Mind and Body Control…. Part II on Conscious Lifestyles Radio

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Not in your head.... these are real bio warfare weapons in use.

“If Government does not say anything or admit to anything, people will have a disconnect in their minds.” — G. Brady, Producer and Radio Host

Now is the TIME to open our eyes... Look, Understand, Demand Action.

The May 17, 2010 radio show on WGCH Radio was amazing.

Dr. Gwen Scott gave us the information we need to protect our bodies from the onslaught of chemicals that continues to be sprayed into our sky and from the pollution that goes unchecked by Governmental [asleep at the wheel] agencies….

Here’s what to take:

1.) Diatomaceous Earth: Permaguard.com. This is a fossil shell flour that kills the fungus, yeast infections/Candida, parasites in the body.

2.) Visit Arizonaskywatch.com. Get information. This is key to empowering yourself. Click here to learn more.

3.) Tea Tree Oil. 2 drops in bottom of mug and add boiling water. Inhale for the anti-fungal, healing properties to your respiratory system.

4.) Miracle II Soap. Take a Bath in this soap and you will help your body detox. You can also use Organic Sea Salt or Epsom Salts in addition to the Miracle II Soap on alternate days. www.amazon.com/Miracle II Soap

5.) Organic Grape Juice. This helps to rid your body of the suspicious Fungus and Fibers that are being sprayed into the air.

6.) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink at least two tablespoons/twice per day in warm water. This helps the PH balance in your body.

7.) Eat Garlic. I eat a small piece of raw, organic Garlic and then immediately follow it with a fresh fruit smoothie or a freshly pressed Organic Orange Juice. Do this once a week to start with, and build up your tolerance.

8.) Organic Lemon and Lime squeezed into hot water with Cayenne pepper. This helps to detox your body of accumulated chemicals. You should NEVER sweeten this with sugar or even with Maple Syrup! Instead, use Agave Syrup, Lucuma Powder, Stevia, or Xylitol for your sweetener.

9.) Ozone. Your body is depleted of life giving Oxygen when you constantly breathe in chemicals, toxins, eat adulterated foods, and unknowingly spray on synthesized perfumes, and use mass-marketed cosmetics, etc. LEARN TO BE AN EDUCATED AND HEALTHY CONSUMER!

Ozonated Olive Oil is good for you and for your skin.

Some healthy places to find Ozonated Olive Oil:

10.) Write your State, Federal, and LOCAL elected officials to STOP the Chem-Trail Spraying in our skies, and to STOP the taxpayer funded nonsense of “Corporate Welfare” to giant agri-businesses who are taking taxpayer money to spray and use toxic chemicals on ‘factory farmed’ food that is depleting our natural environment and our soil of minerals, vitamins, and essential life giving nutrients. This is so unhealthy and detrimental that it cannot be emphasized enough….

Send a 5 minute email to your elected officials…. it could save your life!

DDT Sprayed on Children in 1950's

Every city in the USA has Chem Trails and no one in Government says one word about it.
Chem Trails are sprayed in every city in the USA and no one in Government has anything to say about this atrocity. Their very own taxpayer base is being poisoned, sickened, and weakened. How can you have a strong United States when you have sick, weak people?

The Time is NOW to TAKE ACTION for our true health freedoms. How can any government that deliberately sickens its own people talk about “Health Care Reform” with a straight face? This is unacceptable.

True Healthcare was never defined by this latest Regime we have in the White House but they certainly want to throw more taxpayer money at something they are part of the very problem in creating! Again, unacceptable corruption.

True health is natural health.

When you are healthy you will find peace, happiness, wellness.

Learn more: www.gwenscottnd.com

My Series on Eco-Friendly, Women-owned businesses started May 10th….

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I Produced this Eco-Friendly Series and Co-Hosted the “MaryAnne Show” on Monday, May 10th, with Co-Host MaryAnne DeFelice. It was a real “MaryAnne and Ginger Show!”

Our Bees Pollinate Everything We Eat... We Need Them To Stay Alive.

The Series will take place twice in May and every month throughout the Summer…. interesting, informative, and you will become a better consumer of beauty and health products that can save your life and of those you love.

