Beauty, Brains, Philanthropic, Inspired… Eco-Consciousness is hip.

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If most Celebrities care about the environment, animals, holistic health, Organic food, being conscious consumers…. shouldn’t everyone?

Anthony Kideis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers-- A champion for the environment, animals, organic/vegan lifestyles.

Aren’t we all stewards of God’s gift of this earth that sustains all life? Don’t we all have a responsibility to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions and rally for ecologically responsible governance, companies, products, and services?

Nicole Sherwin, the eco-gorgeous, “Green Guru,” is the founder of Nicole Sherwin Events, domiciled in LA, California.

Nicole does the job of sifting through all of the “green washing” that is out there and brings the many honorable, truthfully “Green” companies and products to her hip, Eco-Zen “Green Lounge” experiences that showcase valuable information and products, organic food and alcohol, along with eco-furniture, eco-travel…. everything.

Nicole’s new site will be launching at the end of June to bring these products and fun facts to all consumers who want to “Go Green” but need a little help in deciphering what is real, and what is– well, totally fake information that is called ‘green washing.’ You can check out later this month…

“Some people shy away from responsibility because it brings with it accountability. So let me ask you this, is it more empowering to be accountable for your own actions and attitudes, or to make somebody else responsible?

You see, when we give away accountability we create a state of helplessness.

So I encourage you, liberate yourself—- accept responsibility.”
— Jonathan Wells, Founder, “Advanced Life Skills.”

Countless Celebrities have become Eco-Warriors! Now it’s time for everyone to join this cause for life….

Nicole and I agree that beauty starts on the inside with your heart, soul, spirit, life, thoughts, actions, food choices, what you put into your body both mentally and physically, and with contributions to life.

Be amazed at how beautiful you are when you give back to society, take care of your body organically, holistically, and methodically. A clear mind and a clear body bring a beautiful, thoughtful, graceful, grateful, productive, and successful life.

“The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land.”
— Leviticus 25: 23-24

Just Asking….

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Is this the “Environmental” President we were promised with Hope and Change?

My show broadcast on WGCH on Memorial Day this year was a commentary that I wanted to make about the cronyism and corruption in this current White House that made campaign promises to be different, transparent, to bring “change” to the status quo.

We were all wrong about Mr. Obama. His lack of experience, lack of ethics, inability to forgo campaign contributions from polluting mega-corporations [like BP, and other oil conglomerates and big, dirty Agriculture giants], and his lack of anything resembling a backbone has been totally astonishing, harrowing to watch, and numbing.

He may not have had the slogan of, “Drill Baby Drill” but he quietly did it anyway.

He feigned “Environmentalism” in order to garner votes. He lied.

Read \"The Culture of Corruption\" by Michelle Malkin

Look at the people our ‘Chicago-style Politician’ we elected has surrounded himself with: NO “Change” will be seen from anyone he has appointed to his Cabinet.

The Cattle Rancher and Oil Man as our Secretary of Interior? Hmmmm.

Case in point: Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior. The Mineral Management Service is overseen entirely by Ken Salazar. Mr. Salazar’s head needs to roll over the BP oil gusher disaster– historically, the worst and most horrific environmental rape in American History.

Look at Ken Salazar’s abysmal past record:

– In 2005, he voted against increasing fuel efficiency for cars and trucks. Remember, he is an oil and gas man who is interested in keeping his pockets lined.

– He also opposed an ammendment to repeal tax breaks for Exxon Mobile and other Big, dirty oil companies and supports oil, and gas drilling on Federal lands that are environmentally sensitive with little to no restrictions.

– In 2006, Ken Salazar voted to end protections that limit offshore Florida Gulf Coast drilling!

– In 2006, Ken Salazar voted FOR big subsidies for the livestock industry! Your tax dollars used to line his pockets, again. The livestock industry has a long, terrible, irresponsible past with pollution, animal cruelty, and killing our endangered wildlife by the millions.

– Ken Salazar also voted in favor of Ranchers using public lands and national forests for cattle grazing! This explains WHY, under Salazar, our Wild Horses and Burros [and other nationally treasured wildlife] have been massacred mercilessly with horrific “round ups” and brutal murder.

– Ken Salazar also fought efforts to increase Farm Bill protections for Endangered Species and for the environment.

– Ken Salazar also threatened to sue the US Fish and Wildlife Service when its Scientists determined that the black-tailed Prairie Dog may be endangered.

– In 2007, Ken Salazar was one of the few Democratic Senators to oppose a Bill to require the Army Corps of Engineers to consider global warming when planning water projects!

