The Virus As a Decoy To Distract from 5G Radiowaves

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This is the biggest scam since the advent of toxic Vaccines, and the poisoning of our waterways with Fluoride.

The ancient Corona Virus strain newly embedded with HIV was created in a Lab both in Canada and Wuhan, China and “launched” into Wuhan, China initially and then “launched” elsewhere outside of China to create a DECOY from the highly dangerous and illness-causing 5G radio waves that must be protested immediately to stop this horrific experiment on Humanity and all life that is in violation of International Law.

The Invisible Manipulators [and there are many well-known names included in this wretched bunch] are utilizing a man-made Virus, ironically from a Wuhan Biological Warfare Laboratory, to create fear.

The double irony is that there are several 5G newly installed towers around Wuhan, and the Virus was “launched” just in time to cover for the serious consequences of highly carcinogenic radiation that puts everyone in danger…. and NO HAND WASHING OR FACE MASK IS GOING TO SAVE YOU FROM HIGH DOSE, 24/7 RADIATION!

Fear of a Virus [but ignoring the Radiation] is the great currency to get you to give up your personal freedoms, Constitutional Rights, and even your common sense.

The kindergarten-mentality of the current Media is pathetic in their ignorance and repetition of false information. They are responsible for the tyranny that we are subjected to in any given day, year, or decade.

The Association of Global, Agenda-driven Corporate interests and private individuals cannot be ignored because they are invisible yet insidious in their control of Media, Finance, Education [big one here], Medical care [another big one] and the food you eat.

I am starting to see the Democratic Party itself as one of the most criminally agenda-driven groups that has emerged as they spew their hatred and blame rather than doing anything at all to restore peace. They hate Trump so vengefully it is sad to watch their machinations all end up at a dead end as they attack unrelentingly. And let’s also look at China and how they scheme to undermine Trump since he is the only President to stand up to their manipulations and to take back the power to the USA.

This article is not to make any Political statement other than what should be obvious by now: Why did this Virus suddenly emerge from China, who has been on the defense for their wretchedness when it comes to Human Rights, Pollution, Faith Repression, Mass Murders, Organ Harvesting of Prisoners, Environmental Degradation, Animal Brutality, etc.?

They hate Trump and want to bog him down with a Global, yet manufactured pandemic, and the Democratic Party is more than willing to jump on this public relations bandwagon. It is all a Hoax.

I have talked about this Agenda and other perpetrators to harming our world and our individual lives many times in the past on my radio show.

One specific example of the manifestation of evil of the “Invisible Manipulators” [IM’s] is the inhumane, horrific abuse in “factory farms” that brutally torture and murder animals and call it “food.”

And then, to boot, the byproducts of this unnatural, unsustainable corporate greed is toxic water and damaged masses of land that are tagged as “Superfund” sites.

And who pays for this at the end of the day? You do. All Superfund sites are paid for by you, the Taxpayer, but someone PROFITED from this mayhem.

The Corona Virus is such a scam it is almost laughable. This Virus, along with the Influenza Virus has been around since the beginning of our fallen world, and there are many strains.

This particular strain was concocted in a Wuhan, China Laboratory and unleashed on purpose. This is not just a theory, but a fact. The first “positive” tests were found in Wuhan. What the Lab technicians did was splice the Virus with the HIV infection. Under powerful microscopes you can see this.

So, the question is, WHY? Well, the “Invisible Manipulators” agenda has always been to scale down the human population. Rather than encouraging people to be responsible and have smaller families or choose to not have families in an open discussion, their strategy is to create panic and fear in the masses in order to gauge how easily it is to control you in other areas, or let’s say in ALL areas of life on this Earth.

Is it Satanic? You bet. And to boot, Johns Hopkins Medical School had a Conference on this very Virus “pandemic” back in October 2019! So, the obvious question is, how did they know to have a Conference several months prior to this becoming a fear-mongering escapade on the daily news?

I saw people grabbing animal products and processed foods at a high end Grocer and wanted to shout from a megaphone to STOP! These products are the VERY products that you need to eliminate from your food choices and your diet immediately and particularly if you are immune compromised, which includes children and the elderly.

Dairy. Deadly, Bloody Meat Products. Processed, packaged foods of all sorts. Sugar. Pizza. Burgers. SODA. All are destructive to your body’s immune system, and to your mind.

What you put into your mouth is also what you put into your brain. Your digestion is your second brain and your second immune system.

What should you do? Number one, ask many clear-minded questions and stop watching mainstream News. Take their power away.

And the most important thing you should start TODAY is to change your Lifestyle. Buy local, sustainably produced food! Fruits and Vegetables should be in your smoothies, juicing, and on your plate daily. High temperature cooking should be eliminated for most of your foods.

1.) Get a Juicer and a high powered blender.

2.) Get fresh fruits and vegetables for smoothies and add an Organic Green Powder that includes Spirulina and other Greens into your daily dose of immune boosting practices.

3.) STOP all Dairy, including cheese and butter! It is TOXIC! Instead, start using Coconut Oil and Vegan butter. Explore the many wonderful and delicious choices you have in VEGAN cheeses and nut milks [I love Coconut Milk] and even Oat milk. There are such great, smaller companies who make this choice very easy for you.

A special note about Dairy: It causes Mucus and Fungus to grow out of control in your body! It feeds the bad bacteria and VIRUSES that need this mucus and sugar [which is what Dairy turns into once in your intestines] to grow, survive, and spread throughout your body. Sounds gross? It is.

And anyone with Mucus and Fungus overgrowth is susceptible to all Viruses, Toxic overload, ailing and overburdened Liver and Kidneys, toxic bloodstream, and will eventually become a victim of so many Dis-eases that are all avoidable, including heart failure.

4.) Get a Vegan cookbook and check out the many Videos available to learn to make the most lavish or simple meals that are wholesome, nourishing, and tasty.

5.) What chemicals are you using in and around your home? These ALL lead to chemical overload and weaken your immune system. So, it’s a good time to THINK GREEN in your Lifestyle. Stop the chemical cleaning materials, soaps, shampoos, personal care and opt out for the better performing and beauty enhancing natural products, of which there are a myriad of great choices.

Get rid of the toxic garden and lawn products that you might have thought were inconsequential. The Pesticides, Herbicides, chemical fertilizers and weed killers are so bad there are many books and informative Scientific articles on this topic alone. They are damaging your immune system, and they are proven to be a precursor to very debilitating Dis-eases and too often have deadly consequences to the user of these products.

6) Lemons and all Citrus are natural immune boosting foods for your body that you need daily! Juice and high power blend them with Berries of all sorts and start to change your life one day at a time.

7.) Colloidal Silver. Oregano. Fresh Garlic. Onions. Grapefruit Seed Extract. Apple Cider Vinegar. Look at these amazing God-given products for you to bring into your daily life. All are immune enhancing and keep Viruses of all sorts at bay.

8.) Get away from bad Doctors and bad people. Anyone who manipulates you, belittles you, argues with you, and blindsides you for either profit or for power is not your friend! And having such negativity in your life will cause your well being to be attacked by the subtle or even overt attempts to make you feel stupid or small. You are entitled to be here and you are entitled to seek the Truth with God as your guide, and not any one person.

9.) Essential Oils. All Essential Oils are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. They are astringent in nature and can be used in combination with Vinegar and a Castille liquid soap to make cleaning products that are healing for your home and for your family.

This small list is the place to start in restoring your Lifestyle to the way it was meant to be, and to become a Steward of your own life and of God’s Creation.

Love yourself enough, despite the messages that you have been subjected to, and restore your Destiny as the world is clearly counting on all of us to step up to the plate.

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