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It’s easy to get confused.

Understanding how your food quality, and food choices directly affects your mind, body, spirit and entire existence on this earth [including how smart you are] is a confusing mine field of bad advice everywhere….

Except when you’ve got the 100% Truth, and you know it! My Guest on the weekend of September 15th, 2013 was Dorit of http://www.serenityspaces.org and http://www.greenlifestyles.org. 

This is my second interview with Dorit, and we always seem to have a blast together and show ends way too quickly.

For me, it has taken more than a few years to truly get the right information and learn how to decipher the wrong information immediately when you see it or hear it. There are well meaning “Natural” practitioners and even Nutrition advisors who are totally wrong in their advice to innocent people [and animals, too.]

I have been in go-nowhere discussions with these very kinds of misguided people many times. It is always pathetic and even horrifying to see them barreling down the wrong road, filled with life-costing mistakes and acid-inducing health issues.

ALL animal begotten products are ACID. ALL. This includes cheese, butter, milk, and by-products from ALL animals. Of course, eating ALL meat products creates ACID in your body. ACID = Disease. Period. No further discussion should be needed.

Meat products are for true Carnivores, like Cats. Look at their teeth! They are like little mountain peaks all the way through their mouth!

But when you come across ignorant people who don’t want to veer away from what their parents ate [somehow a  strange band of loyalty] or their man-made Religious dogmas [never a good place to get advice of any kind…. READ THE BIBLE/TORAH for yourself!] or even people who “heard” or “read” from somewhere that eating animal products is necessary…. it becomes a time for serious education and re-inforcing the TRUTH about how to obtain health, wellness, and total purity in your Spirit, outlook, and Life.

Dorit is a Raw Food Chef. Her breadth of knowledge and work with many Notable people is remarkable. Her encouragement in my own life with making my own Nut Milks for my “milk” needs has totally changed my tastebuds for the better!

I LOVE my Cashew nut milk [so easy, and creamy] and I love my Brazil nut, Sunflower nut and even Macadamia nut and Hazel nut milks. I find it easier to get Organic Cashews and Sunflowers in my area, so I just use these with great pleasure! I don’t bother straining these when I whirl them in the morning [after draining the spring water they soaked in the night before] in my VitaMix with boiling hot spring water, and a dash of Organic Vanilla Extract.

I can tell you from first hand, there is NO animal milk that can compare to the taste, satisfaction, and high-powered protein and vitamins that are in this one easy nut milk I make within 5 minutes every morning! Yum!


Take control of your life by understanding the FOOD you are putting into your body! It’s fun, easy, and once you start the first step on the journey to a plant-based lifestyle, you won’t look at eating meat/dairy or processed food the same ever again!

Dorit also explained the dangers of drinking processed juices you buy in the grocery store. They are filled with stabilizers, SUGAR, pesticides, and have no nutritional value since they have been processed at HIGH HEAT to
Pasteurize them.

Remember, Louis Pasteur admitted to being a total Fraud on his death bed! He admitted that the body’s Terrain [immune system] must be protected and built up rather than focusing on killing Germs.

Soda Pop. Dorit and I had a very long discussion about the terrible consequences of drinking ALL Soda, including [and especially] the “Diet” Soda.

Aspartame is a deadly poison. It was created to be an ANT poison! Want to get rid of Ants? Use diet soda.

The many KNOWN carcinogens in soda are many. But here’s a few things: the synthetically induced bubbles are toxic, the phosphoric acid is toxic to all organs in the body, the High Fructose Corn Syrup is GMO [Genetically Modified] and a known source of Diabetes and Obesity, the Caramel food color is a known cancer causing product…. and the list goes on. In fact, manufacturers are not required to list every ingredient on the label due to their lobbying for ‘Proprietary Secrets’ so they often list some nebulous like “flavor” or even “natural flavors.”


Time for a real Change?