Our guests were “La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup/Skin Care” and a truly hand-made, wonderful Skin Care company that literally comes from a Bee Farm called “Meadowlake Farm.”

Thank you to both of our Guests for being so good to our environment and for telling us all about WHY we need to be concerned with what transdermally is put onto our skin and ultimately into our bloodstream.

Check out these amazing companies:


The founder of Meadowlake Farm Herbal Skin Care was so informative in telling us all about WHY the bees are disappearing and how this is happening SOLELY because of Pesticides. Pesticides damage the immune systems of the bees, literally confuse them, and kill them.
Bee Die Offs From Pesticides
This is an emergency.

Our Bees pollinate EVERYTHING and their importance to our food supply is paramount to producing anything from Apples to Zucchini.

Bayer Pharmaceutical is primarily to blame, as they introduced a hazardous pesticide in 2006 that is culpable for the massive killing of our pollinating Bees. Also to blame is Monsanto’s GMO Crops that have contaminated almost every other plant on Earth.

Former U.S. President Clinton has apologized in recent years for not fully investigating and understanding the damage that GMO crops can do to the food supply…. as he was responsible, under his Administration, for giving the legal ‘green light’ to Monsanto to sell GMO products.

The GMO product line must be OUTLAWED NOW.
GMO Crops Cause Organ Damage!…. Read and Research and Be a VOiCE!

It is one thing to make a mistake, but entirely another to keep doing it over and over and over.

My God, our Elected Officials really are asleep and missing in action.

However, you can vote with your dollars [and PLEASE send emails] to buy the healthy, organic, handmade, lovingly made products that you and your family deserve!

This series airs on WGCH Radio, and you can catch it streaming live on http://www.wgch.com @ 6pm on the selected nights. The next show will be Monday, May 24th.

March 22, 2010 Show: Staying Young, Healthy and Vibrant in a Toxic World. An interview with Jackie Silver, Author of “Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young.”

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“The greatest wealth is health.” — Virgil

Jackie Silver’s book reveals the secrets to being young, fit, healthy, and vibrant at any age…. and debunks many of the myths that are falsely reported.

Check out Jackie’s web site: http://www.agingbackwards.com and find out how she looks so young at the age of 50 that she still gets ‘carded’ and asked for her I.D.!

— Raw, green vegetables, organic raw fruits and whole, unprocessed foods and a mindfulness to her daily practice of nourishing one’s body is at the core of being healthy. — It is simply impossible to be healthy without feeding your temple the best possible food.

I personally love Green Smoothies, and all Fruit/Veggie Smoothies and fresh juicing practices. This is a great way to get your daily vitamins, and after only a few days of this healthy life choice, you will look in the mirror and see a vibrant face and clear skin!

— Exercise. Jackie explained to us how she practices Dr. Al Sears’ method and exercises only 12 minutes a day! She talked about being in the best shape of her life, and has never had a weight problem again after practicing what she has learned from Dr. Sears’ Center for Health and Wellness. Check out Dr. Sears’ “Pace” Program on Jackie’s web site, http://www.agingbackwards.com, or visit Dr. Sears’ web page at http://www.mypureradiance.com.

— Sunshine. Vitamin D. Everyone needs it. The myth that you should slather on a ton of toxic sunscreen and stay completely out of the sun is FALSE. Jackie explained how everyone needs a bit of sun everyday, and she makes a point to help her body rejuvenate itself naturally by getting the 15 minutes of sun she needs each day. All skin types are different, and require different amounts of sunshine to develop Vitamin D, but EVERYONE needs sun. Additionally, we both talked about the toxic sunscreens that actually CAUSE degenerative diseases and damage skin cells and should be avoided.

I mentioned on the show my favorite, HEALTHY, NON-Toxic, “good for your skin” sunscreen, and you can get it at: http://www.highvibe.com. This sunscreen has amazing vitamins and minerals in the formula that make your skin feel and look totally amazing! I wear it everyday under my makeup, and my skin is healthy, youthful, happy…. and my liver is protected because I am not putting transdermal chemicals into my body!

