Candida: Invisible Vampire

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Candida. Most “Conventional” or “American trained” Physicians don’t know a thing about this ferocious killer, and will even adamantly deny its existence when confronted.

Every major disease you can think of…. from Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Weight Gain… to Diabetes and Cancer…. the proximate cause that all of these dis-eases spawn from is Candida.

My conversation with Dr. Jeffrey McCombs on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 unveils the truth behind this killer that almost every human today suffers from. What causes Candida to turn into a deadly Fungus within the digestive system are several assaults to the immune system:

#1.) Antibiotics
#2.) Pharmaceutical Drugs
#3.) Birth Control Pills
#4.) Processed/Genetically Modified “Frankenstein” food
#5.) Processed White Sugar and White Wheat [denatured] Flour
#6.) Petrochemicals/Pesticides
#7.) Fluoride
#8.) Heavy Metals [found in Silver Dental Fillings, Toxic Lipsticks, Processed Foods, Pesticides, Hair Color, Pollution]

Take the time to understand the underlying reasons for most diseases today.

The good news is that you can turn this around and clean your body of this killer! You don’t need to spend a lot of money going from one bad, clueless doctor to another…. you just need to know the truth and then take action to heal your body NATURALLY.

Sadly, our beloved Pets are now suffering from Candida overgrowth for all of the same reasons. The high rates of Cancer and other autoimmune dis-eases in our family pets is now staggering, and clearly, the corrupted medical system that enslaves humans has now wrapped its tentacles around the Veterinarian industry.

Living Consciously starts with knowledge and then making honorable choices that will both save your life and save the planet.

Check out Dr. McCombs’ web site and learn more about how to heal your body naturally.

Open Those Cages, and Set Them Free….

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Animal Testing has long been known, by the most brilliant and visionary minds, to be an outright lie and betrayal to society as a whole.

Below is a web site that gives us revealing quotes from researchers themselves admitting the abysmal defeat that using animals has been in finding anything close to ‘the cure’ for various dis-eases that seem to plague modern society in ever greater numbers as more chemicals, petrochemicals, pesticides, vaccines, heavy metals, processed food, and other stupidity continues to pummeled on the innocent consumer:

The horrifying cruelty and the diabolical practices of vivisection would shut down this evil industry if the general public were clued into this cruelty every night on the national news. And make no mistake, it is an invisible industry that likes to take taxpayer money for this dirty practice but remains in the shadows, nearly unnoticed by most hardworking Americans.

Who in God’s name shut their eyes to the pain and suffering of these animals and granted the torture of innocent living beings? How can this possibly be “packaged and sold” to the public with a Benevolent face?

Propaganda and marketing… along with political lobbying and uncouth bribes have created a paradigm of outright terrorism.

And even more shocking is the fact that MOST animal testing is for Cosmetics [the toxic ones] and for household cleaners! So, only 6% is for “finding the cure” to something… but as stated earlier, the cure never comes by way of animal testing.

This is gross misconduct and deception that defies all reason.

And by the way, I have covered several times on my show, and subsequently in my blogs, the healthy and gorgeous alternatives to toxic cosmetics and also to household cleansers.

You can make the BEST cleansers yourself! Get a spray bottle, and fill it 1/2 way with either white vinegar or cheap vodka. Then fill the other 1/2 with water. Get some Essential Oils, such as Lavendar or Peppermint… drop in a few drops to your liking… shake it all together…. and you have the best household cleaner that smells divine and cleanses better than any toxic chemical could ever dream of…. and it’s cost efficient, too!

Need a scrub for your tub? Baking Soda.

There is also an Oxygen powder that is very good to use and good for the Environment, too.

And, to sum this all up, chemicals in medicine are all a lie, too. There is no drug [NO DRUG] that can heal you. It can mask symptoms, but it never heals. It will, however, cause nasty side-effects and might damage other unrelated organs along the way… what a tragedy. Really.

Holistic, natural healing is the only way to stay healthy. To seek the amazing powers of nature is the one way you can steer clear of becoming one of millions of victims every year that die at the hands of the bloody, big-pharmaceutical paradigm.

Chemical-laden medicine is straight out of Nazi Germany. Why some people have a difficult time understanding this [and even deny it altogether] is just a manifestation of the powerful use of Propaganda that the Third Reich invented, established and then sold to the American Government.

Chronic dis-ease is caused by chemical and petrochemical pollution. Added to this toxic mess is vaccines, then processed food, then pesticides and herbicides and even lawn products like chemical fertilizers. THEN add to this personal products like commercial deodorant, which most often contains Aluminum that soak right into your blood stream… and other products like dental materials [you really need to do your research here and protect yourself], fluoride, chlorine, radiation, and nuclear testing… there is certainly a long list…. but the only way to fight the enemy is to KNOW thine enemy!