– The Fund for Animals gives Salazar a 0% for his voting record!

Take a long look at the death and destruction the cronyism of Obama and his selected cabinet who are totally corrupt and are amongst the ugliest group when it comes to environmental destruction.

Immediately AFTER the BP Gulf Oil Disaster, 27 new off shore drilling permits were issued under the ineffective watch of Salazar. Corruption at its worst.

Just asking…. why would a President-elect, who made campaign promises as an ‘Environmentalist,’ not bother to appoint qualified, environmentally responsible people with strong track records to oversee the most important aspects of governmental regulatory departments?

You can listen to this show on WGCH Radio Archives for May 31st. May 31st, 2010 Radio Show for \"Conscious Lifestyles.\"

An Interview with Dr. Edward Group of The Global Healing Center

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The Doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas A. Edison

The food and lifestyle you choose have everything to do with your health!
Why the “conventional” food groups have been corrupted is because BIG AGRI-BUSINESS has had a hand in putting their toxic products into the food paradigm in the USA… they even push their toxic, obesity causing and ADHD chemicals on children! Wow! What a convoluted mess our own Government has allowed to infiltrate the MOST precious choice we make: our food!

Live Life honoring yourself and God’s gift of life and be Organic Vegetarian! Your life will have incredible, healthy changes that the medical mafia does want you to know about because you won’t be so easily sickened…. Your true health starts with a clean body on the inside!

Dr. Edward Group

My May 24th, 2010 show was a lively interview with Dr. Group of The Global Healing Center.

Check out their wonderful, informative and EMPOWERING web site:
The Global Healing Center

Dr. Group has always believed that the very foundation of the body’s healing starts in the Colon, Intestines, and then the Gallbladder and Liver. You also need to keep your Kidneys clean with natural herbal formulas and then get the heavy metals and parasites out of your body!

Everybody, EVERYBODY needs to clean their bodies of these toxins regularly.

I am a believer in constant cleansing of the body from the onslaught of chemical toxins in our environment… and Dr. Group and I both agree that cleansing needs to happen regularly! The “every six month” rule is not applicable anymore as we are living in a world that is just too toxic.

Dr. Group even stated that the “Liver and Gallbladder” Cleanse should take place several consecutive times, and not just once– this will help your most important organs to clean your body more efficiently.

…And I believe that when you STOP using toxic household and garden cleaners and START using natural, organic, healthy choices– then you are beginning the very revolution that has been taking place all over the world where the consumer is fed up with chemicals and things that hurt your eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and all living elements on this earth!

I use Vodka and Water OR Vinegar and Water to clean my house, and it is a clean, cool cleanser for counter tops, floors, etc. ! I also use Baking Soda for tubs, and other tough cleaning projects… and it works great!

Our rights as people are being quietly suppressed and even outlawed by the powerful yet corrupt [and greedy] pharmaceutical, oil, and chemical industries. The lobbies these three have in Washington, DC is enough to knock your socks off!

Why do healthy minded Doctors who simply tell their patients to clean their bodies on the inside, eat Vegetarian, and take WHOLE food [organic, unprocessed] vitamin supplements get harassed by the FDA and other alphabet government officials? What are they afraid of?

You have the right to natural health. You have the right to natural, herbal, homeopathic, ozone and other holistic modalities!

But the foes in the chemical-based pharmaceutical industry don’t want you to be natural, healthy, or to even KNOW about the healthier choices that could give you vibrance, true health from the inside, and bring you the PEACE in your one life that you deserve.

The message here is simple: Take back your life.

We have all seen too many people we love and care about be seriously injured and killed from vaccines, drugs [both pharmaceutical “legal” and illegal], unnecessary and invasive surgeries, chemicals, and bad [processed] food.

The time is now.

Write a 5 minute email to your Local and State Representatives that you, the Consumer, are smart enough to demand natural healthcare as a CHOICE and that you demand organic, sustainable farming be taxpayer supported [and NOT the chemical, giant Agri-business farming].

Right now, we have a choice to vote for ACTION rather than a bunch of sweet-talking rhetoric about “hope, change,” and other meaningless things that bring nothing but the same old political corruption.

Take control of your future by taking control of what goes into your body. Clean your body, and you will be smarter, brighter, healthier, and even more beautiful!

Mind and Body Control…. Part II on Conscious Lifestyles Radio

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Not in your head.... these are real bio warfare weapons in use.

“If Government does not say anything or admit to anything, people will have a disconnect in their minds.” — G. Brady, Producer and Radio Host

Now is the TIME to open our eyes... Look, Understand, Demand Action.

