Make Love With Your [Naturally Healed] Life

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Beautify Life with Markus Rothkranz

Looking at Markus Rothkranz today, at the age of 50, you would think he was in his 20’s…. and you would never know that he was deathly ill as a child and through young adulthood.

Today, he lives the life that everyone in their right mind wants: Vibrancy, Love, Happiness, True Health, Wisdom, and Abundance.

When conventional Doctors told him at a young age that he would not live long, Markus looked to Nature for the answers. He went into the Desert, observed the beauty and healing of our natural world, and found the way to heal his body through unloading the physical and emotional “junk” he realized he had been carrying around. He detoxed his body, mind, and spirit… and found life.

Markus’s story is remarkable, but certainly not unusual in the natural healing community.

But why is this miraculous bodily [and subsequently spiritual healing] so unthinkable in the conventional, American-style of pharmaceutical, surgery-based medicine?

Why are natural detoxification methods and truthful Nutrition kept out of the equation in “modern medicine?”

In our conversation on Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Markus explained the simple keys to wellness, longevity, and abundance in life.

I call this healing a Gift from God’s Garden. In both the Torah and the Bible, the Herbs and other nature-given healing properties [including Essential Oils] are clearly described and very clearly decreed as Gifts to all living beings to gain healing from. Why are they ignored today, in our supposed “modern” world? Are politics, profits, and control at play?

You can be healed naturally. You can leave behind the pain, suffering and confusion. You can start again, and be better than ever. Markus shows people how to turn their lives around and live 100% healthily.


Here’s the show with Markus that broadcast May 18, 2013 worldwide. Take back your life. Be free!


Save Planet + Save Your Life [they go hand-in-hand].

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My conversations on Saturday, November 10, 2012 with Authors/Educators Lillian Brummet and Howard Strauss might seem like two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to a “Green” lifestyle.

Recycling/Repurposing coupled with Juicing and healing the body? You bet.

This is exactly what my show is all about! I am constantly amazed at how some groups of people have completely forgotten to bring this full circle perspective into their life and daily choices. When you decide to “Go Green,” with each step, you need to re-think what you choose to put into your mouth…. and mind, too.

I hate to throw things away, but giving them to a Charity that might help another family with my gift makes parting ways that much easier. For all you pack rats… letting go is freeing and makes room for something even better in the future.

This was an informative conversation in the first half of my show with Lillian Brummet.

I am currently in a “letting go” situation in my life. I have a beautiful, Organic Sofa I bought with my husband five years ago…I love it. But now that we are redecorating the room it’s in… it needs to be given to someone who will enjoy it as much as we did.

Our cats, however, decided to use the two arms of the sofa as their own scratching posts. So, we are re-upholstering the arms with the same Organic fabric [very blessed it was still available] and will use both the modest reupholstery cost and the charitable donation of the sofa itself as our gift to someone in need.

It’s a win/win. Saving a sofa that needed some TLC from the landfill, and then giving some dignity to someone whose life will be blessed as as result of our refurbished donation.

Couple some of these honorable choices [brings on endorphins, and makes you smile] with the food choices that actually heal your body, and now you’re living an authentic GREEN life!

Howard Strauss, my second Guest for the show, is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know when it comes to natural healing. He told us about the importance of Juicing. He also talked about the differences between juicing and smoothies and how your body uses each to heal.

Howard suggests the “Norwalk Juicer” as his top choice for healing. This is an expensive investment, but if you are on the edge and need a miracle, this is one choice you need to make.

The more economical choice for simply maintaining health is the “Juice Daddy” according to Howard.

Go Vegetarian and Vegan. Howard Strauss also explained how nutrition is made out to be a boring science that most people tune-out… but all you need to remember is “Alkaline” or “Acid” food choices… and you can start to heal your body with the Alkaline, true food, NO animal products lifestyle.

Check out both web sites of my Guests and take action in your life.

In loving memory of a great Messenger in my life:

My beautiful, gentle, sweet-as-honey, beloved cat, Sabrina, passed away on November 1, 2012, at the age of 17 1/2 years. There is a deep absence in my life without her physical presence, yet I daily feel her spirit and love watching over and guiding me.

With each beautiful life that has touched me so deeply, I seem to become more keenly aware of the ephemeral nature of this earthly life. We are here for such a short time, and the message from every one of my animal guides is LOVE.

C & J, Brandy, Polar, Furchild, Gabriel, Mina, Maggie, Sabrina… Love. Thank you.

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