Restore Your Life.

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My conversations over the past weeks have been so fascinating with my various Guests on Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show.

When I interviewed Dorit of “Green Lifestyles” in the July 6th show, http:// the connection between the suffering of animals and the destruction of our wilderness AND our own personal HAPPINESS & Wellness quotients is profound.

Why we are not taught this in basic Religion classes or even Ethics and Health classes is truly the missing keystone to resolving much of the unrest and dysfunction in this world.

Then you add to this paradigm of misinformation & corrupted dogmas the added burden of toxicity on the physical level… and you have the world of strife, sickness/chronic dis-ease, war, and apathy that we see today.

Dr. David Kennedy is one smart Researcher and Dentist. He has made 27 Documentaries to educate the public on the physical and psychological harm that both Fluoride and Mercury do to the human body, and to all life on Earth. Check him out on YOU TUBE. Just type in Dr. David Kennedy and you will get to his many Documentaries, including the most recent one titled “Fluoridegate.” Watch it and pass on the information!

It’s not easy to take all of this in, especially if this is the first you have heard of any of this. But it is imperative that you mull this information over one piece at a time and then get angry enough to take action personally with your lifestyle choices and in your community.

We cannot sit back like apathetic Wimps and let a rogue, overgrown, dictator-style Government poison our lives for another day, year, decade.

The after effects of the chemical air spraying make all of us feel like we are in a Haze, and we are tired a lot… this is all by design. The after effects of Fluoride [poured into the water of Nazi prisoners] make us passive, with lowered IQ and intoxicated Livers and Kidneys to boot.

None of this if fair. You are trying to work, earn a living, support a family, find meaning to your life, and be a good citizen.

But somewhere along the line, somewhere in time, the bad guys took over decision making— everything from Medical School curriculum, our public schools curriculum, public policy, foreign policy, energy dependance, the way houses are constructed in the USA [total crap], and the very food we eat, to the information that is fed to us via the media… it was all taken over through the past generations while the good and honest people were actually working for a living and unknowingly allowing this mind/body/education/lifestyle control to take place.

Where were the Religious Churches and Synagogues to preach to their Flocks to WAKE UP and to be stewards for the Earth? It appears, from my research, that many organized religions were in collusion to control “the masses” and did nothing to point their followers to the Truth [which is clearly spelled out in both the Torah and the Bible]. YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE. God’s Garden has ALL of the healing and wellness that both sustains and flourishes all life.

Why have these religious outfits remained silent on the very terrorism that has been very deliberate and planned and organized? Terror in Government photo
Terrorism Collage

Vaccines= Terrorism
Genetically Modified Food= Terrorism
Chemical Air Spray Programs “Chem Trails”= Terrorism
Toxic Home Building Products= Terrorism
Toxic Chemicals in Beds/Sofas/Baby Clothes/Body Care/Makeup/Hair Care= Terrorism
Toxic Dentistry= Terrorsim
Heavy Metals= Terrorism
Fluoridation= Terrorism
Indoctrination= Terrorism
Warmongering= Terrorism
Mind Manipulation= Terrorism
Animal Testing [“Vivisection”]= Terrorism
Oil and Gas Drilling/Spilling/Poisoning= Terrorism
Religious Dogmas that have nothing to do with God= Terrorism
Deforestation= Terrorism
Induced Apathy= Terrorism
Taxation without Representation= Terrorism
Wild Horse “Round Ups” with Tax Dollars= Terrorism
Hunting/Steel-leghold Trapping/Killing= Terrorism
Lying to the Consumer/Public Policy Manipulation= Terrorism
Killing Animals [including Euthanizing animals unnecessarily in Shelters]= Terrorism
Prejudice/Shunning/Taught Ignorance= Terrorism
Racism/Sexism= Terrorism
Water politics= Terrorism

I believe that we have been Terrorized for a very long time in some heinous and insidious ways. We have even been “indoctrinated” by powerful forces that put themselves in positions of Authority… Religious Leaders, Politicians, Educators, even parents.

