I “Heart” Arttemis Keszainn!

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Heart of fruits and vegetables

Arttemis Keszainn is a new Hero of mine. I found him on You Tube one day as I was walking two rescue dogs in the woods… and I was THRILLED to see such authentic, loving, conscious teaching of how to achieve true health and wellness.

His peaceful disposition is one that I admire. I feel his passion with every video, and I put to practice his sage advice with utilizing Essential Oils in daily life.

Check out his YouTube site:


Arttemis awakens within me the mindful practice of cleansing, rejuvenating and healing the body, then the mind, and then the spirit. I love watching his videos that are joyful because they are little gifts with so much empowerment!

Every Chakra within the body has a corresponding Essential Oil AND a God’s Garden, PURE Food that empowers this part of the body to purify and to become anew.

For instance, an Orange colored fruit/vegetable will nourish the Sacral Chakra, and a Red colored fruit/vegetable with nourish the Base Chakra, etc.


Arttemis has touched thousands of lives with his own life story of overcoming physical ailments and addiction. With his compassion for others who need Truth over propaganda, he is a powerful Messenger for the Natural, Godly way of giving yourself the tools for healing your body.

And when you allow your body to heal with the right tools it needs to attain true wellness, then we ultimately start to heal our society when we teach others, much like the “Domino Effect,” with these amazing practices for a pure body/pure mind/pure spirit quality of life.

The wholeness of your life fits together easily when you start with detoxifying and then nourishing the physical body.


Mind, Body, Spirit and Food

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mind,body,spirit stones

It’s easy to get confused.

Understanding how your food quality, and food choices directly affects your mind, body, spirit and entire existence on this earth [including how smart you are] is a confusing mine field of bad advice everywhere….

Except when you’ve got the 100% Truth, and you know it! My Guest on the weekend of September 15th, 2013 was Dorit of http://www.serenityspaces.org and http://www.greenlifestyles.org. 

This is my second interview with Dorit, and we always seem to have a blast together and show ends way too quickly.

For me, it has taken more than a few years to truly get the right information and learn how to decipher the wrong information immediately when you see it or hear it. There are well meaning “Natural” practitioners and even Nutrition advisors who are totally wrong in their advice to innocent people [and animals, too.]

I have been in go-nowhere discussions with these very kinds of misguided people many times. It is always pathetic and even horrifying to see them barreling down the wrong road, filled with life-costing mistakes and acid-inducing health issues.

ALL animal begotten products are ACID. ALL. This includes cheese, butter, milk, and by-products from ALL animals. Of course, eating ALL meat products creates ACID in your body. ACID = Disease. Period. No further discussion should be needed.

Meat products are for true Carnivores, like Cats. Look at their teeth! They are like little mountain peaks all the way through their mouth!

But when you come across ignorant people who don’t want to veer away from what their parents ate [somehow a  strange band of loyalty] or their man-made Religious dogmas [never a good place to get advice of any kind…. READ THE BIBLE/TORAH for yourself!] or even people who “heard” or “read” from somewhere that eating animal products is necessary…. it becomes a time for serious education and re-inforcing the TRUTH about how to obtain health, wellness, and total purity in your Spirit, outlook, and Life.

Dorit is a Raw Food Chef. Her breadth of knowledge and work with many Notable people is remarkable. Her encouragement in my own life with making my own Nut Milks for my “milk” needs has totally changed my tastebuds for the better!

I LOVE my Cashew nut milk [so easy, and creamy] and I love my Brazil nut, Sunflower nut and even Macadamia nut and Hazel nut milks. I find it easier to get Organic Cashews and Sunflowers in my area, so I just use these with great pleasure! I don’t bother straining these when I whirl them in the morning [after draining the spring water they soaked in the night before] in my VitaMix with boiling hot spring water, and a dash of Organic Vanilla Extract.

I can tell you from first hand, there is NO animal milk that can compare to the taste, satisfaction, and high-powered protein and vitamins that are in this one easy nut milk I make within 5 minutes every morning! Yum!


Take control of your life by understanding the FOOD you are putting into your body! It’s fun, easy, and once you start the first step on the journey to a plant-based lifestyle, you won’t look at eating meat/dairy or processed food the same ever again!

Dorit also explained the dangers of drinking processed juices you buy in the grocery store. They are filled with stabilizers, SUGAR, pesticides, and have no nutritional value since they have been processed at HIGH HEAT to
Pasteurize them.

Remember, Louis Pasteur admitted to being a total Fraud on his death bed! He admitted that the body’s Terrain [immune system] must be protected and built up rather than focusing on killing Germs.

Soda Pop. Dorit and I had a very long discussion about the terrible consequences of drinking ALL Soda, including [and especially] the “Diet” Soda.

Aspartame is a deadly poison. It was created to be an ANT poison! Want to get rid of Ants? Use diet soda.

