6 Ways to Save Money on Decor By Tim Smith of Modernize

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If you’re furnishing a new home or apartment, you could spend a small fortune to get the look you’re after. Fortunately, you don’t need to drop a bundle for a beautiful style that you’ll love coming home to each day. Read on for some key tips on how to save money on decor. With some creativity, your home will look anything but low-budget.

  1. Shop Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Consignment

Buying secondhand can be an ideal way to furnish your home at a much lower price point than if you were to purchase brand new furniture. If you have the patience to pick and the diligence to bargain, you can score some amazing deals. And for basic classics, don’t underestimate the value of Ikea.

  1. Focus on Linens

Updating your curtains or bedding is an easy way to get a brand new look without making a huge financial investment. In fact, these items often go on sale, so check the clearance racks regularly for a look you love at a cut-rate price. Throw rugs are another great way to add a room-transforming pop of color.

  1. Maximize What You Have

Rearranging your existing furniture can give a room a whole new look. You may even consider moving specific pieces from one room to another. If you can’t afford new furniture, think about slipcovers that can add color or hide flaws without emptying your wallet.

  1. Think About How You Use the Space

When you’re starting the process, consider how you use the room you’re redecorating–and how you’d like to be using it. Keep that vision in mind as you shop, which will help you avoid spending money on things you ultimately won’t use.

  1. Add Plants

Greenery is not only one of the hottest home decor trends for 2015, it’s a cheap and easy way to give life to your space. If you only have a small budget to spend on decor consider spending at least some of it on plants.

  1. Don’t Overlook Books

Not only are books a great way to add color and interest to your space, they can also serve a functional purpose as well. Use them to elevate a lamp that needs to be raised a few inches, or as a platform for your favorite vase. They do double duty as conversation pieces, too.

As you start the process of redecorating, have a budget in mind and stick to it. Knowing what you have to spend can help you maximize your funds and make some truly creative, stylish choices.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.

Zen Moments With Chili Pepper

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Inside WHE: Interview with a Volunteer

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Inside WHE: Interview with a Volunteer.

Broken Arrow, Broken Heart

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I cannot believe that our tax dollars are SQUANDERED on this asinine, unworthy, unethical, and horrifically arcane practice of displacing [and often killing] our Wildlife…. all for PRIVATE CATTLE INDUSTRY! Stop this madness now.

Wild Horse Education

Fish Creek "hostages" at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes Fish Creek “hostages” at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes

Editorial by Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education (WHE)

I am just in from the last round of tracking wild horses and roundups. Ten weeks on the road and all the ups and downs of the emotions of what I witness on the range, to all that transpires in the political drama storm in which our wild ones are thrust through no doing of their own, all takes a toll. Trying to do a simple report on the tour of Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes), the Bureau of Land Management facility in Fallon Nevada is almost an impossibility for me right now. So I gave it up and instead am going to write simply from my heart. If you do not like that idea and want a dry, “nearly-3000-wild-horses-in-the-facility, and-where-they-came-from” report, simply don’t read this editorial.

After the 2009/2010 roundup…

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When Skin Care Products Can Hurt You

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Facial Massage for Indian Bride It seems no matter how careful you are, even when shopping at natural health stores or Whole Foods, the skin and hair care products that are marketed as “All Natural” and even “Organic” are filled with toxic, very dangerous ingredients that are known carcinogens. Here are several separate product names I was shocked to find have harmful ingredients covertly tucked into them [after using them myself thinking that they were safe and totally toxin free]:

1.) Juice Beauty- Uses a preservative called Sodium Benzoate that is highly, HIGHLY toxic once it enters the skin and into the blood stream. When combined with Vitamin C, it turns into Benzene, which is even more hazardous to your health. To boot, Sodium Benzoate CAUSES AGING of the skin!!!!! Even more problematic for Juice Beauty products is that they use Vitamin C fruit juices in their products, and when combined with Sodium Benzoate, it turns into the toxic soup of Benzene. This is not “Organic” nor remotely healthy for you and your skin. It is a travesty that the “Organic” label has been reduced to what it is today. When the USDA took over the so-called standards of the Organic labeling, they both corrupted its very meaning and bent over backwards for the chemical lobby to allow such toxic ingredients to be slipped into both food and body care products.