Earth Dead 2
We have a very short amount of time in the history of this world to put on the brakes and re-direct the Trajectory of our entire Society. I believe the time is now. It is the NOW Generation that has to make this happen or there is no future for any life.


Make Love With Your [Naturally Healed] Life

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Beautify Life with Markus Rothkranz

Looking at Markus Rothkranz today, at the age of 50, you would think he was in his 20’s…. and you would never know that he was deathly ill as a child and through young adulthood.

Today, he lives the life that everyone in their right mind wants: Vibrancy, Love, Happiness, True Health, Wisdom, and Abundance.

When conventional Doctors told him at a young age that he would not live long, Markus looked to Nature for the answers. He went into the Desert, observed the beauty and healing of our natural world, and found the way to heal his body through unloading the physical and emotional “junk” he realized he had been carrying around. He detoxed his body, mind, and spirit… and found life.

Markus’s story is remarkable, but certainly not unusual in the natural healing community.

But why is this miraculous bodily [and subsequently spiritual healing] so unthinkable in the conventional, American-style of pharmaceutical, surgery-based medicine?

Why are natural detoxification methods and truthful Nutrition kept out of the equation in “modern medicine?”

In our conversation on Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Markus explained the simple keys to wellness, longevity, and abundance in life.

I call this healing a Gift from God’s Garden. In both the Torah and the Bible, the Herbs and other nature-given healing properties [including Essential Oils] are clearly described and very clearly decreed as Gifts to all living beings to gain healing from. Why are they ignored today, in our supposed “modern” world? Are politics, profits, and control at play?

You can be healed naturally. You can leave behind the pain, suffering and confusion. You can start again, and be better than ever. Markus shows people how to turn their lives around and live 100% healthily.


Here’s the show with Markus that broadcast May 18, 2013 worldwide. Take back your life. Be free!


80% Raw, 20% Cooked Pure Foods: Welcome to your healing LIFEstyle.

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Fresh Raw Juice Photo

Looking younger does not come from a needle, nor from a pill or a synthetic goop you buy from a store.

The lifeblood in Wildcrafted, Organic foods oxygenate and clean your blood, Liver, Kidneys, and all organs in your body. And the result is natural beauty, and a clean, clear mind.

My Guest on February 16th was Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Candice Marley. Her 30 day cleanse program is invaluable in rekindling your body’s natural ability to heal itself. And your body, mind, and spirit can all be healed when given the minerals, nutrients, and pure foods that it needs to cleanse and re-build.

Whenever I watch Allopathic physicians prescribe drugs for recovering drug/alcohol addicts and even for mentally challenged people…. it is astonishing to see the deception in the Allopathic/”American style” synthetic drug system that totally ignores the incredible importance of Nutrition in all of its glorious applications.

Minerals within the pure-food Nutrition that all body’s crave is what is MISSING in much of the drug/alcohol addiction that is prevalent today. Many street and pharmaceutical drugs rob your body of the minerals it needs, but they also are little deceivers to your body because they can mimmic much-needed B-vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals that your body is desperate to get every day.

Your body gets fooled and robbed at the same time, and the vicious, horrible cycle of deeper addiction continues. Most addicts would be permanently healed from their addiction issues naturally with raw/whole-food, mineral and juicing nutrition guided by a qualified Holistic practitioner.

It is so sad to watch the conventional system trade street drugs for pharmaceutical drugs without addressing the nutritional deficiencies. Think about the many millions [even billions] of dollars and even lives that could be saved with such a clear, simple approach that is based on truth rather than on profits.

Great Nutrition is yummy! Your taste buds will instantly recognize “chemicalized” and “processed” foods once you spend a full month cleaning your taste buds and body from such toxic substances. You will literally spit it out of your mouth because the taste will be so fake and disgusting that you simply won’t ever want to buy those highly processed, pre-packaged, sugar-laden, fake/Frankenstein foods ever again!

