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“To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.” — Seneca, Roman Philosopher, Mid-1st Century, AD

This week’s show got a very big response. I am so grateful for the feedback, and any good person can listen to this show on the Archives section.

Detoxification is the key to finding wellness. A daily, conscious set of good choices will guide you to a life of health.

However, there are a few evil forces that we all have to overcome— daily— in order to achieve balance, clarity, joy, even peace within our bodies and within our spirits and thinking.

Pesticides. Chemical Warfare [both from toxic household products and from deliberate Government Chem Trail spraying]. Vaccines. Pharmaceutical Drugs. Toxic fumes. Petrochemicals. Toxic, GMO “Frankenstein” food. Nuclear fallout in the air and water. War. Warfare testing by U.S. Government. Oil industry waste and pollution. Agri-business waste in waterways. Ignorance. Toxic people. Slavery. Hatred. Emotional turmoil. Bad Doctors. Street drugs. Toxic paint. Toxic carpet. Toxic furniture. Toxic PVC. Toxic smokestacks. Cigarettes laced with chemicals. Processed, chemical-laden food. Deforestation. Overfishing. Wasteland Oceans. Corrupted Politicians. Fluoride. Mercury. Heavy Metals. Apathy.

… the list could continue. We need to collectively take responsibility for allowing this to happen all around us, and for even participating in such destruction without even realizing it by simply making the wrong consumer choices.

Every day is an opportunity to learn how to be your own advocate, and by doing so, you are helping the world and others to become empowered. I am happy to share some ways I have discovered to detox effectively. The list is certainly a beginning, and I encourage all of my listeners to continue to search for truth and honorable health and life choices.

How to detox:

1.) Cleanse the inner body, outer body, and mind. How you do this is by FIRST cleaning out your internal body. Do a Cleanse. I suggest you start with a Liver/Gallbladder/Kidney Cleanse. Beets, Beet juice, Celery, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and other herbs are really good for your Liver and Kidneys. Let’s face it, these two crucial Organs need our help in this toxic world. They clean out all of the toxins we take in.

2.) Candida and Parasite Cleanse. Clean out the literal parasites from your body, and you will start to see and think clearly. Your skin will also be more clear, and you will start to clean out the mental and emotional parasites, too. It is amazing how this works.

3.) Restore the body. I like to make Smoothies at home. An easy way to do this is to buy frozen ORGANIC fruit at a forward-thinking, sustainable retailer and add some Acai Berry Powder and Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter [and Spring Water.]
You can also make Leafy Green Smoothies and add some Lemon and Lime to the Smoothie to give it a kick. I always put about a 1/4 Teaspoon of REAL Sea Salt into the Smoothies I make, as this adds a good dose of Magnesium to your diet. Sea Salt is a wonder food, and you should have it EVERY DAY.

4.) Heat. Baths. Far Infrared Sauna. Regular Sauna. They even have Far Infrared Heat Pads now.

****What I like to put into my baths:
Sea Salt, Magnesium Oil [ and are both great companies; they also have many other excellent products including magnesium powders to put into the bath], Miracle II Soap [from], REAL Essential Oils [Lavendar, Ginger, etc.], Sea weed [very good for drawing out heavy metals], and Clay [I like Redmond Clay].

Soak in the bath for about 20 to 30 minutes. Take a Tepid to cool shower afterward. You will start to feel the magnificent effects of healing.

Be sure to drink a lot of Spring Water both before and after your bath.

5.) Natural, NON Toxic body lotions are very important. Read labels. Stay away from anything with “Parabens” or “Propylene Glycol” or “PEG” or “Fragrance” in it. There is a list of about 12 really dangerous additives in body care that I have covered in past shows.

There are many good, honorable brands, but not many that are easily available at a regular drugstore or supermarket. However, Whole Foods does sell a brand called “Alaffia” that is very pure. They also sell a few other great brands like “Aubrey” that are extremely pure, but sadly, you do have to look at labels because even a store like Whole Foods cannot guarantee you a pure consumer product.

Pure, Unrefined, Fair Traded Shea Butter is miraculous for nails and heels of feet. Rub the Shea butter briskly between your hands to melt the Shea Butter and spread it all over your nails, cuticles and feet.

