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Beagle Angel

Who could hurt this sweet Angel?

Horrifyingly, Beagles and other innocent, docile animals are used in evil, unnecessary, junk-science, nazi-inspired “laboratory experiments.”

Take a look at the amazing work that Beagle Freedom Project is doing to bring this sadistic, sociopathic, arrogant, wretched practice to an end.

Take a look at the realities of the false-positives and false-negatives in this so-called scientific testing…. people are dead and dying from such diabolical ‘science’ that creates dangerous chemicals, toxic drugs, and harmful home/garden/laundry/personal care products that are laced with some of the most DNA destroying chemicals on the planet.

My conversation with Kevin Chase of the Beagle Freedom Project on October 5th, 2013 revealed these realities to my radio Audience that are totally unimaginable to most people in this supposed “modern” time in history. 

This show is available right now in the Radio Archives Section of this Blog.

We need to write/email all of our elected officials, and the NIH needs to either be shut down [for total cleansing of its own filth and corruption] and/or it must be ordered to STOP ALL FUNDING [several BILLION] for specific ‘animal testing.’

This has got to Stop! Wow! Can you imagine all of the hungry children in America alone we could feed with this money? Nutrition, or lack thereof, is the #1 cause of death and dis-ease of the body…. so why are they funding dangerous, destructive, wretched animal experiments that benefit absolutely no-one?

Who benefits from this waste of our tax dollars? Who in their right mind would justify this carnage of innocent, precious life with our tax dollars?

These images are just a few that show the lonely, painful horror. It must stop now.

beagle terrified must stopTerrified, alone, tortured, in a constant state of stress/fear, and left to suffer in un-natural/sterile/unlivable/uncomfortable cages as they live a life of horror every day until they are killed. …. and this is “Scientific”? Stop the Deception. This is Diabolical.

beagle terrified in cage must stop NOW

Beagel undercover lab photo

L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Physicians Formula, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon…. these are just a FEW of the animal testing cosmetic companies that are selling dangerous, toxic chemicals in their UGLY formulas that actually cause aging and other serious dis-eases [yeah, like Liver/Kidney dis-ease and cancer].

Additionally, the household cleaners that are so darn dangerous to breathe let alone to allow your home to be cleaned with them… these are also highly tested on innocent animals [without consumer knowledge, of course.]

Proctor and Gamble is one horrible company. They are a big, arrogant animal tester for their wretched, chemicalized products that pollute our waterways to boot.

Household cleaners/disinfectants like “Lysol” and “Ajax” and “Comet” and “Clorox”…. bad, bad, bad, BAD. Even “Febreze” and “Mr. Clean” [Mr. Mean, as it has been dubbed] are TERRIBLE in every way.

All of these products, and many more that are heavily advertised on TV,  have been ruthlessly tested on animals yet they remain, ironically, extremely DANGEROUS to YOUR health, and to the health of our Waterways, Air quality, and to the entire eco-system.

Remember, everything, EVERYTHING you put down the drain or wash your laundry with is recycled back to YOU in your water that comes through your tap! 

Dangerous chemicals will not become safe just because an animal died a miserable, horrifying death for it. 

Speak up. Take Action.

water quality

Restore Your Life.

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My conversations over the past weeks have been so fascinating with my various Guests on Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show.

When I interviewed Dorit of “Green Lifestyles” in the July 6th show, http:// the connection between the suffering of animals and the destruction of our wilderness AND our own personal HAPPINESS & Wellness quotients is profound.

Why we are not taught this in basic Religion classes or even Ethics and Health classes is truly the missing keystone to resolving much of the unrest and dysfunction in this world.

Then you add to this paradigm of misinformation & corrupted dogmas the added burden of toxicity on the physical level… and you have the world of strife, sickness/chronic dis-ease, war, and apathy that we see today.

Dr. David Kennedy is one smart Researcher and Dentist. He has made 27 Documentaries to educate the public on the physical and psychological harm that both Fluoride and Mercury do to the human body, and to all life on Earth. Check him out on YOU TUBE. Just type in Dr. David Kennedy and you will get to his many Documentaries, including the most recent one titled “Fluoridegate.” Watch it and pass on the information!

It’s not easy to take all of this in, especially if this is the first you have heard of any of this. But it is imperative that you mull this information over one piece at a time and then get angry enough to take action personally with your lifestyle choices and in your community.

We cannot sit back like apathetic Wimps and let a rogue, overgrown, dictator-style Government poison our lives for another day, year, decade.

The after effects of the chemical air spraying make all of us feel like we are in a Haze, and we are tired a lot… this is all by design. The after effects of Fluoride [poured into the water of Nazi prisoners] make us passive, with lowered IQ and intoxicated Livers and Kidneys to boot.

None of this if fair. You are trying to work, earn a living, support a family, find meaning to your life, and be a good citizen.