I recently saw a commercial for some corn-based cereal made by a well known, large Franken-food company. They showed a little girl at the breakfast table happily eating each bite of this packaged product that is literally “Diabetes in a box” product! The ingredients are corn [Genetically Modified, so it is highly toxic and feeds fungus, virus, and bacteria in the body, which causes dis-eases], then they list processed Sugar [also feeds fungus, viruses, and bacteria, and directly causes Pancreas burn-out, thus Diabetes], then they list some other ingredients that are for flavoring [all chemicals and highly processed junk]…. This is selling you, the Consumer, trash put into a pretty box with a happy commercial to go with their lies. This should be illegal, but it is not.

The Organic Market that is just pre-packaged food is also now in on this deceptive act. They are legally able to add “flavorings” and other MSG [toxic] laden additives that get disguised by many creative names like hydrolyzed yeast or natural flavors. Don’t buy it.

Much of the Organic packaged market has been bought up by big Agri-businesses that are desperate to get into the Organic market, which translates to big money for these Agri-businesses that have no other way of getting themselves into such high end stores like Whole Foods.

One recent buy-out by a big Agri-business was “Amy’s” brand Organic packaged foods. I would personally never buy this product, not just because I certainly don’t trust any Agri-business and their underhanded tactics, but because it is PROCESSED food.

“New Chapter Vitamins” also just got bought-out to a large chemical company. This was, sadly, a once very good ‘mom and pop’ vitamin company, but you cannot trust the quality of this “brand” any longer.

The Consumer has to constantly be vigilant in researching what they buy and who or what is really behind the ‘brand’ that is marketed.

Candice Marley and I agree that buying fresh, Wildcrafted, Organic, preferably small Farmed products so you can make amazing juices, smoothies and sensational food yourself. This is 100% the best way to assure your body the true nutrients it is starving for in order to heal from the constant onslaught of toxins it has to deal with every day.

Juicing is something that Candice got me excited about again. I have always been a Smoothie Girl, but her program re-energized my love for the immediate benefits of adding fresh juicing into your daily regimen. It is so easy, fun, and TASTY to have your own freshly pressed juices. I still make my amazing smoothies, especially in the mornings with my many wonderful Superfoods added with my coconut water and Bee Pollen… but now I have my juicer out in the afternoon and evenings to add to this daily lifestyle regimen.

Candice says to get a Masticating, Slow juicer. There are better brands on the market, so make sure you invest in one that will last for a long time.

I recently started juicing for one my cats. Animals love it, too! I have been giving her small syringes of Beet, Apple, and Carrot juices with some Slippery Elm powdered Herb mixed in for her digestion. The sweetness is always a welcomed part of their regimen, and it’s really good for them, too. You can even mix into their food a few teaspoons of fresh juice for added nutrition.

Check out Align Holistic Health and Wellness

There are SO MANY Counterfeits when it comes to “Alternative Health” and all kinds of fake, fad-like Guru’s who are popping up all over the Media. Don’t be fooled.

Too many major organizations and unscrupulous individuals are marketing themselves as healing and health professionals when they most certainly are not. Be able to detect these Counterfeits immediately with their books on all sorts of “Diets” and ridiculous other things that are only designed to make them money, and serves only to confuse the consumer with complex matters that have NOTHING to do with truth, honor, and natural healing!

I am having a lot of fun re-discovering many of the benefits of lovingly made food that I make for myself and for my family, along with having my new slow-juicer to use daily along with the many new recipes I have from Candice and her incredible 30 day regenerative program that has become a renewed addition to my lifestyle.

Maggie look alike in herb garden
All animals have the innate ability to find healing Herbs, and we humans need to get back to God’s Garden once again and embrace this natural world that is our greatest gift of life.

