Circus and Zoo Industry Torture and Routine Killing of Endangered Animals

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My conversation with Ed Stewart, the Co-Founder of The Performing Animal Welfare Society “PAWS” 2,300 Acre Sanctuary based in San Andreas, California is one of those eye-opening & shocking radio shows that get most people so outraged that the apathetic governmental entities are forced to respond to their embarrassing ignorance.

After my conversation with PAWS for the April 12th, 2014 show [in the Archives section], I made a vow that every day I will do something to be a voice for these suffering animals who are brutally beaten into ‘submission’ with bull-hooks, whips, chains, electrical prods, and other horrific devices.


A Life in Chains. Constant Stress. No Rest. No Home. No Family. Solitary Confinement. Beatings. Whippings. Mental and Physical Torture. No Natural Environment. Nothing Familiar. Only Pain and Suffering. Time To STOP The Horror.

Baby Elephant abuse in circus

A frightened baby Elephant, torn from her mother, and now tortured into performing ridiculous, painful, unnatural “tricks” with bull-hooks, ropes, chains, fear. Is this acceptable on any level?

Fear of Beatings Make Them Submit

Forced to walk ‘trunk to tail’ with abusive tactics that instill fear and compliance of these modern Slaves in the Circus. Time to stop all Slavery?

Animal Abuse in Circus- Chains Must Stop

Chains that pierce the skin, cause severe pain, stunted growth of limbs, cut into the skin, and are akin to modern-day torture devices. When is “Change” going to come? The Time is Now.

Far Cry From Humane

Hard, Cold Concrete Floors. Confinement. Denied Food/Water. Torn from Family. Chains 24/7. Look natural? Happy? Healthy? Would you be mentally, spiritually and physically satisfied with this life of Slavery? Is It Time to Stop?

Heather is Dead After Left To Bake In Heat

Heather is Dead. Left to BAKE in a hot truck while her “Trainers” [Captors] dined in an air-conditioned restaurant in the summer heat. Circuses are notorious for their abuse, stupidity, apathy, ignorance. What will YOU do to be the voice of reason and rescue for these innocent living beings?


Sub-machine guns used by ignorant, incompetent Honolulu Police to kill “Tyke” the Tortured Circus Elephant who tried to run for his life rather than endure one more beating, circus trick, or long-haul travel as a Slave.

Why no Tranquilizer darts required or used?

Horrifyingly, Tyke only found peace after he was brutally killed and passed from this Earth into God’s arms in his Heavenly Kingdom.

There has to be a deep, dark, torturous, wretched place in Hell for Tykes Captors, Abusers, Killers, Inhumane “Trainers” and the very Circus [“Big Top” Ringling Barnum and Bailey] that caused his daily agony.

Un-natural, stupid tricks under fear

Elephants Do NOT stand on their heads in the wild. This is a painful, unnatural “trick” that this Endangered Elephant is forced to endure with the bull hooks clearly visible. The Time Has Come To Stop This Madness.

Torture in the circus- STOP

Ringling Barnum and Bailey, Big Apple Circus, and many other Torture Camps designed to APPEAR as “Entertainment” are a terrifying place for all the animals who are enslaved to such horrifying ignorance. All people of Honor and Integrity… STAND UP for the Rescue of our Endangered animals left to die in the Circus. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE PUBLIC RELATIONS BLITZ OF ‘FAMILY FUN.’

bull hook

How would you like to have this cracked across your back, legs, arms, head, chest, stomach? Why is this heinous, outrageous practice of beating innocent animals in the Circus STILL a legal practice of Slavery and Torture?

Be a Voice. Write your Local, State, and Federal ELECTED officials. Write the Mayor of your Town to BAN all Animal Circuses. Say “NO” to Circuses and their Blatant Lies and Deception of ‘good ole family fun’ with animals performing asinine “tricks” as Entertainment.

Torture: The ONLY definition for the Circus.




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