An Interview with Dr. Edward Group of The Global Healing Center

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The Doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas A. Edison

The food and lifestyle you choose have everything to do with your health!
Why the “conventional” food groups have been corrupted is because BIG AGRI-BUSINESS has had a hand in putting their toxic products into the food paradigm in the USA… they even push their toxic, obesity causing and ADHD chemicals on children! Wow! What a convoluted mess our own Government has allowed to infiltrate the MOST precious choice we make: our food!

Live Life honoring yourself and God’s gift of life and be Organic Vegetarian! Your life will have incredible, healthy changes that the medical mafia does want you to know about because you won’t be so easily sickened…. Your true health starts with a clean body on the inside!

Dr. Edward Group

My May 24th, 2010 show was a lively interview with Dr. Group of The Global Healing Center.

Check out their wonderful, informative and EMPOWERING web site:
The Global Healing Center

Dr. Group has always believed that the very foundation of the body’s healing starts in the Colon, Intestines, and then the Gallbladder and Liver. You also need to keep your Kidneys clean with natural herbal formulas and then get the heavy metals and parasites out of your body!

Everybody, EVERYBODY needs to clean their bodies of these toxins regularly.

I am a believer in constant cleansing of the body from the onslaught of chemical toxins in our environment… and Dr. Group and I both agree that cleansing needs to happen regularly! The “every six month” rule is not applicable anymore as we are living in a world that is just too toxic.

Dr. Group even stated that the “Liver and Gallbladder” Cleanse should take place several consecutive times, and not just once– this will help your most important organs to clean your body more efficiently.

…And I believe that when you STOP using toxic household and garden cleaners and START using natural, organic, healthy choices– then you are beginning the very revolution that has been taking place all over the world where the consumer is fed up with chemicals and things that hurt your eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and all living elements on this earth!

I use Vodka and Water OR Vinegar and Water to clean my house, and it is a clean, cool cleanser for counter tops, floors, etc. ! I also use Baking Soda for tubs, and other tough cleaning projects… and it works great!

Our rights as people are being quietly suppressed and even outlawed by the powerful yet corrupt [and greedy] pharmaceutical, oil, and chemical industries. The lobbies these three have in Washington, DC is enough to knock your socks off!

Why do healthy minded Doctors who simply tell their patients to clean their bodies on the inside, eat Vegetarian, and take WHOLE food [organic, unprocessed] vitamin supplements get harassed by the FDA and other alphabet government officials? What are they afraid of?

You have the right to natural health. You have the right to natural, herbal, homeopathic, ozone and other holistic modalities!

But the foes in the chemical-based pharmaceutical industry don’t want you to be natural, healthy, or to even KNOW about the healthier choices that could give you vibrance, true health from the inside, and bring you the PEACE in your one life that you deserve.

The message here is simple: Take back your life.

We have all seen too many people we love and care about be seriously injured and killed from vaccines, drugs [both pharmaceutical “legal” and illegal], unnecessary and invasive surgeries, chemicals, and bad [processed] food.

The time is now.

Write a 5 minute email to your Local and State Representatives that you, the Consumer, are smart enough to demand natural healthcare as a CHOICE and that you demand organic, sustainable farming be taxpayer supported [and NOT the chemical, giant Agri-business farming].

Right now, we have a choice to vote for ACTION rather than a bunch of sweet-talking rhetoric about “hope, change,” and other meaningless things that bring nothing but the same old political corruption.

Take control of your future by taking control of what goes into your body. Clean your body, and you will be smarter, brighter, healthier, and even more beautiful!

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