+This show is dedicated to Bella Grace the beautiful mother dog, and her puppies who were murdered in Massachusetts in February 2012. The former [now rightfully terminated] overseer of the Bay Path Humane Society, two ignorant Tufts Law Students, the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, two unconscionably ignorant and downright negligent Veterinarians were all behind the mismanagement and ultimate killings of these innocent, beautiful dogs who deserved to live.

01-04-12 copy
01-04-12-1 copy
01-04-12-2 copy
01-04-12-3 copy
+The light blond puppy is the only survivor, as she never left the State of Georgia. She was adopted and is living happily ever after.
She never received the horrible “Distemper” vaccine that was administered to these innocent animals by the irresponsible individuals named above, along with countless other vaccines irresponsibly given at one time.
This caused a crises that could still have been healed if these animals were given the rightful medical care in a qualified hospital immediately.. Horrifyingly, they were all outright abused and neglected as they were left to languish in what is called “vaccinoses” and each one was killed by all of the above ignorant people who are all responsible for this terrible mishandling of something that is so bloody avoidable when you are EDUCATED and HONORABLE and when you know the truth about natural healing, good nutrition [which none of these animals got], and immediate care when needed. Unbelievable and torturous in every way.
These animals run free in God’s kingdom. This is the only fact that has brought me any comfort from the pain and suffering that I experienced when my pleas to get the remaining mother and puppy to a 24 hour/high end hospital that I would be happy to pay for were totally ignored [and I was never told about the killings of 3 of the 4 puppies until after the fact].
God’s kingdom is a place that NONE of the evil individuals named above will ever experience. All of the wretched people who were responsible for this horror in Massachusetts [the most unhappy place on Earth] are as evil and corrupted as you can imagine. No place but hell for those outright disreputable, self-serving entities.

This is the single most terrible experience that I have ever had with any “rescue” group. I have rescued many animals and worked with so many wonderful people who truly care and communicate with honesty and integrity for many years. This was disreputable and unacceptable in every way. The former overseer lied to me, took more than $1,000 worth of Homeopathic and Natural medicine from me that I had expressed mailed to her that she neglected to give to the mother and remaining baby but, instead, hoarded for her OWN dog! She never returned the expensive medicine after it healed her own dog so he was not killed [as she promised she would send back but never did— she is a dishonest, pathetic Sociopath who got what she wanted for her own needs and showed her evil spirit only after she had the products and information that she needed to suit her own needs.]
This was, as my readers and listeners around the world have guessed by now, so heart-wrenching and I was powerless to stop the killings yet I was called upon to pay for expensive products and even have my own Holistic Veterinarian call Bay Path to try and help. Both my Vet and I were shocked at the unethical behavior that benefited the personal dog of the former Director whose bad karma and utter ugliness will cloud her and follow her for the rest of her miserable days. It was only befitting that she was terminated, but clearly it was only after her wake of misery and madness.

Candida: Invisible Vampire

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Candida. Most “Conventional” or “American trained” Physicians don’t know a thing about this ferocious killer, and will even adamantly deny its existence when confronted.

Every major disease you can think of…. from Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Weight Gain… to Diabetes and Cancer…. the proximate cause that all of these dis-eases spawn from is Candida.

My conversation with Dr. Jeffrey McCombs on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 unveils the truth behind this killer that almost every human today suffers from. What causes Candida to turn into a deadly Fungus within the digestive system are several assaults to the immune system:

#1.) Antibiotics
#2.) Pharmaceutical Drugs
#3.) Birth Control Pills
#4.) Processed/Genetically Modified “Frankenstein” food
#5.) Processed White Sugar and White Wheat [denatured] Flour
#6.) Petrochemicals/Pesticides
#7.) Fluoride
#8.) Heavy Metals [found in Silver Dental Fillings, Toxic Lipsticks, Processed Foods, Pesticides, Hair Color, Pollution]

Take the time to understand the underlying reasons for most diseases today.

The good news is that you can turn this around and clean your body of this killer! You don’t need to spend a lot of money going from one bad, clueless doctor to another…. you just need to know the truth and then take action to heal your body NATURALLY.

