Evanger’s Dog/Cat Food: Dangerous, Dirty, Disgusting, Toxic, Tainted…

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Evanger’s Dog and Cat food has been under the USDA investigation for several years, but has been under critical scrutiny for the last few months.

Their factory in Illinois has had neighbors nearby complaining of rotting carcass odors, and dead factory farmed carcasses strewn about their lot.

The interior of their “pet food factory” is akin to a house of horrors.

“Beef” is really euthanized HORSE MEAT.

Pentobarbital, the drug to euthanize animals, has been found in their toxic products.

And let’s not to forget to mention metal pieces, other chemical toxins, high and dangerous bacterial counts, mold/mildew, and other poisonous surprises within their witches brew.

Many animals, including my beloved dog Sophie, have become very sickened by this horrifyingly wretched company that promoted itself as a “family” company that actually cared about quality. My dog, along with the acute poisoning, immediately developed a severe and long-lasting [over one month now] muscle weakness, vomiting, inability to walk more than 20 feet without severe fatigue, drooling, inability to eat, nausea and what appeared to be pain with moaning when she tried to get up or lay down….and other symptoms, too many to mention here, were evident from the poison that her system has had to endure. She has just been diagnosed, after several expensive tests and hospital stays and many Vet Specialists on her case, with “Myasthenia Gravis” of which the direct Proximate Cause is from being exposed to severe poisoning and toxicity.

Deliberate and calculated deception to the innocent pet Guardians who were willing to spend the extra money to feed their animals a better food has been in the Evanger’s “play book” since 2002, since it was bought out by two of the most deceitful, pathetic, evil, unethical “Bonnie and Clyde” style individuals.

So far, I have spent more than $8,000 in hospital and Vet bills trying to save my innocent dog’s life.

She ate the “beef stew” and within the hour, had violent reactions that caused my family to rush her to the Emergency room. One month later, my dog is still sick and is now back in the hospital.

toxic evangers-dog-food.jpg

The USDA/FDA has done a very incompetent and slow-moving job in stopping this corrupted “family” company from hurting and severely poisoning innocent pets across the USA.

There will most likely be a Class Action Suit against Evanger’s.

Pet Choice Pet Store should be ashamed of themselves for not bothering to take this toxic soup off of their shelves, and I cannot fathom how they can justify the continuance of selling such a poisonous brew to unsuspecting Clients, like me.

Hundreds of dogs have gotten severely ill and a few, especially the small dogs, have died.

What is it going to take to stop the lies and deception within the Pet Food Industry?

Shut Evanger’s down.

Maggots, filth, rotting carcasses, euthanized horse meat, NO USDA/traceable “meat” sources are in their records!!!!! [e.g. mystery meat ends up in their cans of poison].

I hope that all of the eye-opening reports about this falsely advertised pet food company are brought to every pet family in America before one more animal is injured.

Shut Evanger’s toxic factory of horrors down now, and prosecute the owners for the pain and suffering that they have caused because of greed, evil and calculated poisoning of innocent pets, and wretched business practices.

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