Voter Fraud Already Proven In Several States By Law Enforcement…

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Lou Dobbs is one of a handful of excellent Journalists who actually tell the Truth.

Laws are for the Taxpayer [The “Little” People]?

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This is a great Radio Show on You Tube! [I love to promote other great Radio Show Hosts who know their stuff!]


The Treason of Obama. Listen to a U.S. 4-Star Admiral….

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Watch This.

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Gulf human rights hero Thomas B. Manton falsely imprisoned, murdered –

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Gulf human rights hero Thomas B. Manton falsely imprisoned, murdered

Source: Gulf human rights hero Thomas B. Manton falsely imprisoned, murdered –

*******This just proves that the Obama Thugs are one-in-the-same as the Clinton Criminal-Mobsters. They will do anything, ANYTHING to stay in power.

America: 19 Trillion in Debt.

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Obama is the culprit with the debt, the horrendous, Big-Pharmaceutical “Healthcare Act” debacle, the “Too Big To Bail” Bank Bailouts… with the Foreclosures and Debt of the millions of Americans who were NOT bailed out, but left out in the cold… and the list of wrongdoing by the Big Government, Elitist, World Order, Democrat/High Tax/Enslave the people thinking of the current Obama Thug-Administration has endangered everyone. Everyone.


NO Contract to the big Banks was ever signed with a list of conditions that they had to follow IF they were to be bailed out by the American Taxpayer [for several GENERATIONS]…..

Instead, they were given a big check, and then the Banks/Wall Street/Insurance Carriers like AIG went back to “Business As Usual.”


I have never seen more OVERT DISRESPECT for both the American people and for the worldwide community.

We are about to embark on World War III under the horrible warmongering and Incompetence/Stupidity of the Obama Administration, along with the encouraged passivity of the American people to just “go back to sleep” and don’t worry about the dozen wars all over the Middle East.

What is wrong with the picture here?

We have been lied to, and the “Elite” Government Bureaucrats want to keep you hooked on Social Media, Trivial matters in order to keep us controlled.



Don’t let Big Government schemes sell you out.

Don’t be fooled by the supposed support of any celebrity for the Big Government that wants to enslave you…. Um, no, it’s not cool.

Don’t settle for any of this. Your Birthright is so much bigger than what they want you to think, feel, and do in your life.

Don’t vote for any more corrupted “Insider” Big Government, no matter how much ‘she’ proclaims to have experience, and cares about women, blah, blah…. all lies and more damn lies.

Be a Maverick like Mr. Trump. Vote like your life depends upon it. Because it does.




















How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong

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The polls keep saying Hillary Clinton is out-polling Donald Trump. But we know of at least one case in which a major poll was rigged to show Hillary winning. Breitbart reports, July 30, 2016, that …

Source: How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong

Since 2010 Earthquake, Haitians Still Living in Squalor… After the Clinton “Foundation” Raised $10 BILLION to Supposedly Help the Haitians…. But They Lined Their Pockets Instead… Then They Helped To Rig The Election To Favor Their Own Sick Agenda. Innocent People Die. Countries Are Destroyed. Wow. Stand Up Now.

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Watch this Video…

Contradictions. Corrupted.Wretched.

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This incredible collection of Contradictions and outright, bold-faced LIES of Mrs. Criminal Clinton should get you to think about the future of your own life and the future of the safety of your family, the USA, and what remains of your Freedoms.


Criminal. Corrupted. Rotten to the Core.

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