Sadly, our beloved Pets are now suffering from Candida overgrowth for all of the same reasons. The high rates of Cancer and other autoimmune dis-eases in our family pets is now staggering, and clearly, the corrupted medical system that enslaves humans has now wrapped its tentacles around the Veterinarian industry.

Living Consciously starts with knowledge and then making honorable choices that will both save your life and save the planet.

Check out Dr. McCombs’ web site and learn more about how to heal your body naturally.

Looking Behind The Veil To See The True Intent Of Vets, Doctors, Or Anyone In A White Coat

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Always remember that a White Lab Coat is a COSTUME. It was developed as a method to soothe patients nearly 100 years ago with the feeling of purity and life that the color white was thought to bring in the patients mind.

However, there is evidence that many patients don’t feel so relaxed around someone with a White Coat. In fact, many people experience elevated blood pressure and worry just seeing a person approach them in such a costume.

The same feelings are exhibited by your family pets. And when you are not around [when you drop them off at the Vets and think they are safe] the unthinkable could happen.

My conversation on August 4th, 2012 with Pet Advocate Julie Catalano demonstrates to my audience how clearly urgent this matter really is in our world. It hardly ever gets exposed in the “mainstream” but it is still a huge issue. “Vet Abuse” has touched many of us, and even some people who simply don’t realize that their pet was killed or suffered injuries from a person they thought they could trust.

Our beloved Siamese cat, “Mina,” was horribly killed by a ‘holistic’ and even ‘famous’ Vets office…. and they ILLEGALLY charged my credit card on file [without my consent] for the $895 bill afterwards… sneakily, they waited about a month or so to do it.

Wow. I thought we could trust a Vet who wrote a book, gets himself on Television, Radio interviews, etc.

The Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in South Salem, NY, run by Dr. Marty Goldstein really caused the biggest anguish, shock, and unthinkable pain and suffering to our 13 year old child who lost his beloved best friend on August 4, 2010 to egregious negligence. A totally irresponsible female Vet named Dr. Jaqueline Ruskin, was charged with Second Degree Negligence by the New York State Board.

Totally horrifying. The long fight to get the charges off of my card are a whole secondary insult to injury. I won’t bore you with these details, but the nasty “office manager” [who is so fat and wretched she should not be working in a “Holistic” Vets office or any medical establishment whatsoever] fought with all she had and even lied to American Express to keep the charges on my card! Can you imagine such a thing after killing someone’s cat?

This office negligently ripped open Mina’s Trachea when they were installing an intubation tube into her throat. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? They did not practice one ounce of correct emergency measures to get air into her lungs. The New York State Disciplinary Department told me this after examining her X-Rays and files.

Smith Ridge Vet Office played mind games, and even tried to blame our Cat for their mistake! This is a true sign of Sociopathic and Deceptive behavior. Truly Dangerous.

This terrible behavior is certainly not acceptable. But it is an occurrence that happens daily somewhere in America.

Now really is the time to fight back as Consumers to protect our Pets. They deserve to be worth more than “property” and the bad Veterinarians should be subjected to the same scrutiny and legal action that a typical bad human Doctor would have to face.

Listen to the show in the Archives, and contact Julie Catalano at if you have ever suspected foul play with a Vet.

My second Guest was the very knowledgeable Medical Journalist, Sherri Kane.

Sherri has been reporting on what is now termed “Bad Science” for a few years now. She has uncovered, along with many other respected Journalists, the misinformation that is being bombarded upon the gullible American consumer when it comes to Vaccines, Chemicals, Dangerous Pharmaceuticals [that stay on the market way too long as the FDA deliberately drags its feet before removing such dangerous drugs], and everything you can imagine that is deliberately burdened upon you as an innocent consumer, whether you realize it or not.

Sherri’s message was to do your own research into natural healing. Autoimmune dis-ease is on the rise from vaccine “excitotoxins” and brain damaging neurotoxins, along with petroleum and warfare chemicals that masquerade as “Pesticides” or “Garden” helpers, etc., and bad, de-natured, GMO food.

