The Persecution Project: The Cost of Ignoring Genocide

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My July 26, 2010 show was the continuation of the discussion started back in April with Photojournalist Lucien Niemeyer regarding the ignored mass Genocide in The Darfur, and all of Southern Sudan.

My guests for this show were Mr. Matt Chancey, Director of Communications and a founding Board Member of The Persecution Project, headquartered in Culpepper, Virginia, and Mr. Ed Lyons, Director of Ministry Advancement for The Persecution Project. Visit The Persecution Project.

The Darfur lies within the Sudan, and both are under siege by a madman, killer, thug named “President Omar Al Bashir.”

This Genocide is the direct result of the United States [under Obama’s weakling, uninterested Foreign Relations non-policies] and other Western countries yawning at this mass killing, rape, and pillaging…. and doing virtually nothing.

This tragedy involves the mass killing of children. The boys who are strong physically are stolen, abducted from their families and then brainwashed and trained to become child soldiers for the very Genocidal Koo that murdered their very own families.

In Darfur: It is Muslim killing Muslim for water and oil rights….

In Southern Sudan: It is Northern Muslim killing/raping/abducting/enslaving the Southern Christian people.

This is one of the worst Genocides of this world, and after Rwanda, former President Clintion promised, “Never AGAIN.” The world, in fact, promised… “Never Again.”

This Genocide is what Matt Chancey called “Rwanda in slow motion” during our interview…. and where is the civilized, Western world to come to the rescue? Where is the USA?

Why does Mr. Obama, who is a Muslim himself, not stop this besiegement by Radical Killers? Why has the USA become so weak and ineffective under this current Administration? What is there NOT to understand here?

This lack of caring [even a little] to remove Dictator Al-Bashir from his undeserved power and to restore peace is beyond alarming, shocking, and horrifying.

Who are we, as Americans, to talk about the concepts of “Freedom” and “Liberty” if we are unable to act on Genocide, Enslavement, Rape of little girls as young as 6 years old, Abduction of children, and killing of masses of innocent, peaceful people?

Please visit the Persecution Project, and see the videos, read the truth, and I urge you to TAKE ACTION in every way you can…

Girls stolen, and enslaved by Northern Muslim radicals are raped, beaten, killed, and never see their families again.

This is unthinkable violence against an entire race of people whose only “crime” is being Christian.

“You might not take an interest in politics, but politics takes an interest in you.” — Plato

Take Action. Thank you.

The Sudan Genocide & Why It Takes Star Power Like George Clooney For Air Time In America … My Interview With Author And Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer

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Genocide in the Sudan: Why? Listen to \"Conscious Lifestyles\" Here.
“Wars and elections are both too big and too small to matter in the long run. The daily work– that goes on, it adds up.”
— Barbara Kingsolver

My interview on Monday, April 19, 2010, with Author and Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer was eye-opening. The atrocities in the Sudan were and are avoidable and could be resolved, but no one in the current Presidential cabinet appears to care.

Why do we have a non-existent foreign policy? Is Genocide not something we vowed to never tolerate again at the end of World War II?

“The religious differences between Islam and Christianity have magnified a Genocide between people that history will regard as the worst ever recorded.” — Lucien Niemeyer

The inspiration for this show was a single photograph taken by Kevin Carter in 1993, and won a Pulitzer Prize. Photojournalist Carter committed suicide only three months after the photo was taken due to the enormous burden he could no longer bear of the horrors he had witnessed on the front line in the Sudan.

This innocent little girl did not have to starve to death. This very photo haunts me, and the entire world was and is moved by this child who struggles alone. Where are her parents? Were they murdered? Where is the UN? Where is the U.S. and E.U. with all of our military power?

Where is the humanitarian aid today and where was it then?

In Southern Sudan today, women and children and entire families and villages are murdered in cold blood.

Women are raped, taken into custody by the Northern Sudan Arabs [who have become increasingly radical] and sold into slavery. The female children are also subjected to rape, and many starve to death and are brutally murdered.

The Southern Sudanese people are docile, gentle farmers who live on the land that they have known for hundreds of generations. When they are displaced from their native land– much like the Native American Indians– they are stripped of their self-sufficiency, culture, and food sources. They are rounded up, similar to what happened during the reign of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, and most of the men are murdered and the women are stolen into a world of horrors that is worse than death.

The question that needs to be answered is why, under the Obama Administration, this unthinkable killing of the Southern Sudanese Christians has once again begun.

This is an Ethnic Cleansing: History keeps repeating itself, and some Politicians care and others don’t so they keep having their power lunches with their big bellies full of arrogance and just don’t give a damn…. Is this not the very face of evil we are told our Military power is to overcome?

What I did not know was that under the Bush Administration, Senator Danforth was sent to the Sudan to assess the dire situation there and reported an account that needed immediate action.

Guess what? The Bush Administration was actually very strong on this issue, with a strong Foreign Policy and strong Advisors– they stopped the Northern Sudanese warfare for the time that this Administration was in office. This was a big surprise to me– and a pleasant one– but wow, how can Obama now not care to take as strong a stand here? These innocent people are DYING horrible, unnecessary, gruesome deaths that NO ONE in the 21st Century should be left to endure.

The whole world needs to get involved in the Sudan.

Here’s how to help:

1.) Support the “Persecution Project Foundation” located in Culpepper, Virginia. Brad Phillips has done a monumental job without any government help, and he could do so much more with our help.

2.) Write your local and state elected officials to ask what in God’s name they plan on doing to save these innocent people?

3.) Read Lucian Neimeyer’s writing on his eye-witness reports of these atrocities.

Lucien’s books are available on
“Africa: The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan”


Do not turn away.

I cannot eat another morsel of food without deep prayer, thought, and desire to do SOMETHING right this moment to help these innocent people.

Please contact The Persecution Project immediately to ask what you can do to help.

How can President Obama, and all of his very unqualified Cabinet along with every Senator, Representative, and elected official sit down to eat any meal without caring one iota for these children who are starving to DEATH?

What have hateful people done to our most innocent?

Thanks to ordinary people like Heather Stewart of the UK who is single handedly flying a single airplane in the Sudan, risking her own life, to help people in every way she can. God Bless you, Heather.

Thanks to Brad Phillips of The Persecution Project Foundation and to Photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer, and to all of the small groups of honorable people who are the “Davids” against the “Goliath” of the radical, hateful Muslim warfare.

David MUST win. Everyone can help. The time is now.

“……. the executives of the worlds leadership have selectively chosen which Genocides to address.” — Lucien Niemeyer

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