The May 17, 2010 radio show on WGCH Radio was amazing.

Dr. Gwen Scott gave us the information we need to protect our bodies from the onslaught of chemicals that continues to be sprayed into our sky and from the pollution that goes unchecked by Governmental [asleep at the wheel] agencies….

Here’s what to take:

1.) Diatomaceous Earth: This is a fossil shell flour that kills the fungus, yeast infections/Candida, parasites in the body.

2.) Visit Get information. This is key to empowering yourself. Click here to learn more.

3.) Tea Tree Oil. 2 drops in bottom of mug and add boiling water. Inhale for the anti-fungal, healing properties to your respiratory system.

4.) Miracle II Soap. Take a Bath in this soap and you will help your body detox. You can also use Organic Sea Salt or Epsom Salts in addition to the Miracle II Soap on alternate days. II Soap

5.) Organic Grape Juice. This helps to rid your body of the suspicious Fungus and Fibers that are being sprayed into the air.

6.) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink at least two tablespoons/twice per day in warm water. This helps the PH balance in your body.

7.) Eat Garlic. I eat a small piece of raw, organic Garlic and then immediately follow it with a fresh fruit smoothie or a freshly pressed Organic Orange Juice. Do this once a week to start with, and build up your tolerance.

8.) Organic Lemon and Lime squeezed into hot water with Cayenne pepper. This helps to detox your body of accumulated chemicals. You should NEVER sweeten this with sugar or even with Maple Syrup! Instead, use Agave Syrup, Lucuma Powder, Stevia, or Xylitol for your sweetener.

9.) Ozone. Your body is depleted of life giving Oxygen when you constantly breathe in chemicals, toxins, eat adulterated foods, and unknowingly spray on synthesized perfumes, and use mass-marketed cosmetics, etc. LEARN TO BE AN EDUCATED AND HEALTHY CONSUMER!

Ozonated Olive Oil is good for you and for your skin.

Some healthy places to find Ozonated Olive Oil:

10.) Write your State, Federal, and LOCAL elected officials to STOP the Chem-Trail Spraying in our skies, and to STOP the taxpayer funded nonsense of “Corporate Welfare” to giant agri-businesses who are taking taxpayer money to spray and use toxic chemicals on ‘factory farmed’ food that is depleting our natural environment and our soil of minerals, vitamins, and essential life giving nutrients. This is so unhealthy and detrimental that it cannot be emphasized enough….

Send a 5 minute email to your elected officials…. it could save your life!

DDT Sprayed on Children in 1950's

Every city in the USA has Chem Trails and no one in Government says one word about it.
Chem Trails are sprayed in every city in the USA and no one in Government has anything to say about this atrocity. Their very own taxpayer base is being poisoned, sickened, and weakened. How can you have a strong United States when you have sick, weak people?

The Time is NOW to TAKE ACTION for our true health freedoms. How can any government that deliberately sickens its own people talk about “Health Care Reform” with a straight face? This is unacceptable.

True Healthcare was never defined by this latest Regime we have in the White House but they certainly want to throw more taxpayer money at something they are part of the very problem in creating! Again, unacceptable corruption.

True health is natural health.

When you are healthy you will find peace, happiness, wellness.

Learn more:

My Series on Eco-Friendly, Women-owned businesses started May 10th….

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I Produced this Eco-Friendly Series and Co-Hosted the “MaryAnne Show” on Monday, May 10th, with Co-Host MaryAnne DeFelice. It was a real “MaryAnne and Ginger Show!”

Our Bees Pollinate Everything We Eat... We Need Them To Stay Alive.

The Series will take place twice in May and every month throughout the Summer…. interesting, informative, and you will become a better consumer of beauty and health products that can save your life and of those you love.

Our guests were “La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup/Skin Care” and a truly hand-made, wonderful Skin Care company that literally comes from a Bee Farm called “Meadowlake Farm.”

Thank you to both of our Guests for being so good to our environment and for telling us all about WHY we need to be concerned with what transdermally is put onto our skin and ultimately into our bloodstream.

Check out these amazing companies:

The founder of Meadowlake Farm Herbal Skin Care was so informative in telling us all about WHY the bees are disappearing and how this is happening SOLELY because of Pesticides. Pesticides damage the immune systems of the bees, literally confuse them, and kill them.
Bee Die Offs From Pesticides
This is an emergency.

Our Bees pollinate EVERYTHING and their importance to our food supply is paramount to producing anything from Apples to Zucchini.