I believe that if we all said “NO” to Genetically Modified Organisms, processed food, processed sugar, white bread [notoriously bad], soda pop, all animal products, and pesticide-laden crops [labeled innocuously as “Conventional”], and started on a NEW path to wellness by investing in a juicer, smoothie maker [I love the VitaMix, but another one I love is the Nutribullet and the Tribest personal blender]…. then we COULD CHANGE the trajectory of this world to a place of Honor, Truth, Happiness, Harmony.

Why? For starters, we would be putting out of business the very conglomerates that seek to imprison the Consumer/Taxpayer into buying cheap, processed food that causes Illness AND Mental Illness, to boot. These foods are cheap because the lobby for these conglomerates in Washington has made it so that YOU, the Taxpayer, are subsidizing the growing and manufacturing of these toxic products! This is what is referred to as “Corporate Welfare” at it’s worst.

Secondly, if your body and mind and spirit are nourished and at peace then we would not have the increased violence, harassment, derangement, abuse that we see so prevalently today. How many of us have become nearly immune to the horrible stories we see and hear about on the News?

We can start with our Food, Food Sources, Food Wisdom, and daily practices.

As the Father of all Medicine has stated many, many Generations before us:

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” — Hippocrates.


Happiness is… good, ethical people with good information around you.

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My interview with Home Inspector Steve Gladstone, owner of Stone Hollow Inspectors is a wealth of practical and helpful information to anyone who is buying a home or even thinking of renovations.

I personally had a very bad experience with a dishonest Home Inspector a few years ago when I bought a house in a town where I knew no one, had never lived before, and knew nothing about home maintenance to boot.

When commissions or money are on the table, be very careful with whom you deal. If something sounds “off” or you just get a bad feeling about anyone you are dealing with in any home inspection/buying/building process, Steve Gladstone urges people to take a step back and reevaluate the characters/professionalism of the people around you.

“Do your due diligence” is what Steve advises. Get a second or even third opinion from someone completely unrelated who can shed some light on the questions you have in a non-partisan, fair manner. It’s your money and you are the only one who will be left with the mess of other people’s dishonesty if you trust too much.


Speaking of money, my third conversation with Howard Strauss of the Gerson Institute and Gerson Media was primarily exposing the horrifying reality of big money in making YOU, your family, and the entire world’s population chronically dis-eased.

Both the pharmaceutical industry and the big-agriculture “food” industries profit from creating Fungus and thus, dis-ease in your body.

ALL pharmaceutical drugs cause an ACID balance in the body, which thereby allows fungus, yeast [Candida Albicans] and even parasites to grow and proliferate in your body.

When you are overrun with all of these—- and you will be if you allow your body to be vaccinated, take drugs, and eat processed food—- you will have any number of chronic illnesses from heart disease to diabetes, etc.

The Genetically Modified Organisms that are pronounced as easy-to-grow “Miracle-Crop Food” is really NOT food at all. It is a chemically modified, laboratory created seed with incredibly dangerous “Frankenstein” pesticides, bacteria, and DNA from other organisms to create something so dangerous and destructive to the environment and to ALL living beings, that there ARE NO STUDIES TO CONCLUDE ITS SAFETY!

And this is JUST the way that the GMO industry/big-agriculture companies want it. They want nothing to trace back the deaths of our pollinating bees and other important insects THAT WE SIMPLY CANNOT GROW FOOD WITHOUT…. and they certainly don’t want their chemically laden crops to be proven to cause disease and death to people, or learning disabilities/personality disorders in young children and adults.

Both Vaccines and Genetically Modified Organisms are so dangerous that it is beyond belief in the magnitude of damage they are causing in our world today.

I write this blog to both stir enough anger and action within good people so that we can actually dream of having a safe and peaceful world. Without our ability to fight back right now, we just don’t have a chance.

Too many injured and sickly people creates a weak and distracted population that gives the power squarely in the hands of the very industries that seek to steal your life, your money, your peace, your future, your dreams.

Big Government is also part of this scheme.

I don’t want any part of this “New World Order” that many politicians sneak into their casual conversations.

I will not be a number, a statistic, a Serf. I want freedom to breathe clean air without pesticides or chemicals, and the freedom to live a full and fruitful life with total health and wellness.

I hope you make the commitment to challenge the lies and propaganda from these industries.


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