Jackie talked in depth of the supplement called “Radiance” from Dr. Sears that she takes every day that helps to create Vitamin D in your body as you get your daily dose of sunshine.

— “Facial Magic” facial exercises are part of Jackie’s secret. Check out http://www.agingbackwards.com to get this youth producing secret for yourself!

— Defy Genetics. Jackie tells her readers to defy whatever you’ve been told run in your family… don’t use this as a crutch to stay out of shape, or to allow yourself to get Diabetes, heart disease, etc…… These diseases are ALL avoidable and are the direct result of diet and lifestyle choices. Period. You don’t need to be running to an Allopathic Doctor, who knows virtually nothing about Nutrition and truthful healthcare, and your life may depend upon your own choices to make the Organic, Holistic life changing steps to better health and longevity.

— Attitude. Visualization. Mediation. Thoughts. All are important to being grounded, realizing your higher power and owning your self esteem as a person who is entitled to be here, and to give the world your own, unique gifts that you are here to fulfill. Step into your higher power. Surround yourself with enlightened, honorable human beings, and create an environment of love for the earth, animals, and all of life.

— Every woman needs a sacred, beautiful place for herself to restore and heal. Make a space for yourself that is all your own.

— Organically, cleanly-made cosmetics and facial products [and body products] are the single most important factor in starting on a path to natural beauty. Check out my radio show on March 8, 2010, with Susie Wang, the founder of 100% Pure Cosmetics and my blog for this show.

In love and light….

March 8, 2010 Show: Susie Wang of 100% Pure Cosmetics

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“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”
— Rosalind Russell

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
—J. Muir

You can hear this show on Podcast on http://www.WGCH.com Radio under “Conscious Lifestyles.”

My guest, Susie Wang, the founder of 100% Pure Cosmetics, explains how her amazing, organic, totally naturally healthy cosmetics are the ONLY cosmetics in the world made with 100% fruit and vegetables for their pigments.

100% Pure Cosmetics is the world’s only pure cosmetics company that holds the patent for using fruit and vegetable pigments that are 100% naturally derived and has NOTHING that is synthesized.

Susie Wang is so pure in her formulations that she also refused to use minerals in her formulations because she believes that many minerals are also questionable in their toxicity.

The result is a delicious blend of yummy cosmetics and body products…. When you wear the Strawberry blush it actually has a beautiful Strawberry scent! The lusciousness of her beautiful blends keep you coming back for more!

This beautiful company is both eco-friendly for the planet and for your face/body…. and the added benefit is they also have a charity to help rescue animals! How cool to support a company that is 100% in every aspect of life!

You have GOT to try this beautiful skin care, body care, and pure cosmetics!


A special note to my radio listeners and blog readers:

I am currently in the process of getting all of my previous shows onto my web page: http://www.consciouslifestylesradio.com and this will be up and running within the next week….

Thanks for following my Eco/Organic Living radio show that gives practical tips on how to help to save our planet, and how to achieve true health for yourself, your family, your beloved animal children, in our food sources and choices, and as a consumer for green building, dental materials, eco-minded landscaping, and everything related to living your life on this earth!

It’s fun to be an eco-friendly consumer!

Starting with your body and understanding how to read labels is one of the most gratifying and important steps you can take to saving your own life and to saving our earth. Vote with your consumer choices….

Some very toxic, dangerous ingredients to watch out for [Don’t buy any product– even if it is labeled ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ — that has these toxic ingredients]:

1.) Anything with the letters: “PEG” and a number after the letters! Susie Wang explained on the show that this hazardous chemical melted a lab table when she was working for a large, corporate cosmetics manufacturer! The question is WHY are they putting this neuro-toxin into commercially produced cosmetics, creams, and potions?

2.) Propylene Glycol [found in MANY creams, shampoos, etc.] VERY TOXIC.

3.) Phthalates [plasticizers]

4.) Petrolatum [“think” Vaseline!– Petroleum is found in MOST commercially manufactured body care and even home cleaning products…. buyer beware.]

