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After the tragic death of my beloved dog, Sophie, I have decided to take some time off from Broadcasting, which I have loved being part of for more than 10 years now. The death of Sophie has come just a few months after the deaths of our beloved stray cats Stella and Batman, whom we fed for more than 8 years as they showed up for food and a little bit of respect from nice people. 

I will return to broadcasting in the near future……. my Archived shows are below and will be uploaded to Podcast, etc., asap.

I will continue to blog to continue to share insights, experiences, going Green, and trying to be Conscious in an unconscious world. 


Sophie… up to Heaven… until we meet again… We love you.


 *Conscious Lifestyles was previously syndicated with Biz Talk Radio Network and The Business Talk Radio Network.


Heartbroken. Poisoned Pet Food & Bad Veterinarians: My Story of a One Year Heartbreak…….  And Trying to Heal… In Loving Memory of Sophie, Stella, Batman. Then This Week’s New Event Dealing With A Narcissistic Veterinarian Who Neglected & Abused My Beloved Dog “Sophie” Who Then Ultimately Died Tuesday March 14th, 2017 and the Horror of Same Vet Arrogantly Lying to and Abusing Me, the Honest Pet Parent [Icon Above]

Our Pollinator Bees: Where are they? With Red Bee Founder Marina Marchese [Icon Above].

Fluoride Dangers [Icon Above]

Two Interviews: Omega Horse Rescue and Healing Naturally with Gerson Method [Icon Above].

Eco Friendly Living is Easy! Interview “Go Green Kids and Parents!” [Icon Above]

“Just Two Choices” Uplifting Interview [Icon Above]

Commentary Segment: Getting Well With God’s Way [Icon Above]

Cameron Brown= Incredible Advice on Life [Icon Above]

Essential Oils with Arttemis Keszainn [Icon Above]

Trusts: The Truth with Rocco Beatrice SR. and JR. of UltraTrust [Above]

 Healing Your Body From Cancer Naturally with Julia Chiappetta [Icon Above]

Medical Kidnap with Journalist Leanne Marie [Icon Above]

Body & Mind Healing with The Macrobiotic Lifestyle with Author and Macrobiotic Expert Denny Waxman [Icon Above].

Stand Up To STOP Shockingly Bad Veterinarians! Be An Educated Advocate for YOUR Beloved Family Animal Companion with Consumer Rights Expert Julie Catalano [Icon Above].

The Marion Institute on The Biological Medical Network and Choosing a Life of Holistic Wellness [Icon Above].

Fluoride and Mercury REAL DANGERS to all life on Earth with Dr. David Kennedy… so why is it into our water and toxic brands of toothpaste? [Icon Above].

Pure Health and Skincare Expert Deb Devar of “Path To Perfect Health.” [Icon Above].

 Raw Food is Yummy and Heals the Body, Mind and Spirit! [Icon Above].

Septics and the Environment / Part II: Home Grown Food: Creating Your Own Garden Oasis [even in an urban location]. [Icon Above].

A Bloody Ignorance in 2015? A conversation with Michael Howey of The Association For The Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals [Icon Above]

Wellness in a Toxic World with Guest Candice Marley, Nutritionist and Master Herbalist [Icon Above]

Project Coyote: Shocking and a MUST HEAR Radio Show! [Icon Above]

The Beagle Freedom Project [Icon Above]

Hemp: The Suppressed Miracle Plant [Icon Above]

Dangerous Practices: Vaccines, Toxic Food, Ignorant Doctors & A Corrupted System with Guest Howard Straus of Gerson Media [Icon Above]

What is TRUE FOOD? What They Don’t Teach in School [or on TV!] with Guest Robert Grillo [Icon Above].

* Must Hear!!!! Shocking!* United Poultry Concerns: Discover The Truth Behind Poultry & Farmed Animal Practices That The Taxpayer Pays For! [Icon Above].

The Mountain Lion: Why our Lives and Natural World Depends Upon Their Protection [Icon Above].

Ross Rosenberg and The Human Magnet Syndrome [Icon Above]

 Replay Dr. James McMahon: Letting Go of Mother [Icon Above].

January 3, 2015 Show: Dr. David Kennedy Fluoride Poisoning of our Waterways [Icon Above].

December 13, 2014 Show: Ignorance and the western medical system with returning Guest Howard Strauss [Icon Above].

Replay of Interview with Omega Horse Rescue on Horrors of Horse “Kill” Auctions. Can we Stop it? How to Take Action…. [Icon Above].

November 15, 2014 Show: Eating for Health, Wellness, Intelligence and Beauty with Lifestyle Specialist Joan Jackson [Icon Above].