But somewhere along the line, somewhere in time, the bad guys took over decision making— everything from Medical School curriculum, our public schools curriculum, public policy, foreign policy, energy dependance, the way houses are constructed in the USA [total crap], and the very food we eat, to the information that is fed to us via the media… it was all taken over through the past generations while the good and honest people were actually working for a living and unknowingly allowing this mind/body/education/lifestyle control to take place.

Where were the Religious Churches and Synagogues to preach to their Flocks to WAKE UP and to be stewards for the Earth? It appears, from my research, that many organized religions were in collusion to control “the masses” and did nothing to point their followers to the Truth [which is clearly spelled out in both the Torah and the Bible]. YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE. God’s Garden has ALL of the healing and wellness that both sustains and flourishes all life.

Why have these religious outfits remained silent on the very terrorism that has been very deliberate and planned and organized? Terror in Government photo
Terrorism Collage

Vaccines= Terrorism
Genetically Modified Food= Terrorism
Chemical Air Spray Programs “Chem Trails”= Terrorism
Toxic Home Building Products= Terrorism
Toxic Chemicals in Beds/Sofas/Baby Clothes/Body Care/Makeup/Hair Care= Terrorism
Toxic Dentistry= Terrorsim
Heavy Metals= Terrorism
Fluoridation= Terrorism
Indoctrination= Terrorism
Warmongering= Terrorism
Mind Manipulation= Terrorism
Animal Testing [“Vivisection”]= Terrorism
Oil and Gas Drilling/Spilling/Poisoning= Terrorism
Religious Dogmas that have nothing to do with God= Terrorism
Deforestation= Terrorism
Induced Apathy= Terrorism
Taxation without Representation= Terrorism
Wild Horse “Round Ups” with Tax Dollars= Terrorism
Hunting/Steel-leghold Trapping/Killing= Terrorism
Lying to the Consumer/Public Policy Manipulation= Terrorism
Killing Animals [including Euthanizing animals unnecessarily in Shelters]= Terrorism
Prejudice/Shunning/Taught Ignorance= Terrorism
Racism/Sexism= Terrorism
Water politics= Terrorism

I believe that we have been Terrorized for a very long time in some heinous and insidious ways. We have even been “indoctrinated” by powerful forces that put themselves in positions of Authority… Religious Leaders, Politicians, Educators, even parents.

Earth Dead 2
We have a very short amount of time in the history of this world to put on the brakes and re-direct the Trajectory of our entire Society. I believe the time is now. It is the NOW Generation that has to make this happen or there is no future for any life.


What is Vivisection: Why you should care.

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vivisection 1
This is Vivisection. As ugly, horrifying, and evil as it sounds phonetically.

What’s even worse is that it is totally unnecessary for humans to advance themselves in every way possible.

The pain and suffering can be stopped with the voices of PEOPLE, good people, to stop it.

Start with your purchasing power: don’t buy animal-tested, chemical-laden consumer products.

Some of the really unethical companies that do the unthinkably painful torture on animals in the name of creating [still very toxic] chemical products for you to buy are the following:

Proctor and Gamble
Head and Shoulders
Oil of Olay
Oral B
Nice n Easy
Herbal Essences


Max Factor
Estee Lauder
Physicians Formula
& many other chemically dependent brands

Johnson and Johnson
All pharmaceutical companies

“Private” Laboratories
Many Universities [even “UC Berkeley”– the place of supposed “Green” living and “Enlightened” thinking?]

My Guest on December 5, 2013, to talk about this terrible, shameful reality was Peggy Cunniff, Director of The National Anti-Vivisection Society.

This is outright Fraud. People are dying and are seriously injured from this quasi-science that has not an ounce of ethical management to police itself. Over one million people a year die from taking pharmaceutical drugs as prescribed! Does this not tell you something about the wrongfulness of testing on animals in and of itself? The false ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ have caused pain and suffering to both the animals who are tortured in laboratories and to the people who, as Consumers, are left literally in the dark when it comes to the dangers of the consumer products they have no idea can and will hurt them.

There are excellent alternatives that are accurate, cheaper, and certainly more ethical than the practice of murdering animals for testing any products.

Now is the time to stand up for these higher technology alternatives to be implemented immediately.

vivisection 2
vivisection 3

vivisection 4
vivisection 5

None of this torture is acceptable. Aren’t we supposed to be sophisticated and peace-loving people as a whole? The wretchedness of this practice of maiming and killing animals for profit [with YOUR Tax dollars] has got to end NOW. Nothing can justify this madness that is simply the most evil of all entities on this Earth.

You can help stop this. Visit The National Anti-Vivisection Society http:// and be a voice to your elected officials and to all companies that should be told you will not be swindled by slick advertising when they torture animals in the name of chemicals they want to sell hidden within their toxic products.

Try using natural cosmetics and cleaning products. You will be saving your own life and the planet to boot.

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