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Lately, I have been consciously trying to remain happy, keeping my life in balance while juggling the many issues [particularly animal wellbeing issues] that I cover weekly on my show….

Organizing closets and the paperwork… the daily laundry lists seem to meld into each other but the truthful meaning of my life and purpose for being alive at this time in History is a constant, thoughtful daily meditation for me.

I vacillate daily between these mighty subjects:

1.) I don’t understand the HUGE Taxation without giving a damn about the Representation of the Will of the hardworking people who pay for both the elected and non-elected Government to exist in the first place.

2.) I don’t understand how the obvious evil acts of both animal and human Genocide & constant warfare are acceptable to the “mass media” and even stifled from the daily topics in Headline News.

3.) Environmental Destruction. Can’t live without an Ecosystem that works properly. Period.

4.) Sociopathic manipulation [especially by those in positions of “Authority” like Doctors, Politicians, Religious Dogmas, etc.]

5.) The chemicalization of food/suburban lawns/farm land/water/air. Chemicals Kill. Period. They are biological warfare weapons created during the Nazi regime. Perhaps all Agri-businesses, The EPA, Landscapers and Homeowners need to learn a little bit about History. Stop the stupidity!

6.) Why truthful Nutrition and natural cleansing of the body is totally absent in any rhetoric related to Health. Duh.

I just don’t understand how the many “Agencies” and “Associations” and “Bureaus” and “Groups” miss the point to their very existence and just simply don’t do their job….

My conversations with my many Guests are compelling to learn from. I thank each and every one of these incredible people for being a Voice of Truth in this world today.

Subjects like our the Horrible, ILLEGAL Wild Horse Round-ups that cost the Tax payer many hundreds of MILLIONS…. to the incompetence of the broken sick-care system… to the consistent lying and deception of our own Taxpayer-funded Government where elected officials collect huge salaries, bonuses and benefits [at Taxpayer expense] yet manage to do nothing right for the world… so many topics that must have the attention of every intelligent person on this Earth because the direction has got to be reversed if we are to have any future whatsoever.

What is the “End Game” for the polluters, wildlife and wild land destroyers, drug pushers, child abusers, public school administrations that don’t know how to truthfully educate nor inspire our youth, pharmaceutical cartels, destructive “energy” companies who insist on their ignorance to the obvious, renewable and sustainable options like solar and Hemp power?

And look at the constrictive, bondage-inducing religious dogmas that deny people from knowing true empowerment or anything close to Honor and Faith in God?

Check out these short videos from You Tube and please make the decision to Take Active Steps to Save Life and Liberty…

Weather Modification [and other things you need to know about]

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On October 20th, 2012 and again on October 27th, Geo-Engineering and Weather Modification speaker and activist Rosalind Peterson was an informative Guest on Conscious Lifestyles.

My Colleague and friend, Pauline Cantwell, sat in for me on October 20th, and I appreciate her incredible knowledge that she shared with people across the USA.

Check out Rosalind Peterson’s web site at Agriculture Defense Coalition and learn about the incredible “programs” that control our weather [including the crazy weather, like what we have experienced not only with the current “Hurricane Sandy” but with freakish storms/hurricanes to droughts].

Please also check out Pauline Cantwell’s web site A World Alert and educate yourself about the “Chem Trails” in the sky, the danger of Drones, our Oceans and what we need to do NOW to protect this lifeblood to all life on this Earth… Take Action!

1.) Why are a few special interests literally controlling the weather via chemical manipulation and other Geo-Engineering methods?

2.) Chemical spraying via unmarked airplanes and rocket launches are causing more global warming, and having a detrimental affect on our agriculture, forests, water quality, wildlife, as well as human life. Chemical spraying stops the Vitamin D from the sun’s rays from reaching Earth, which is directly related to many epidemics and consequences on Earth and its inhabitants. For instance, “Rickets” are now appearing in young children at high levels around the world. Additionally, once strong, vibrant trees are dying, and wildfires have caused havoc in most Western USA States.

3.) The US Navy is causing permanent Environmental damage by using toxic Sonar in our Oceans. There is an outcry to stop this practice as it is killing our Marine Mammals, and even exotic forms of life are now washing up on shores as a result of this Sonar testing.

4.) Have we become one giant test tube? Who is responsible for all of these “Evil Genies” out of the bottle that is killing all life on Earth, and denying all of us of true harmony, peace, and health?

And why is it that our elected and non-elected Government officials ensure for themselves a TOTAL exemption from such toxins by having bottled Spring water and Organic food provided in Government offices?

And even more infuriating is the humungous question as to WHY ALL Government officials [and Muslims] are EXEMPT from ‘Obamacare?’ Obamacare states, very clearly, that both of these groups [along with all those corporate and specials interests who petitioned to be exempt themselves] are totally exempt from the Obamacare taxes FOR LIFE, along with their extended family members to boot!

It has become clear that a “Police State” is forming itself, and the “Serfs” [you and me] are told to accept and even celebrate with much jubilation this ‘fairness’! Look behind the magical thinking here.

And did you know that Monsanto, one of the most wretchedly corrupt “GMO” [Genetically Modified Organisms] chemical companies REFUSES to serve its own GMO food in its own company cafeterias? Their pat answer is that they want to have “options” for their employees…. hmmmm… So, what about the rest of the world as they lobby Congress to have their way with our tax dollars to plant toxic, chemical-laden, harmful, DNA-corrupted “seeds” into our soil?

Take a look at the truth behind the agenda that parades itself as such innocent advertising campaigns that promise to “feed the world” or give us “drought resistant crops” etc…

It’s all a lie. And your health and wellness and the future of this world are at stake.

Drought in Illinois Farmland.

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