My commentary & interview and Part II: Dangers of Foam Insulation & “Green Washing” with Design-in-Tandem Architect [Icons Above].

False Propaganda & How To Arm Yourself With Knowledge And Natural Health Techniques [Icon Above].

The “Virus” Scare Tactics and Other Health Information with Guest Howard Strauss [Icon Above].

Yogi Nandhi and creating Peace, Truth, Spirituality, & Purpose in Life [Icon Above].

Herbal Remedies and Healing with Create Your Health Founder, Peter Bedard [Icon Above].

The Path To Perfect Health with Deb Devar [Icon Above]. and Marine Mammal “Circus” Enslavement.. What YOU can do! [Icon Above].

Vietnam War Dogs with Master Sergeant US Army John C. Burnam [Icon Above].

 Horrors in the Circus with Ed Stewart, Performing Animal Welfare Society  [Icon Above].

Dr. David Kennedy on Fluoride and Mercury Poisoning of people, pets, and the planet. [Icon Above].

June 26, 2014 Show: Psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg on Psychopathic, Sociopathic, Self-Absorbed and Anti-Social Personality Disorders…. How To Avoid Being a Victim…  Beware!  1 out of 5 people have this dangerous disorder! [Icon Above].

 How A Vegan Lifestyle Saves Your Life [and the Environment] with Raw Food Chef Dorit [Icon Above]

Got Toxic Water? Global Warming? Deforestation? How About Animal Starvation, Abuse, Torture? Specie-ism Discussion with Co-Founder of Animal Place Sanctuary, Kim Sturla [Icon Above].

 Beware of Hydraulic Fracturing/Gas Industry! Water, Soil, Air Toxic Pollution from “Fracking” Discussed [replay from January 18, 2014 Show…… Icon Above.]

Replay Wild and Domestic Horse Abuse, Slaughter, and Epidemic in Plain Sight [Icon Above].

 Replay Show: Horrors of The “happy face” Circus! [Icon Above]

Guest Howard Strauss on Natural Healing and Toxicity in Environment, Food, etc.  [Icon Above].

Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharmacist Who Saw Big Troubles with Big Pharmaceutical Drugs [Icon Above].

Part I: John Gagnon “The Dog Whisperer” and Part II: Dr. Stephen Blake “The Pet Whisperer” [Icon Above].

Lie after Lie: Why Do Big Pharma and Big Agricultural Monsters Want To Damage Health and Environment? [Icon Above].

A License To Kill: “GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organisms But They Market/Sell It As “Food.” [Icon Above].

MUST HEAR RADIO: Part I: The Terrorism in Gas Chamber Using Animal Shelters, aka, Prisoner of War Death Camps  & Part II: Matt Mashiro on Martial Science Defense Techniques called “Model Mugging.” [Icon Above].

 Toxic Furniture in Your Home and Office…. [Click Icon Above].

Toxic Ingredients in Hair, Face, and Body Care

 Survivor Karen Mertes on Triumph after Trauma
 The Truth With Howard Strauss of Gerson Media
 Scribbles the Horse Saved From Horrifying Slaughter
“The Ritalin-Free Child” with Author Diana Hunter
 The Naturally Healing Lifestyle
Save Our Horses

 Part II with Steve Gonzalez on “Before You Hire A Contractor.”

 Before You Hire A Contractor… Homeowner’s Beware Part I

 Go Beyond Organic’s Winston Kao

 Health and Healing, Naturally.

 Speak up to Stop Animal Vivisection/Torture! My conversation with The National Anti-Vivisection Society

 Eileen Danneman: Vaccine Liberation Army

Dr. Dain Heer: Mind, Body, Spirit Balance Naturally

Empower Yourself: Home Buying/Genetically Modified Junk/Toxic Vaccines: Know The Truth.

The Path To Perfect Health [and skin] with Deborah Devar

Replay of September 29th Show by popular demand! The Big Bang/Hemp Miracle/Pesticide Suicide/Our Wild Horses

 The Solar Grid & Natural Healing

 Recycle for the planet + Restore your health the Gerson way

Command Performance Re-play from April 28, 2012: Our Wild Horses Being “Rounded Up” on our Taxpayer/Public Land to appease the Oil/Gas and Cattle Industries.Wild Horses Show Here. Please Be Their Voice!

