The Houses of Horror

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Above: This terrified animal is fully conscious as it is hoisted in a factory-style slaughterhouse.

Houses of Horror BEYOND your wildest dreams come from two places:

1.) Big Agri-business Factory Farms.
2.) Factory-run Slaughter Houses.

feed_lot 2

Photo Above: Factory Farm Feed Lot with Slaughterhouse in background. A miserable life and death.

Whenever you buy “fast food” whether it be from a chain restaurant or a greasy spoon you drive thru… you are inadvertently supporting the abuse beyond what your mind can imagine.

You are also buying all of the known carcinogens like Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, Feces contamination [E. Coli], other drugs, and of course, the Adrenaline that ran through the body of the terrified animal as it was literally tortured to death.

Action #1: STOP patronizing these grease-ball food chains. Send a message as a Consumer that you care about your own health, the health of the planet [factory farms are an egregious source of ground water and air pollution], and you really care about animal husbandry practices.

My interview with the incredible Investigative Journalist Gail A. Eisnitz was a MUST for me after I read her groundbreaking book, “Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the US Meat Industry.” 

You have to read this book. Educate yourself. Knowledge and TRUTH are POWERFUL when you make choices as a Consumer.


Photos Above and Below: Dairy Factory Farms. Cows have no way of turning around, laying down, and have no access to sunlight, grass, or a natural environment. Their babies are pulled away from them at one day old crying. Terrible cruelty.


Photo Below: Factory Farmed Chickens in Battery Cages. No sunlight, no grass, no ability to forage/free roam, and certainly no room to move or turn around or spread their wings. They stand for their entire lives on mesh wire.

ChickensInBatteryCageslgDon’t buy this toxic by-product of a sentient animal who was tortured, dismembered alive, boiled alive at time of ‘slaughter’, and during their lives were confined in filthy, disgusting living conditions. Nothing about this animal’s life was happy, healthy, humane, or acceptable to anyone.

Action #2: Stop buying “packaged” meats in the “Meat” section of large chain Supermarkets! And stop, by all means, buying the cold cuts pre-packaged anywhere as this is filled with dangerous preservatives like Nitrites. The interests of mega-monopoly factory companies are solely PROFIT. The wellness of farm animals is not their concern.

dangerous meat

The Mercy For Animals Organization has an excellent website and several media tools to show the Public the truth behind these factories of sheer terror.  The animal and environmental abuse affects all life on Earth.

Pet food, which has seen many recalls over the years since Factory Farming started to ravage the USA in the 1980’s, is also affected by the E. Coli Bacteria, industrial carcinogens, Antibiotics, and Growth Hormones that wind up the the cans of food that have killed thousands of  domestic animals. You need to buy Organic only, and start to learn how to make nutritious and easy preparations at home for your beloved pets with REAL food that has not been cooked at 700 Degrees!


Action #3: Learn proper Nutrition. A truly healthy human body is a Vegan one. It is hard for way too many people to come to terms with the fact that their parents were wrong about food, and that even their own Religion and Education had done nothing to promote their physical wellness by ignoring the obvious when it comes to the facts about your body, truthful human Nutritional needs, and even what should be considered a healthy “religious” practice when celebrating with food.

Meat and Dairy is also addictive. Much like any drug, it becomes harder to stop craving something when your body has built up so many toxins that it actually craves the very things that are literally killing it [same with Sugar, and processed foods of all kinds].

Take a  look at the natural healing modalities for healing everything from Candida to very serious illnesses [such as the Gerson Institute’s method]: They take you off all processed foods, Dairy, All animal ‘meat’ products, and Sugar. They detoxify you by cleansing the whole body over several months and restoring the body with healing foods that are Vegan and filled with healthy proteins and minerals that actually nourish your body. And by the way, most of the top natural healing programs are at least 50% Raw food.

The point here is to understand the very system that is causing horrific, unthinkable torture to innocent animals is the very same system that is responsible for Obesity, Diabetes, most childhood ailments such as hyperactivity, as well as the  even more serious ailments we see showing up in our own families, friends, and colleagues. 


Fast Food Nation = Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Lower IQ, Cancer, Infectious Diseases, High Blood Pressure, etc.

Now, the trend for these Factory Farm Conglomerates [that merged and became mega-corporations under the Reagan Administration with de-regulation and very lax oversight] is to LEGALLY PROSECUTE any Whistle blower with harassment and other outrageous allegations! They have gone so far as to LOBBY WASHINGTON Politicians [Whose job is to represent THE PEOPLE/TAXPAYER, but oddly keep representing Special Interests like these companies] so that ANY Whistleblower will be Prosecuted with Taxpayer dollars and sentenced to Prison! 

Uh, and who is the real Criminal here? Why are the USDA and other taxpayer funded Government agencies [and the Senate and Congress] ignoring Animal Welfare Laws and doing nothing? The answer, as Gail Eisnitz pointed out in her book “Slaughterhouse”  is that the money from Lobbying is just too enticing. The cronyism of yesteryear is still prevalent throughout the very Agencies that our taxes are used to supposedly oversee welfare, safety, contamination, humaneness, business practices, etc.

It’s time to get off the toxic, processed Franken-Phood… along with the inhumane, ignorant, apathetic, abusive, haunted-house equivalent of absolute terror, and the dangerous by-product treadmill. It takes one step.

horrible dead animal hamburger

Photos Above and Below: Sorry, but this is NOT food that can possibly nourish your body. This is Dis-ease.


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