I believe in Integrative care. Sure, technology is fantastic when needed, but you need to become well versed in the healing miracles of Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, and other exciting ways to clean your body so you won’t fall prey to dis-ease.

I believe that we could really have world peace [no kidding here] if we could start to employ the common sense of utilizing God’s Garden that is so clearly spelled out for us in both The Torah and The Bible.

It’s time to protect this Garden from mass destruction by some really bad forces that aim to profiteer from keeping people sick, destroying our water supply, our air supply, our food supply, and our future.

“How?” is the question. First, do your own research into natural gardening, plant care, lawn care, home cleaning products, and even innocent things like Deodorant have ALUMINUM in them and get right into your blood stream and intoxicate your body! Read labels, and be a voice to demand that chemicals be taken out of our body care products, baby products, and our food.

This is a good start. You will be a whole lot healthier to fight back and start the revolution to demand cars and other machinery that run on water or even cooking oil rather than something that kills millions of people over wars, exhaust, fumes, and contamination.

Take action.

Holistic, Natural Healing Was The Topic On July 14th

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July 14th had two awesome Guests on Natural Healing. Listen to the show on the “Archives” section.

My first Guest was Dr. Daniel Twogood. He has found a way to help his Clients and people all over this world heal themselves naturally from chronic, often debilitating pain.

His newest book, “Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days” is a must read for anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

It seems that we all know someone who has had knees and hips replaced, or someone who is in constant pain from past injuries or, according to Dr. Twogood, wrong food choices which cause chronic inflammation and then compounds itself on the repeated daily injuries.

Big pharma and all of their dangerous drugs are certainly not the answer, and you may be able to avoid surgery if you take action and heal your body with the food choices and lifestyle choices that Dr. Twogood outlines in his book.

Check out Dr. Twogood’s website at

My second Guest was Rick Van Komen, founder of Amber Technology, and Herbal healing company for animals. Check out their website

I personally keep several bottles of various Amber Technology products “in stock” in my home at all times. I actually take them myself, and I swear by them.

I have had Rick on my show in the past, and I am enormously grateful for the incredible stories of success that Rick has shared with me with grateful Guardians of all kinds of animals.

Check out their website and learn all you can about healing your beloved animals [and yourself] with God’s amazing Garden of Herbs, vitamins, FOOD, and detoxing, and clean water.

It amazes me how far too many Veterinarians are so incredibly ignorant in the subject of Nutrition. To add to this missing link in their educational deficit, they are “blank” when it comes to detoxing the body of toxins that are everywhere in processed foods and in the environment. Further, many of the Antibiotics that are routinely prescribed by many Veterinarians cause Liver and Kidney damage and acidify the body while robbing the digestive system of the all-important probiotics.

The digestive system is key to healing the body, and when a “leaky gut” syndrome is a result of too many drugs, and toxic-laden/processed foods, you have a recipe for a chronically ill animal.

To add to this incredible burden on their innocent bodies, animals are shot up with some of the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction on this Earth: Vaccines. These insanely dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are the leading cause for all of the chronic diseases and subsequent deaths that occur in our animals in higher numbers than ever before in the history of this world.

It really is time to take back the power as Consumers, educated people, and CLIENTS. Choose higher integrity Vets for the care of your animals. They are hard to find, but make sure that you are not just bamboozled by the “Holistic” plaque that quite a few unscrupulous Vets have now reduced themselves to heavily advertising themselves to be. Horrifyingly, I have had two cats abused and killed by Vets who advertised and marketed themselves as “Holistic.”

Be careful with any Vet. Always do your homework, and luckily, you have companies like Amber Technology to call directly to get some questions answered regarding Herbal remedies for your pet so you can save yourself a visit to the Vet in the first place.

I love animals, and I will continue to be a voice for them. Namaste.

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