 Geo-Engineered Planet Continued

 Geo-Engineering [ Host Pauline Cantwell sitting in for me]

Hormones, Healing, Big Picture
1.) Green Energy 2.) Green Roofs 3.) Green Architecture
 Evolution of Us… Pesticides that kill… Hemp Oil benefits to all… American Mustangs
Candida, the Invisible Vampire and my Commentary
Part I: Bees Dying From Pesticides and Agribusiness Farming Practices AND Part II: Genocide by Needle Injection
Healthy Living Commentary by Ginger Leilani AND an interview with Michele Hebert, Author of The Tenth Door.
 Natural Healing Lifestyle Tips and a second conversation with Business Ethics Professor Scott Ventrella
 Part One: Natural Pet Healing and Part Two: Girls Dying From Gardasile Vaccine, Ethics in Small Businesses, Politics, and Intention
 Green Building with David Johnston
 May 26, 2012 Show: Water. Our Precious Natural Resource Is Poisoned and Disappearing Fast
Part I: Take Action to Protect Your Family Pets From Harm At The Vets Office & An Interview With A Medical Journalist
A Lively Conversation with Dr. Len Horowitz
Swimming Pools with Pesticides, Dangers in Farmed Salmon, What is Real Estate Doing In Obamacare? Are we headed for a Serfdom Dictatorship?
 Part I: Dr. Daniel Twogood on Natural Pain Relief Forever & Part II: Rick Van Komen and Amber Technology on how to heal your pet naturally
 Low Level Laser Therapy Healing AND A Look At All Natural Cosmetics
 Nuclear Warmongering Versus Peace
 Part I: “Stuffed and Starved” with Author and UCal Berkeley Professor Raj Patel, Part II: Dr. Henry Grayson on mind/body connection
Hormones with Dr. Sherrill Sellman
 Vaccines, Assault With A Deadly Weapon? With Health Advocate Mary Tocco
 Water with Winston Kao
 Raw Cacao, Enviro-Log, Magnascent Iodine
Eco Beautiful Yard, Gardening, Landscapes
 Encore Re-Play Interview on Illegal Wild Horse Abuse and Round-Ups AND New Interview with Herbalist Susun Weed
 Show: Bonus Show With Amber Technology/Animal Care
Show: Bonus Show with The Animal Legal Defense Fund And Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jan Hale
Show: Part I: Get The Zapper and Be In Control of Your Life, Part II: Carol Swain, Author of “Be the People: A Call To Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise.”
Show: Part I: Eco Make Up For Your Health, Wellbeing & Part II: The Pet Whisperer: Dr. Stephen Blake And How To Be A Conscious Animal Parent.
 Show: Live Well Naturally. Commentary by Ginger Leilani Chapin.
Show: Part I: Big Government Is Scary AND Part II: The Tar Sands Disaster Area and What It Does To Your Quality of Life
Show: Part I: The War on Libya. Part II: Natural Healing With Enercel
Show:  Part I: Karen Dawn from “Thanking the Monkey.” Part II: Angels Gate Animal Sanctuary
 Thugs, Drugs and The War on Bugs
Energy Wise [and Eco-Friendly] Landscape Design

Show: Part I: Cut Fossil Fuel Emissions Now! The Technology Is Here, So Why The Ignorance From Government Regulators?…. Part II: Save Our Wild Dolphins From Slaughter In The Horrors of Taiji, Japan NOW.
 Command Performance: Our Wild Wolves Need Protection Forever
August 13, 2011 Show: Vaccines Can Kill People And Pets. A Command Performance Show.
Show: Fluoride Kills. A Command Performance Show.
 Show: The Invisible Danger of Nuclear Energy AND The Sustainable Beauty of Cork

 Practically Green and Recover Green Roofs
Understanding Sustainable Farming with Dr. Arie McFarlan
Save Our Eco-System: Our Wild Mustangs Need Us. It’s Now or Never.

 Homeopathy For Healing
Show: The Persecution Project With Intro On Wellness Tips
 Show: Coach Carl on Every Child Healthy!
 Show: On Being A High Achiever
Show: Peter Bedard on Holistic Healing, and Living Well
Show: Hemp is Hip with Arlene Nilsson of “The Hemptress”
 Show: The Refusers’ Lead Singer, Michael Belkin. An Awakening Interview.
 Show: Use Your Intuition, Have Fun, and Live Your Passion!
Vaccine Dangers: A Conversation With The National Vaccine Information Center

 Show: Save Our Horses From Abuse, “Kill Buyers” and Slaughter
 Show: Save Our Wolves! The Time IS NOW. The Budget Bill Betrays Our Wildlife.
April 16, 2011 Show: Being Green IS Easy! A Highlight of 4 Local Companies.

 Show: Fluoride and Mercury Deception… Everyone Needs To Know The Truth!
 Show: Holistic Healing with Peter Bedard
Show: Water Pollution in Your Backyard
 Show: The Greatest Things In Life You Will Learn From Your Dog or Cat! An Interview with Author & Journalist Susan R. Stoltz

 Show: The Cure Found… But Suppressed?