2.) Evan Healey- Very, very shocking and surprising here. I was a HUGE fan of all things Evan Healey! Even her packaging was recycled and eco-friendly and I just adored everything about this line of skin care. But, to my horror, as I quickly re-read the label on the packaging for her Tea Tree facial wash before re-purchasing her products at the Whole Body store within Whole Foods, I was absolutely horrified to discover “Sodium Benzoate” tucked into the ingredients. I could not believe it. I was stunned just thinking about how I would slather this product on my skin thinking I was using a superior, wonderful, and carefully made product. I am so angry I will actually write this once-pure ingredient company a letter, but I will never buy this product ever again after seeing something on the label that any honest, well-run, natural company would know better to not sneak into their product line.

3.) Dr. Hauschka- Where do I begin with this one? This is clearly now a mass produced and toxic product that I just don’t even bother with, and have not touched for many years now. Their makeup line is using Talcum in their eyeshadow products and powders. This is so toxic it has been linked to ovarian cancer and other serious immune damage. It should never be used in anything for either human or animal products, but it is so cheap [much cheaper than food-grade clays, for instance], that the ‘bottom line’ is what takes precedence for even these advertised ‘natural products.’ It is even more horrifying that baby powder has been sold for use on innocent babies whose immature immune system simply cannot handle such daily assaults that enter the blood stream. There are numerous toxic poisons that are legally used as fillers and preservatives in this makeup and skin care line that I think they should be banned from Whole Foods all together.

4.) Jason’s products- From their shampoo line to their skin care to their toothpaste. Uh, NO! Everything un-natural is in this highly advertised line of “Natural” products. Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Propylene Glycol, all the “parabens” like Methyl paraben, and the list goes on [including highly dangerous FLUORIDE in many of their toothpastes]. No way. I just don’t even touch the stuff. Again, WHY is this sold in Health Food Stores, Whole Foods, and even online “Natural” Retailers? They should just go ahead and take their place next to Colgate-Palmolive, Clorox, Proctor and Gamble, SC Johnson, Unilever, Kellogg’s, and the dirty-dozen list of toxic chemical companies that both damage the Earth by polluting our water and air with their poisons; test on terrified animals [horrifying undercover videos abound], and damage the immune systems of their unsuspecting customers….  None of this is acceptable, but strangely, it is all legal.

5.) Jane Iredale Cosmetics- Again, totally horrifying. They sneak in very skin-damaging and immune compromising ingredients like Dimethicone, which is a plasticizer. This is a terrible ingredient because it literally suffocates your skin, and your hair. It is used to give an instant smooth appearance, but it is a very harmful chemical. Dimethicone is put into their “Amazing Base” mineral makeup and other products like their liquid makeup, and it is something that explains why I used to have these painful break-outs on my skin that had never had any such problems in the past prior to using some mineral make-ups like this brand that freely put toxic chemicals and skin damaging products into their makeup. PVP- also snuck into their mascara. This is a Vinyl product that is highly carcinogenic and should never be put next to the delicate eye nor anywhere on the body. This is used in many commercial mascaras and hair care for its ability to create an even coating and keeps emulsions from separating. It is, once again, just fine by the FDA, USDA and other corrupted agencies to use in many foods like Beer, Wine, Vinegar, commercially produced juices and even on fruits.   skin_layers Our skin is hermetically sealed and has to filter out enough daily pollution as it is… please give it a break when choosing skincare, body care, household cleaning products and even food.