Bayer Pharmaceutical is primarily to blame, as they introduced a hazardous pesticide in 2006 that is culpable for the massive killing of our pollinating Bees. Also to blame is Monsanto’s GMO Crops that have contaminated almost every other plant on Earth.

Former U.S. President Clinton has apologized in recent years for not fully investigating and understanding the damage that GMO crops can do to the food supply…. as he was responsible, under his Administration, for giving the legal ‘green light’ to Monsanto to sell GMO products.

The GMO product line must be OUTLAWED NOW.
GMO Crops Cause Organ Damage!…. Read and Research and Be a VOiCE!

It is one thing to make a mistake, but entirely another to keep doing it over and over and over.

My God, our Elected Officials really are asleep and missing in action.

However, you can vote with your dollars [and PLEASE send emails] to buy the healthy, organic, handmade, lovingly made products that you and your family deserve!

This series airs on WGCH Radio, and you can catch it streaming live on @ 6pm on the selected nights. The next show will be Monday, May 24th.

March 29, 2010 Show: Gnosis Chocolate Founder Vanessa Barg

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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” Hippocrates

When you eat raw, handmade, sustainably sourced chocolate you feel its magical powers of total bliss, euphoria and the ultimate love…. and when you eat Gnosis Chocolate you will never go back to eating the processed, fake chocolate ever again!

Gnosis= Knowledge of the heart, experiential knowledge, intuitive knowledge.

My interview with Vanessa Barg, the founder of Gnosis Chocolate, was one that got lots of compliments from my listeners and lots of “Wow, I did not know that! Great Show!” comments from my fellow colleagues at WGCH Radio.

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing such a wealth of information about the differences between raw Cacao and processed chocolate.

The health benefits of raw Cacao are very rich, indeed. The very minerals that 80% of the world’s population is deficient in, such as Magnesium, are found in abundance in raw, unprocessed Cacao.

However, all of these minerals are destroyed by using refined sugar, milk/dairy, chemical additives, or any other aggressive processing that you find in the mass produced chocolate….. read labels! You will be really disappointed to see how the majority of chocolate bars out there [including some other “Organic” labeled chocolate] have either refined sugar or ‘evaporated cane juice.’

Vanessa explained that we get way too much sugar in our diets to begin with, and the negative health implications of this is clear to see with the many degenerative diseases that are caused or exacerbated by the intake of Sugar. Sugar FEEDS the parasitic, unhealthy bacteria that every person today has to consciously rid their bodies of by way of CLEANSING and also simultaneously making food choices that heal the body.

Gnosis Chocolate infuses their handmade, raw cacao chocolate bars with vitamins, herbs, and minerals such as Maca Root, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Gingo Biloba, Camu Camu, Lavender, Gotu Kola, Burdock, Blue Green Algae, and so many other awesome, yummy gifts for your God given body!

God’s garden is the gift of life. We are only now getting to realize that the industrial revolution took human beings, for at least the last three generations, away from this magnificent Garden of natural, organic food and humane thinking of our relationship to this earth and all life that was meant to symbiotically live in harmony. This is the very essence of life, health, longevity…

But why is the medical paradigm so ignorant of this and aggressively condescending of this ancient knowledge? By the way, the “Allopathic” medical regime that is the primary source of what is termed ‘Health Care’ in America today was spawned from the chemical/warfare industries before and during World War II [and primarily from German warfare technology].

It’s time to get back to our Mother Earth and demand, with our consumer dollars [and with our collective voices to our elected political leaders] that we are entitled to a world with healthy food and water… and future generations are entitled to this, too!

Children should be eating Chocolate, and not exploited by conglomerates that mass-market cheap, chemical-laden Chocolate to the developed world–

When you buy RAW Cacao Chocolate, you are voting with your dollars to STOP child labor in the third world… and the Chocolate industry has quite a wretched past with exploiting child labor.

Raw Cacao Chocolate is NOT exploitive, and does not use child labor for the product.

Cacao is a nut that grows on a Tree! I did not know this, but it makes sense. And I also did not know that when you buy Raw Cacao you are encouraging native growers to PROTECT their natural forests that would most likely be destroyed for destructive money-making industries such as raising cattle or soy.

There’s everything to feel good about eating RAW Cacao…. especially when it’s made with love like the special chocolate from “The Chocolate Girl” @ Gnosis Chocolate!

Available at Whole Foods or

P.S. My favorites are the Pomegranate Acai and SuperChoc!

March 1st, 2010 Show: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary Interviewed: What’s Really Behind The Cruelty in Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses? How Can The Consumer Be The Pathway To A Revolution?