Animal testing should never have been part of what is called medical research. Again, the buffoons that put this horrifying terrorism in place have a special place in Hell waiting for them. No kidding here. This is totally diabolical. Straight from Satan himself: torture innocent, living, sentient beings for profit?

It will take every one of us to fight this horror. Mr. Obama is part of the evil, as he was paid off and bribed by ALL of the above entities with campaign contributions and continued bribes throughout his short time in office. And by the way to anyone who can’t wrap their brains around the fact that Obama is one of the most evil, incompetent, and self-serving individuals to have sat in the Oval Office… Keep in mind, that just YESTERDAY, this lost soul signed into law a RETURN TO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN THE UNITED STATES!

Just a few years ago, Horse Slaughtering was outlawed in the United States. But the right lobbyists with the right groups with the power to bribe got this much needed law REVERSED by Obama… the liar and Con Man from Chicago.

No, I have no respect for thug politicians.

Veto the Horse Slaughter Bill HR 2112.

Restore Animal Reverence Now.

Smart But Feeling Dumb? ADD, ADHD, Math Dyslexia, and Reading Dyslexia are curable, and Dr. Harold Levinson tells us how in his new book….

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My interview with Dr. Harold Levinson is divided into two parts:
Part I: Broadcast on November 1, 2010: Children and how to identify and cure Dyslexia.
Part II: Broadcast on November 8, 2010: Adults and how Dyslexia manifests itself in the adult mind.

Dyslexia is curable.

Everyone has got to read Dr. Levinson’s fascinating, eye-opening new book entitled, “Smart But Feeling Dumb: New Understanding and Dramatic Treatment for Dyslexia.”

My quote for the day:
“Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.”
— Confucious

Dr. Levinson points out that the traditional diagnoses and treatment for Dyslexia is incomplete and is reduced to being marginalized as a “psychological problem.” This is wrong, and totally ignorant on the part of the current medical researchers [who primarily work for big pharma.]

Dr. Levinson has brought some light to this disability that he discovered is caused from an INNER EAR INFECTION!

Dr. Levinson has helped over 35,000 people, both adults and children since his discovery and subsequent protocol he gives to help the body heal itself.

Way too many children are shuffled off to the sidelines in our public school systems because they are having difficulty reading or with math… they have Dyslexia.

This should never be a handicap, but most children are left to feel dumb and grow up into insecure adults who feel inadequate, and are unable to live up to their full potential in their lives on this earth.

This is an avoidable tragedy, and I believe that Dr. Levinson’s important work will set millions of people and families free from this bondage.

Too many kids are given toxic drugs to curb what is now labeled as ADHD, ADD or any other new term the ‘researchers’ can come up with….

I love the fact that curing an ear infection, whether you realize you have it or not, is the KEY to being cured!

“For the very first time, there is now medical help for a series of distinct major processing disorders in which Dr. Levinson discovered the often coexisting but hidden ‘minor’ presence of dyslexic or inner-ear/cerebellar-determined signal scrambling symptoms. These major disorders include mental retardation and Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and autism.”— Intro from Smart But Feeling Dumb.

Concentration, and the ability to understand facts and remember and apply information, is from having a balanced INNER EAR! What a discovery!

According to Dr. Levinson, if one or more of the following symptoms are evident, dyslexia may be present:

Spelling, Math, Memory, Grammar
Direction issues
Time issues [always late, for example]
Concentration and Activity [ADD or ADHD]
Balance and Coordination
Phobias and Related Mental Disorders
Difficulties driving
Can’t keep a job
NO Focus
Fear of Heights
Fear of driving over a bridge
Feelings of inferiority, stupidity, ugliness, clumsiness
Obsessive Compulsive behavior
Mood disturbances
Fears of the dark, heights, getting lost, going to school, anything new
Fear and avoidance of various balance, coordination, sports and motion-related activities
Fear of planes, tunnels, crowds, subways, losing control, open spaces, elevators, department stores
Headaches, stomachaches, nausea, excessive fatigue, memory difficulties, and other ‘psychosomatic symptoms.’
Motion sickness and dizziness

“If any of the above symptoms is present, your phobias and related emotional physical disturbances may be due to the same inner-ear dysfunction as that which I have discovered to cause symptoms of dyslexia in children.”

Adults suffer from these nebulous symptoms and spend enormous amounts of personal finances and energy to get help when they are shuffled from one “specialist” to the next with no cure in sight. The frustration and humiliation from this alone is enough to make most people give up and just live with this dysfunction.

But there is a cure!

You are smart, and you can be competitive…. the inner ear is the key issue to what was holding you back from reaching your full potential. Now you can fight back, and win!

My second quote for the day:

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Visit Dr. Levinson’s web site:

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