Top 10 Inflammatory Foods [to stay away from]

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1.) Processed Sugar and ALL processed artificial sweeteners, including High Fructose Corn Syrup, “Equal”, “Sweet ‘N Low” and all Aspartame [developed as an insecticide].

2.) Processed Cooking Oils. Canola is one big one to stay away from. Also developed as an insecticide and a lubricant for machinery! The ‘real’ name for Canola Oil is “Rape Seed” oil. Toxic.
ALL hydrogenated oils, and commercially produced oils like “wesson” and other highly processed oils. They are not for cooking or for your ingestion, ever.
They might only be good for oiling your hinges on your doors.

The best alternatives:
* Coconut Oil [Raw, unrefined]
* Macadamia Nut Oil
* Rice Bran Oil
Low Heat: Almond, Walnut, Avocado oils.

3.) Trans Fats. ALL “margarine” products! Don’t buy it.

4.) Processed Dairy Products. Especially “pasteurized” milk products. They are DEAD foods and create an ACID body…

If you are going to buy any dairy at all, get RAW, unprocessed, and it must be from a local, Organic, HUMANE Farm!

5.) Feed Lot Raised Animals. The “meat protein” from these toxic, unhealthy, abused, diseased animals causes inflammation in your body.

Again, if you insist on eating flesh from a sacrificed animal, please support your LOCAL, Organic, Free Range, Humane Farms. This is the ONLY sustainable practice that is acceptable.

Best: Go Vegetarian! Creates an Alkaline Body, and sustains detoxification and well being in the body, mind, spirit.

6.) Red Meat and Processed Meat products. e.g, sausage, lunch meat, etc. Gross!
Toxic beyond belief. Contains a chemical molecule that humans do NOT naturally produce called Neu5Gc. This causes chronic inflammation.

No processed meat is safe.

7.) Alcohol. Causes inflammation of the Esophagus, Larynx and Liver.

* Moderate consumption of ORGANIC beer or wine is best if you choose to drink alcohol. Always drink a glass of spring water before you consume alcohol and drink a glass of spring water between every glass of alcohol consumed. This will help your Liver detox the effects of the alcohol. Also, take Milk Thistle to help your Liver detox more efficiently and to keep your body clean.

8.) Refined Grains. All white flour, bakery items, white rice, white bread, etc.

* Better, Healing Option: Brown Rice [many varieties], unrefined grains that are sprouted, Organic Spelt, Organic and whole grain baked goods are all honorable options that sustain life. You can still have yummy baked goods that have Agave or other natural sweeteners and whole grains… you won’t ever want to go back to the processed junk, ever! It’s amazing to have an Organic, wholesome Birthday cake that is made with love and whole grains.

9.) Artificial Food Additives.
This includes MSG, which is found in ALL FAST FOOD! Stay away, STAY AWAY from ALL fast food if you care about your life, and if you care about the Environment!

Many packaged foods that are made to look “innocent” with very colorful labels have MSG, a Neurotoxin.

Look for these crafty ingredients that ARE, in fact, MSG:

* Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
* Autolyzed Yeast
* Hydrolyzed Yeast
* Yeast Extract
* Soy Extracts
* Protein Isolate
* “Spices”
* “Natural Flavorings”

Isn’t this horrifying? The chemical industry has been very underhanded in how they have lobbied the FDA to get MSG labeled as “innocent” looking food additives. Don’t be fooled, and be a voice in getting MSG OFF the market immediately. This highly toxic chemical does NOT belong in Food!

10.) Farmed Fish. No farmed fish is safe!
The fish are laden with chemicals and artificial dyes that are so harmful for the Environment [contaminating our Oceans and wild fish] AND they are very harmful for pregnant women and fetuses, children, the elderly, and anyone who cares about their bodies.

All Fish are filled with toxic heavy metals like Mercury. Petroleum waste is also found in all fish, and other very dangerous toxins that get dumped into the waterways.

We need to stop the irresponsible “commercial” fishing practices of “TROLLING” the Oceans, blasting our last remaining Coral Reefs, and killing our dolphins, sharks, turtles and other important marine life from these horrifying nets and fishing lines that are recklessly used in commercial fishing.

Don’t eat fish today. It is toxic, and the very practice of over-harvesting all fish has decimated our Ocean life. It’s time to speak up for our marine mammals and our last remaining deep sea fish who are now endangered, like the Sword Fish.

Be a voice of reason. Take Action.

Our Oceans are Dying From Pollution.... We Need To Stand Up To Toxic Industries NOW

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