March 25, 2010 at 3:01 PM | Posted in 33316337, Animal Redemption & Environment, Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show Blog, Eco Living and Lifestyle, Farm Animals Need Rescue, Organic Health, Permaculture, Truthful Healthcare | 1 Comment

This mother and baby cow are lucky, as they are on a small [family owned farm] and NOT crowded in a big Agri-business facility. This baby would have been ripped away from his mother hours after birth if this had been a facility that produces most milk and animal products.

BTW- the crying of both the mother and the baby the moment the baby is forever ripped away from the mother is heart wrenching and enough to make anyone stop and demand justice for these sentient beings.

So you think that buying “Organic” labeled beef, cheese, butter, and other animal products is okay because they must be ‘cruelty free?’ The surprising answer is an astounding, “NO!”

On a happy note: Did you also know that eating raw, organic vegetables and fruit makes you more imaginative, creative, and increases your right brain abilities?

Farm Sanctuary co-founder, Mr. Gene Baur, gives my listeners a lot of great information about staying healthy by making better food choices that just so happen to be better for the planet and help to stop the cruel, inhumane, torturous practices in factory farms!

Vote with your dollars and spend your money on healthy, humane food….. Demand truth in labeling and make your voice heard by your personal lifestyle choices.

The benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles: You look, feel and act younger…. have more energy…. think more clearly…. longevity…. conquer all modern diseases…. more beautiful…. and the satisfaction of defeating corruption in the giant, bloated agri-businesses that abuse animals for profit.

We must demand that ‘Agriculture’ be taken out of the World Trade Organization. The GMO Industry has worked hard to corrupt the practice of raising crops and has damaged our environment to boot.

People are powerful against these agri-businesses when they unite in big numbers. Remember, the big Biotech firms are unrelenting in their underhanded tactics to “back door” their legislation to keep their gross, inhumane practices because there is big money for them…. but only destruction of our environment for the rest of us who inhabit the earth.

Chickens are left in cages that are only 8″x12″ large and are packed into these factory-farm cages after their beaks have been brutally severed off their faces. They stand in their own filth and are often starved for several days in order to create a physical reaction of the chicken to produce more eggs.

Do NOT buy factory farmed eggs, and do NOT believe labeling of “Free Range.” Be particularly aware that eggs from Pennsylvania are most likely raised inhumanely and you should be a consumer who does their own homework.

These hens are lucky ones…. they actually get to be outside on the dirt and normally socializing with one another…. this is very UNcommon in the egg production industry.

All farm animals are highly social, intelligent living beings who share the same feelings of love, awareness and family that the human animal experiences.

For a baby animal to be ripped away from their mother is totally inhumane, but the milk is what the factory farms care about… the money and not the ethics or good practices is what motivates factory farms.

Pigs are highly intelligent. They are so intelligent that they are related to the Dolphin!

The conditions that these intelligent, highly social animals are raised in would turn the stomach of any decent human being. We are kept conveniently away from the reality of the grotesquely terrible conditions that pigs are raised in. The factory farms don’t want you to know…. but it should be your right to have full disclosure of what your tax dollars are subsidizing. This needs to stop.

All pork products are tainted with a deadly parasite that cannot be cooked out and to be even more to the point: These animals are horrifically slaughtered and the filth of this wretched practice contaminates the flesh of these animals. Do your health and the world a favor: Don’t eat pork products whatsoever!

Save an animal from suffering. Be a healthy, conscious consumer.

Check out

Make a donation. Be a voice.

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”
— Alice Walker

22nd February 2010 Show: Dr. Jeff Schweitzer on Global Warming and Rescuing our Planet

March 23, 2010 at 1:18 PM | Posted in Animal Redemption & Environment, Eco Living and Lifestyle, Economy, Environment, Environmental Stewardship, Ocean Environmental Rescue, Organic Health, Permaculture, Save the Oceans! | Leave a comment

In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see, and nobody calls the cops.”
– Paul Brooks, from his book “The Pursuit of Wilderness,” published 1971.

February 22, 2010 show: Dr. Jeff Schweitzer, Author of many environmentally important books such as: “Beyond Cosmic Dice: Moral Life in a Random World,” and “Vote to Save the Planet: Your Guide To The Issues That Matter,” and “Healing The Heart of the World.” … and these are only three of his many amazing books to get people around the world to take action for our environment!

This is one of my favorite shows, and I believe that the information that we can all walk away with from even a few minutes of talking to someone like Dr. Schweitzer is to become a voice for our natural world before it is too late– life simply cannot be sustained with this chaotic, unchecked level of disrespect for our natural resources.

Check out Jeff’s many great books and ideas on what we can do today:

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