5.) Butyl Acetate [Primarily found in nail polish.]

6.) Butylated Hydroxytoluene [Found in everything toxically made because it slows down the rate at which the product will change color.]

7.) Coal Tar [used as a toxic softener and promotes the dissolution of rough skin– but extremely damaging to your immune and nervous system.] This is also common in hair dyes. Don’t buy it.

8.) Cocamide DEA/Lauramide DEA [used as a foaming agent in shampoos and bath products, and as an emulsifying agent in cosmetics.] Don’t buy it.

9.) Diazolidinyl Urea [formaldehyde-releasing, anti-microbial preservative.] Linked to significant health issues and very dangerous as it is found in many, many products. Don’t buy it.

10.) Ethyl Acetate [Solvent] Skin irritant. Found in Nail polish products, mascara, tooth whitening, and many products. Don’t buy it.

11.) Formaldehyde [Disinfectant, germicide, fungicide, preservative.] In Deodorants, nail polish, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, household paints and cleaners that are mass-produced. ONLY buy products that are organically, small-batch made!

12.) Parabens [methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl— widely used as a cheap preservative to save manufacturing costs. Inhibits growth of bacteria.]
Present in mass-produced products and you MUST read labels. Can be found in moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, hair styling gels, nail creams, makeup, skin lotions, deodorants, baby skin items, and too many products to name here. Don’t buy it.

12.) Sodium Laureth/Sodium Laurel Sulfate [Penetration enhancer.] Used in shampoos, conditioners, bar soap, body wash, face cleanser, liquid hand soap, acne treatment, hair dye, mascara, shaving products, moisturizer, toothpaste, sunscreen, makeup remover, and all commercially produced products that are toxic to your health. Be careful to read labels, as some “natural” or “organic” labels sneak this into their list of ingredients, too! The health concern is that it alters skin structure, and allows other toxic chemicals in the formulation to get into your blood stream. Don’t buy it.

13.) Talc [Absorbs moisture, and totally toxic to your body and linked to cancer in a big, BIG way.] Found in blush, powder products, eyeshadow, baby powder, deodorant, soap. A PROVEN carcinogen. Talc also also has air-born particles that are similar to Asbestos particles and studies have shown it can cause tumors in the lungs and Asthma. Don’t buy it.

14.) Toluene [Solvent to improve adhesion and gloss.] In nail polish, hair dye, colored cosmetics, and household paints. Causes a whole array toxicity in the body and the environment and has been found to cause Liver damage, and birth defects along with respiratory distress. Don’t buy it.

15.) Triethanolamine [A coating ingredient for fresh fruits and also used as a dispersing ingredient in hand and body lotions, shaving creams, soaps, shampoo, and bath powders. This toxic ingredient can
form carcinogenic compounds called “nitrosamines” when put onto skin and is one of the most dangerous cancer causing ingredients found in skin and household care today. Unbelievable that this is allowed to be manufactured into skin care products. Don’t buy it.

The sad truth is that ALL skin care and makeup products are NOT regulated or even remotely watched over by anyone.

You as the consumer can create the change that we need by making yourself and everyone you know AWARE of these ingredients in mass-produced products that are highly advertised…. read labels, and DON’T BUY IT [and even write a letter to the manufacturer explaining why you will refuse to buy anything they make until they clean up their act!]

Your voice and your MONEY CHOICES will bring the safe cosmetics that we all deserve to the mass market.

Until this happens, there are a good handful of companies, like 100% Pure Cosmetics, that are way ahead of the curve and actually CARE about your body, your health, the environment, and make BETTER PERFORMING cosmetics and body care products to boot!

So make the change to HEALTH and true wellness! It’s fun, easy, and sooooo beautiful! You won’t ever go back to the chemical cosmetics….

In fact, when I learned the truth, I put on a mask and gloves and carefully emptied all of my toxic cosmetics and recycled the plastic/glass jars after washing them in non-toxic, healthy earth dish soap!

Go green in your cosmetics, and you will experience the wonderful metamorphasis into a Natural Beauty, a Healthy Beauty, and a True Beauty on the inside and on the outside!


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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