 Dogs Deserve Better

 “Going Green” starts at home.


November 29, 2010: On Marriage and True Love with Angela Paul
November 22, 2010: Be A Natural Beauty: Interview with Rose Marie Swift, Founder of RMS Organic Make-up
November 15, 2010: James Mapes and Quantum Leap Thinking
November 8, 2010: Healing ADD/ADHD with Dr. Harold Levinson Part II
November 1, 2010: ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia and the inner ear. Interview with Dr. Harold Levinson Part I
October 25, 2010: Veterinarian Abuse
October 18, 2010: Green Building Information & Consumers Beware
October 11, 2010: Replay March 22nd, 2010 Interview: Secrets to Staying Young with Jackie Silver
October 4, 2010: Protect our Wildlife. Start Local and Be Vocal.
September 27, 2010: Julie Catalano’s Story. How To Protect Our Pets.
September 20, 2010: Adopt A Dog! Interview with Adopt A Dog Organization
September 13, 2010: Beauty At Every Decade with Model & Author Angela Paul
September 6, 2010: Dr. Patricia Jordan: Vaccine Dangers and Holistic Vet Care
August 30, 2010: Chem Trails with Dr. William Von Peters
August 23, 2010: Animal Companion “BEST FRIEND” Nutrition with Jan Fitzpatrick
August 16, 2010: Dr. Patricia Jordan: Pet Vaccine Lies and Myths [re-played September 6th]
August 9, 2010: Words of Wisdom from Ruth Klein: Your Intention is the Thesis Statement of Your Life
August 2, 2010: Anthony Marr and The Wildlife/Environment Connection To Our Future On Earth
July 26, 2010: The Sudan Genocide unveiled with The Persecution Project.
July 19, 2010: The Killing of our Bees Kills Our Food, and All Life. Interview with Meadowlake Farm Bee Project.
July 12, 2010: Beautiful Skin, Body, Mind, Life with Solavedi
July 5, 2010: Executive Expert Dianne Grubin
June 28, 2010: Interview with Daniel Coyle, Author of Bestseller “The Talent Code.”
June 21, 2010: Author J.M Carnright of his book, “Aria Hahn, The Astral Light Journeys.”
June 14, 2010: Nicole Sherwin and The Eco-Friendly Soul Behind The Celebrities
June 7, 2010: Peter Bedard and “Create Your Health” Cutting Edge Holistic Therapies
May 31, 2010: Memorial Day Commentary: Corruption in Government & The Oil Spill Disaster & Illegal Round-Ups and Killing of Our U.S. Wild Mustangs
May 24, 2010: Dr. Edward Group and The Global Healing Center
May 17, 2010: Chem Trails and Natural Healing with Dr. Gwen Scott, Part II
May 10, 2010: Chem Trails and Natural Healing with Dr. Gwen Scott, Part I
May 3, 2010: Talk to the Animals with Animal Communicator Charles Peden
April 26, 2010: Franke James, Author of “Bothered By My Green Conscience.”
April 19, 2010: Photojournalist Lucien Niemeyer on The Sudan
April 12, 2010: Primates Recognized as Sentient Beings with Lee Hall of Friends of Animals
April 5, 2010: Author and MBA Professor Scott Ventrella on Building a New Culture of Integrity & Ethics
March 29, 2010: Gnosis Chocolate, Founder Vanessa Barg on Cacao and Vitamins/Minerals in Raw, Sustainable, Non-Dairy Chocolate.
March 22, 2010: Jackie Silver, Author of “Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young.”
March 15, 2010: Homeowner’s Representative Talks About Green Remodeling/Building
March 8, 2010: Susie Wang, Founder of 100% Pure Cosmetics
March 1, 2010: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary: Factory Farms, Downed Animals, Truth Behind Agri-Business Practices
February 22, 2010: Oceanographer and Author Jeff Schweitzer on The Lifeblood of All Life: Our Oceans
February 15, 2010: Green Architecture and Sustainable Building Methods
February 8, 2010: CT State Representative Fred Camillo and Priscilla Feral of Friends of Animals: Steel Leg hold Traps Must Be Banned
February 1, 2010: Journalist Lisa Schneider on Government Deceptive Practices
January 25, 2010: Ginger Kathrens from The Cloud Foundation and America’s Wild Horses
February 18, 2010: Ric O’Barry of Save Japan Dolphins & Academy Award Documentary Winner, “The Cove.”
January 11, 2010: Save Our Horses! Horse Play Sanctuary and The Equine Welfare Alliance


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