*Acure Products- Although these products have mostly but not entirely clean labels, they are promoting the WRONG people to find cures to the cancers, and other autoimmune dis-eases that are caused from chemicals in skin care, hair care, body care, toothpastes/mouth wash, household cleaning products, commercially produced food products, lawn products, animal-care products, baby products, paints, nail polish, carpets, etc. They claim to give money to “research” but the problem with this is that the very same people [chemical and pharmaceutical companies] that collect money for what is wrongfully termed “research” are also the ones responsible for the onslaught of dangerous chemicals that are brought to the marketplace every year and processed into consumer products. And by the way, the “research” labs and organizations have NO interest in finding a cure to anything. They would put themselves out of their lucrative, albeit disreputable business. The organizations that use the methods of the Nazi-invented Propaganda techniques to promote their contrived platform of “finding a cure” and other such empty promises are the very ones who are benefitting from the donations, marathons, women’s walks, and other fundraising that only lines the coffers of the most evil empire on this planet: The chemical/pharmaceutical industry.

Other toxic brands that masquerade as “Natural” are Burt’s Bees, Toms of Maine, Mrs. Meyer’s, and several other brands. They are owned by large, multi-national corporations that both pollute the Earth, use toxic chemicals, then test more toxic chemicals on terrified live animals [and then legally throw out and destroy any evidence that would prevent them from bringing a new chemical to market anyway]. I have just named a few bad apples here, but many more abound as the chemical corporations/skin care conglomerates vie for a larger share of the Natural, Organic lines of body care and food.

Don’t buy it. Read Labels. Understand the matrix behind the marketing propaganda techniques.

kid-lightbulb moment

Want some good companies to start your new, eco-conscious, healing lifestyle?

1.) Dr. Bronner’s- Excellent soaps. Pure, clean, and always in my house.

2.) Aubrey- Hair care that is the most pure you will find in a Whole Foods or Health Food Store. They also make pure skin care.

3.) Bragg’s- Wonderful Food products like Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil that are both, by the way, excellent for your skin.

4.) Miracle Soap- Another excellent soap but must be bought online.

5.) Egyptian Magic- a pot of bee pollen, honey, and olive oil mixed together that when you cream in your palms, is amazing for fragile skin on face and elsewhere.

6.) DeVita makeup- pure, clean and a good line of makeup that makes beautiful products that can compete with the toxic brands in longevity, easy to use, etc.

7.) Aura Acacia Organic Oils- Jojoba, Sweet Almond and a few other beauty oils that are pure for your skin and gorgeous to use with a therapeutic grade Essential Oil.

8.) Alaffia- the only product from this line I recommend is the “Africa’s Secret” balm made with Shea butter, Coconut oil, Baobab Oil, African Honey, Neem Oil, Bee Pollen & Propolis.

9.) Honey Girl Organics- Excellent skin care from Hawaii. Simple and pure.

10.) Solar Recovery skin spray– An Essential Oils spray to soothe skin after a day in the sun. I like to use it as a “pick me up” spray and to lightly spray over makeup to set.

11.) Livpurely- just pure, organic Coconut Oil.

12.) Alteya Organics- Skin care and sprays that are pure. I love their sprays.

13.) Bee Magic- Great Balm for everyday or mixing with Essential Oils, Jojoba oil, etc.  for your own beautiful skin care.

14.) 1000 Likes Carrot Oil- I always have this on hand for mixing with with anything I desire for a more beautiful morning.

There are several other smaller, hand-crafted brands that I can only get online and/or directly from the maker, and I will have another blog on this….

Namaste. tree_in_rock

37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality – NaturalNews.com

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37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality

via 37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality – NaturalNews.com.

Ebola: covert op in a hypnotized world

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It really is time to wake up…

Adopt A Pet! [Never Buy….Listen to the Show from June 28th, 2014 and You’ll Know Why!]