The many KNOWN carcinogens in soda are many. But here’s a few things: the synthetically induced bubbles are toxic, the phosphoric acid is toxic to all organs in the body, the High Fructose Corn Syrup is GMO [Genetically Modified] and a known source of Diabetes and Obesity, the Caramel food color is a known cancer causing product…. and the list goes on. In fact, manufacturers are not required to list every ingredient on the label due to their lobbying for ‘Proprietary Secrets’ so they often list some nebulous like “flavor” or even “natural flavors.”


Time for a real Change?

I believe that if we all said “NO” to Genetically Modified Organisms, processed food, processed sugar, white bread [notoriously bad], soda pop, all animal products, and pesticide-laden crops [labeled innocuously as “Conventional”], and started on a NEW path to wellness by investing in a juicer, smoothie maker [I love the VitaMix, but another one I love is the Nutribullet and the Tribest personal blender]…. then we COULD CHANGE the trajectory of this world to a place of Honor, Truth, Happiness, Harmony.

Why? For starters, we would be putting out of business the very conglomerates that seek to imprison the Consumer/Taxpayer into buying cheap, processed food that causes Illness AND Mental Illness, to boot. These foods are cheap because the lobby for these conglomerates in Washington has made it so that YOU, the Taxpayer, are subsidizing the growing and manufacturing of these toxic products! This is what is referred to as “Corporate Welfare” at it’s worst.

Secondly, if your body and mind and spirit are nourished and at peace then we would not have the increased violence, harassment, derangement, abuse that we see so prevalently today. How many of us have become nearly immune to the horrible stories we see and hear about on the News?

We can start with our Food, Food Sources, Food Wisdom, and daily practices.

As the Father of all Medicine has stated many, many Generations before us:

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” — Hippocrates.


Fire Your Doctor

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My conversation with Dr. Bruce Hagen on the show this Memorial Day weekend of 2013 was eye-opening, I hope, for many listeners.

Most people are fed up with the lack of complete and even correct information that each Doctor they go to dispenses to them. Often times, they are not even spoken to… they are dictated to without any conversation whatsoever. Is this acceptable “Health” services when you are denied information that is natural, God-given, and less invasive/expensive?

Sheeple fools who believe the mainstream news has no agenda but to report the truth

The fact remains that “mainstream” allopathic [Americanized] medical information is WRONG. It is wrong for your health, wellness, and for your brain and longevity.

Most Doctors know nothing about Nutrition! You even mention the word Nutrition and most people’s eyes glaze over, including most Doctors. They were never taught a darn tootin’ thing about Food Choices in any of their ‘indoctrination’ in med school [which are primarily owned, operated and overseen by the big Pharmaceutical companies whose vested interest is to make money, and not to make you well.]

It was the Father of all Medicine, Hippocrates, who stated, “Let Food be thy Medicine…” yet most industrialized countries today have ignored this to their own peril.

Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO’s], Pesticides, Factory Farming, Insane Mono-crop Farming [entirely ignores the natural probiotic regeneration of the soil to nourish all varieties of grown food], and pre-mature harvesting/shipping of unripe food long distances…. these bad practices ALL have a direct toll on your health AND your Intelligence!

The current American and European populations have become ‘dumbed down’ and categorized as “Sheeple” for good reason. This is no mistake here.

The sicker,  and intellectually and spiritually weaker the population… the easier it is to control and rule them.


Pay attention to NATURAL, PURE healing methods that are literally thousands of years old. Ayurveda [the oldest medicinal and herbal system in this world], Native American Indian and Southwestern Herbal therapies, VEGANISM, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and other incredible daily modalities that are easy to incorporate into your life are all there for your benefit once you take the first step to learn about them….. BUT THE BEGINNING is your FOOD.

Food=  Pure, local, sustainable, Organic, fresh, and nourishing for your body.

“Warning! Your Doctor May Be Hazardous To Your Health” and “How To Live To Be 100 In Spite of Your Doctor” are required reading for anyone who wants to begin the journey of natural healing and lifestyle exuberance.

Doctor Bruce Hagen’s Website is http://www.drbrucehagen.com [my upload/link system is not working on my blog at the moment, so I have just written it for you to take a look at].

Raw Food: It’s Easy, Fun, Satisfying, Gratifying, and Healing

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Raw Food 1

My conversation on Saturday, June 17th with Raw Food Central’s Curtis Griffing inspired me to get several Organic Cucumbers, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Garlic, and other delectable Fruits and Vegetables on my way home from the show!

I have been “Cooking” Raw Food all weekend! I made the Zucchini ‘pasta strips’ with my Joyce Chen spiral [very cool and easy to use] crank spiral machine…. and then I made two separate and totally AMAZING Sauces: one Tomato, Garlic and the other Creamy, Garlic with Coconut Cream and a few soaked nuts. Of course, I used lots of fresh spices like Oregano, Marjoram, Paprika, Basil, and even Cayenne and Saffron!

Everything was so delicious, fresh, and satisfying that I could not believe that I had not been ‘cooking’ like this everyday!

