what the future will hold with permanently injured children, retardation, mentally and physically handicapped people in huge numbers, and children who have died from receiving a vaccine that a Doctor in a White Coat promised was ‘good’ for them….

Did you know that Doctors who administer vaccines are exempt from any Liability for causing injury or death to a child, adult, and our family pets?

Vaccines contain questionable, at best, ingredients that should be enough for any honorable, elected official stop and think. But they don’t…. Why?

I don’t know about you, but if I see something wrong, I stand up and say something! I would never sell my soul to this entity that seems invisible to the average person, but looms large everywhere in reality. The scary thing is that the pharmaceutical/chemical warfare entities are unrelenting in their pursuit of power over your life, the lives of our children, animals, and the future of America. What are we if we are chronically ill?

Our entire medical system has been corrupted by big pharmaceutical interests that originally got their start as Chemical Warfare companies in Nazi Germany.

A logical question to ask is how in the world would anyone ignore this alarming dichotomy of “health care” and “chemical warfare” combining forces to re-invent the definition of healthcare?

Children in the Third World have not escaped this horror of Genocide via a hypodermic needle. The World Bank, Unicef, the wretchedly misguided [downright evil] Gates Foundation, and other seemingly Benevolent “health” groups have spent hundreds of billions of dollars promoting vaccines for Third World children.

What Third World children need is FRESH drinking water, healthy food, shelter, and access to proper hygiene. The LAST thing they need is a vaccine that will undermine and permanently damage their already stressed immune systems!

Wow, unbelievable when you think clearly about this pathetic practice of poisoning the planet.

And when it comes to our beloved animal companions, our best friends in life– they are facing the very same auto-immune diseases that humans have suffered since the advent of forced multi-vaccinations and chemical-laden, de-natured food. Dis-ease has been the result of this modern day lifestyle of deliberate poisoning.

I have had two beloved cats who have died from Auto-Immune Dis-ease that was the result of vaccine induced inflammation and immune system damage.

My beloved Maggie, whom I blogged lovingly about in my earlier blog, was taken from me too soon as a result of the NYC Shelter, the CACC, giving multiple vaccines to her along with a dishonest, greedy, unethical Veterinarian who later repeated the very same “3 in 1” vaccines and re-injured her tiny body. The incubation period is the same in animals just as it has proven to be in humans– you never know if a vaccine will show injuries immediately or will manifest later in life as an Auto-Immune Disorder that is life threatening.

I dedicate this show to all the children and animals who have died and been permanently injured from a vaccine.

Vaccines Kill. Period.

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“The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is a thing as physical morality.”— Herbert Spencer

Our animal companions are all about love, and of course, being cute.

I interviewed Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM, on my radio show on August 16, 2010. Visit her informative web page at

This show is for everyone, even if you don’t currently have a family animal companion in your life.

Vaccines, as we have all been led to believe, are supposed to be the allopathic medical mafia’s answer to preventing disease.

Not so. Instead, vaccines are responsible for the degenerative dis-eases and most potent autoimmune diseases that plague our modern society today.

Dr. Jordan made it clear [and so did I] that we have simply traded the acute medical conditions for the autoimmune, lingering, debilitating diseases that eventually suck the life out of your body entirely and kill you. …. And the only group that benefits from this are the drug makers [that make you sicker] and the medical paradigm that profits to the tune of being the only multi-trillion dollar industry in this world that legally profits from deliberately making people and animals very ill with long-term, expensive physical degeneration.

Vaccines transmit mutant killer viruses and bacteria directly into the blood stream. This is not the route of transmission that the body was designed to fight. The body, both human and animal, is designed to recognize bad pathogens via natural way: via the nose, mouth, and other entries into the body.

Louis Pasteur was a fraud. He admitted it on his death bed. So why do we continue to ignore the many geniuses, like Antoin Beauchamp, who have proven the “germ theory” and “pasteurization” to be both fraudulent and junk science?

Money. Profits. Both are likely reasons.

Our pets are sicker now than ever in the history of this world. The junk food, and the vaccines, along with the fact that Veterinarian schools are supported financially by the big pharmaceutical companies have all added to the toxic burden our beloved pets have been forced to bear in the name of total ignorance and greed.

Within the format of the 1/2 hour show I had with this amazing Veterinarian, I was able to help my listeners understand the reasons why our pets suffer and how to avoid the cancers, liver and kidney failures, asthma, other respiratory issues, heart diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes…. and the list goes on and on…

#1.) Good Nutrition. This is the foundation from which ALL health must be built. Go with the small [preferably local] brands and give your pets whole, organic food from human grade sources.

Raw food such as “Bravo” and “Oma’s Pride” are two of the best choices. At least twice a week give your pets human food you get and prepare and/or raw food from these respected sources.

The brands of pet food that are honorable and healthy:

Spots Stew, Evanger’s, Trilogy [Life’s Abundance], Taste of The Wild, Country Naturals, Pet Guard, Weruva, Country Naturals, Pure Vita … these are the brands that I trust.

And I mix it up for my pet kids…. every day is a new feast with lots of powdered greens, probiotics, bee pollen, colloidal silver, enzymes and other good things added into their healthy breakfasts and dinners….

All of the vitamins and minerals I give to my animal best friends are the same, high grade nutrients I give to myself. Every morning I serve my self the same powdered food into my daily regimen.

Chop up or “smoothie” some veggies and give them to your best friend in his/her food every day. The very least you should do is get a very high quality powdered green drink at a high-end, trusted health food store or on line, and add this to their daily meals.

2.) Stop the shots! Just stop the shots, period. Vaccines damage the DNA, kill healthy digestive enzymes, damage the kidneys and the liver with an onslaught of toxins, and kill brain cells…. to just name a few risks you are taking with your pets health.

Dr. Jordan explained how vaccines are killing our pets, some immediately, and most slowly– with the many dis-eases listed above.

Check out Dr. Jordan’s informative web page, and arm yourself with knowledge:

I love the title Dr. Jordan gives to vaccines. She calls them ‘the mark of the beast.’ And they literally are….

I am sure you have heard of “666” or also referred to as ‘the mark of the beast.’ This is a VACCINE designed to control and kill large populations of people/all life and was the work of the Nazi regime. These evil, but very brilliant chemical scientists were brought to the United States under President Roosevelt in a covert operation called, “Project Paperclip.” They brought all of their chemical warfare with them, too. And now these chemical companies are simply morphed into what looks like benevolent, life saving companies that we all know as “pharmaceuticals.”

Look at the names of these pharmaceutical companies. Most of them are German names. Named by the warfare scientists who were able to establish themselves throughout the western world and never spend a day in prison for their war crimes.

Chemical, nazi warfare simply changed faces. Look behind the well-developed facade that has been in progress for more than 70 years… and look at the progression of autoimmune disorders….

Science should never be a religion.

They coincide. The timeline is clear: when vaccines and chemical warfare was unleashed on the human and animal populations, and into our environment, the nebulous dis-eases like ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ and ADD/ADHD/Autism and other autoimmune disorders have also developed right along with them.

It’s time to change course!

#3.) The love, play, physical and mental exercise, and peaceful environments we provide also contribute to the overall well being of our family pets, and for our own livelihood, too.

Dr. Patricia Jordan has more information than what I could touch on in the scope of the radio show, but the tremendous feedback from this show alone has been gratifying.

To know that I have touched a few people with information to change course that could ultimately save the life of their family pet, their children, their families, and communities is what I live for.

“Where the senses fail us, reason must step in.” — Galileo

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