5.) Your food choices. Shop at outdoor markets for local, sustainable, Organic and small farm foods. All over the USA there are Co-ops that will deliver to your door or where you can pick up weekly produce and other honest food. In Connecticut, there is a company that will deliver to your DOOR called “Connecticut Farm Fresh.”

6.) Say NO to Mammograms! Those evil empires are at it again. Looking to make money from lying to you. This is a very DANGEROUS practice and is totally insane if you look at the high risk of the high dosage of radiation that actually causes cancer. There are many, many good researchers and knowledgeable health leaders who have stood up to this diabolical practice. Look up Dr. Mercola, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Schulze, Dr. Edward Group, and many others. Just “Google” the Dangers of Mammograms and see the information that is there for you to empower yourself with truthful knowledge.

Instead, opt for “Thermography.” It is higher technology that is thermal imaging, and far more accurate, and non-toxic, and not to mention much cheaper. There are many good Naturopathic practitioners who offer this service. Again, search on the internet for someone in your area.

7.) Say NO to Fluoride. This is such a heinous lie to the trusting consumer. It has got to stop. Again, an internet search will give you information. But you, and everyone, should read the excellent book, “The Fluoride Deception.” Understand WHY you are being deceived.

Buy non-fluoride toothpaste, tooth powder, and tooth soap, along with the many tooth cleaning essential oils and other amazing [COOL] products that are exciting to use and actually remineralize your teeth. Also, the Miracle Soap can be used as a wonderful tooth gel, too. You can even just use plain Baking Soda. Make a paste. You might want to add a small amount of Peroxide once a week. Easy. Simple. Taking control of your life.

8.) Hair Products. Hair Color and Shampoos are also a place where manufacturers can hide really toxic, harmful chemical ingredients. For Shampoo, I like to use the “Alaffia” and “Earthly Delight” brands I get at Whole Foods. There are a handful of other brands that are 100% holistic [such as the actual “100% PURE” brand itself] that I buy direct from the companies that make them via the internet.

Hair Color: The high level of toxicity in commercial brand hair color is a big unknown to most women. Most all hair color is damaging both your hair and your Thyroid, Adrenals, Kidneys, Liver, Scalp, even your brain cells!

What I use:

*Henna. There are a few good brands, but the brands that I have found that are truly amazing are: Henna King [my personal favorite], Morrocco Method from Los Angeles[never to be confused with ‘morroccan method’], and Colora.

*The ONLY Hair Color out of a box that I can recommend is: “Palette by Nature” made in Minnesota.

As far as my research has shown, this is the only brand of ‘out of the box hair color’ that has NO toxic chemicals and is totally, 100% pure for your body.

For deep conditioning, use natural oils that you can actually eat: Avocado, Almond, Coconut, Olive Oils, etc. You can gently heat them and use it as a once-a-week hot pack for your hair if you want.

The point here is to think about what is actually going on to your body topically as the very same thing as what is being put into your body. Your skin transdermally soaks EVERYTHING into your bloodstream…. so insist on being a true health ‘Samurai’ for your body!

Our fresh waterways, fish, wildlife, and Oceans will thank you for making these life affirming choices, too.

9.) What’s in your home? Toxic Furniture is the “norm” in the USA. I cannot shop at those big box discount stores and I certainly cannot shop at most retail stores. Whenever I have worked with a Designer, I have had to give them the contacts for natural stuffing and fabrics for furniture. It can feel daunting, but your health is totally worth the extra steps you take to make certain you are not intoxicated every time to lounge on your sofa or bed.

Some very good sources for non-toxic, organic, health minded furniture:

* ABC Carpet and Home, NYC

* Environment Furniture, LA, NY and most major Cities.

* Viesso, LA, ship everywhere

* Gaiam, mail order

* Crate and Barrel [some furniture and they have Organic Sheets, Towels.]

* Pottery Barn [some furniture and they have Organic Sheets, Towels.]

There are a handful of very good companies who make Organic, non-toxic furniture.
These are some companies where I have found consistent quality and reliability. There are ALWAYS good companies sprouting up and there are several now via the internet, and thank God for such wisdom…. Research and make sure you protect your interior spaces, where you live, rejuvenate, sleep, play, relax.

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