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My interview with Allyson Halm of Adopt A Dog, Inc., located in Armonk, NY, was informative for ALL animal lovers all over the Globe! Check out http://www.adoptadog.org

The horrors of the puppy mills, the misinformed/under-educated people in charge of way-too-many-shelters, and a lack of honorable legislation to protect our beloved best friends has GOT to be the BIG CHANGE we all deserve as taxpayers, environmentalists, educated groups who also honor all of God’s creatures…. hey, we are all here on Earth together for a reason!

God made all creatures, big and small… and we all cross the same finish line…. so why not get closer with your Creator and start to love, protect, and take ACTION for our beloved, loyal best friends?


My cat, Chili Pepper, rescued from a high-kill Shelter in Richmond, Virginia [a bad area one, which had the cutest, most lovable and adoptable pets I have ever seen!]. He was transported via “Pilot and Paws” with three other 5-week-old kittens and 4 dogs July 4th weekend in 2010. He just celebrated his 4th birthday on June 1st! He is a great love of our family… I cannot imagine my life without having had Chili Pepper to love and kiss!


For Adoption to the right home……. Roberto and Sophie. Bonded together and are inseparable!

Lab/Shepherd Mixes. Spay/Neutered. Approximately 1 to 2 years old… Lovable, sweet, love to play fetch and frisbee, great with kids, leash and house trained, professionally groomed.

If you are a Dog lover you will absolutely bond with these two sweeties. They come with two additional months of professional training and grooming AND complimentary Nutrition and Health counseling from Ginger Leilani Chapin!

If you are a dog lover and a good home, please contact me at consciouslifestylesradio@gmail.com


Look at Roberto’s sweet face! Very sweet natured and wants to bond with right home!






The Dog Whisperer and The Pet Whisperer

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All animals have feelings and can suffer from PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome] just like people.

Abuse, neglect, and trauma can affect their behavior, immune system, and even their outlook on life. Yes, animals have an outlook on their own lives just like we humans do.

Their very DNA can be damaged from processed food, vaccines, dangerous and toxic drugs… just like people.

If you have a family pet with any fear or behavioral issues, there is hope for rehabilitation with both emotional healing AND learning how to utilize the many natural healing modalities that are available EVERYWHERE [except at a conventional Vet’s toxic and ignorant office].

Herbs, Nutritional Supplements that are natural and whole food based, PURE FOOD, detoxification via Ozone and herbal therapies, Homeopathy, LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, Accupuncture, Chiropractic adjustments, and the list goes on…. there is always a more economical way to help your pet other than with expensive/processed/toxic drugs and junk food.

Check out http://www.4dogman.com and http://www.thepetwhisperer.com

Take control of your own life with this information so that you can help your beloved best friend.


Prisoner of War Death Camps in America

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outlaw hitler killing gas poison chamber

Every day, the sounds of the excruciating, horrific screams of the dogs and puppies who were thrown into the Gas Chamber to be fumigated and chemically gassed to death are with me.

There was a Yellow Lab and her puppies. There was a Shepherd mix, an Australian Sheep Dog…. a small Pomeranian looking dog, and even one that looked like a Rhodesian Ridgeback… all beautiful. And all adoptable.

Some were so trusting, and had no idea that that were about to be executed with toxic chemical gas.

outlaw inhumane gas poison chamber

Some were rightfully terrified. Like Prisoners of War, they had been abused, starved, locked in a dirty cell…. but still had the will to live, and tried to get away from the Executioners grip.

They were all thrown into the large, metal, top-opening chamber together. Overcrowded. Inhumanely and uncaringly tossed like sacks of potatoes.

The terror and confusion on their faces will remain with me always.

outlaw hitler gas poison chamberThe photo above is the horrible evidence of the excruciating pain and suffering of these innocent puppies being gassed, asphyxiated, poisoned, and tortured to Death.

Is this acceptable in the ‘Land of the Free?’ Is this American? Is this remotely Humane?… or is it more of The Third Reich?

And this is what truly motivates me to seek Justice for these most innocent of Living, Sentient Beings.

save our animals now


Please watch the HBO Documentary “One Nation Under Dog.” It will change your life, your thinking, your actions.


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