I have a kitchen-grade Ozone machine I keep on my counter in my kitchen with a big container for cleaning all of my produce. I put Spring water in the container, and then I wash the produce really well before throwing them into the Ozone machine for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

I am still learning new recipes whenever I can, and I plan to learn how to make ‘raw’ crusts for raw-food pies.

I have been a Vegetarian for a few years now. The only reason why I don’t say “Vegan” is because I use Bee products like Pollen and Raw, Organic Honey.

Curtis Griffing pointed out to my Audience that Raw Food preparation does not have to be complicated or intimidating.

You would be wise to have a good, slow-masticating Juicer, a Vita-mix, and a spiral device like the Joyce Chen brand. Raw Food Photo 3

With these few tools, you can get started right away with nourishing your body 100% purely with the food choices [and preparation choices] you make.

Check out Raw Food Central

Raw Food Photo 2
Total Yum!

Raw Food Photo 4

Make Love With Your [Naturally Healed] Life

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Beautify Life with Markus Rothkranz

Looking at Markus Rothkranz today, at the age of 50, you would think he was in his 20’s…. and you would never know that he was deathly ill as a child and through young adulthood.

Today, he lives the life that everyone in their right mind wants: Vibrancy, Love, Happiness, True Health, Wisdom, and Abundance.

When conventional Doctors told him at a young age that he would not live long, Markus looked to Nature for the answers. He went into the Desert, observed the beauty and healing of our natural world, and found the way to heal his body through unloading the physical and emotional “junk” he realized he had been carrying around. He detoxed his body, mind, and spirit… and found life.

Markus’s story is remarkable, but certainly not unusual in the natural healing community.

But why is this miraculous bodily [and subsequently spiritual healing] so unthinkable in the conventional, American-style of pharmaceutical, surgery-based medicine?

Why are natural detoxification methods and truthful Nutrition kept out of the equation in “modern medicine?”

In our conversation on Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Markus explained the simple keys to wellness, longevity, and abundance in life.

I call this healing a Gift from God’s Garden. In both the Torah and the Bible, the Herbs and other nature-given healing properties [including Essential Oils] are clearly described and very clearly decreed as Gifts to all living beings to gain healing from. Why are they ignored today, in our supposed “modern” world? Are politics, profits, and control at play?

You can be healed naturally. You can leave behind the pain, suffering and confusion. You can start again, and be better than ever. Markus shows people how to turn their lives around and live 100% healthily.


Here’s the show with Markus that broadcast May 18, 2013 worldwide. Take back your life. Be free!


Coming Back To The Garden

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Sometimes I really feel alive. Everything is beautiful, my life is colorful and my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are in-sync with what I believe is God’s great gift of life.

Then sometimes I see the corruption in everything from some incompetent people who defraud the public to the horrifying corruption of our own local and national bureaucratic Governmental entities…. to our schools and their ridiculous Administrative corruption… to everything else big and small in this world that should never have been allowed to go bad. But they did.

The only things I know that will protect me and keep me grounded, balanced, focused, and in a place of Peace are Prayer/Spirituality and Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and finally taking action to heal my body naturally through my lifestyle and food choices.

My conversation on April 20, 2013, with Winston Kao of “Go Beyond Organic” was, as always, so interesting and alive that the time just flew by. I have had Winston on my show several times, as his knowledge is unbelievable.

I started taking a Raw B-Vitamin supplement by Garden of Life a few weeks ago when I had these horrible cracks on my heels. I thought it was just from the cold weather, but no matter how much Organic cream I put on my heels, they remained cracked. But when Winston told my audience that a B-vitamin deficiency is the primary cause of cracked heels, I put ‘two-and-two’ together when I noticed my heels were healing so beautifully… it was the B-vitamin deficiency!

Winston also shared that the Spice Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and a true gift of healing to all life. Certain parts of India have no cancer and other degenerative dis-eases because of their high Turmeric and Curry consumption with many important Spices.

Winston also told my audience that high quality pro-biotics, like his “Inner Garden” liquid product [which I take and love it] are better to take than Enzymes. He explained that Enzymes eat everything in sight, whether they be beneficial to your body or not. And most Enzymes are GMO [Genetically Modified Organisms] so it is not advisable to take. True Enzymes are supposed to be in raw fruits and vegetables but Winston explained that the soil that provides these beneficial, naturally-occuring Enzymes has been seriously compromised by pesticides, fertilizers, pollution, oil contamination and even Chem-Trails.

Thus, you need to supplement with a high quality fermented micro-organisms that includes Turmeric.

Getting back to the Garden takes HONESTY. There is an unthinkable lack of Honesty in this world at this moment in time. With special interests, lack of awareness, ignorance, deliberate CONTROL of your mind/perception, people choosing to be ignorant and even angry at others for thinking differently from their mindset, and all of the corruption across every spectrum of business to churches to schools to medicine to the media… It takes vigilance to garner the truth and to live Honestly.

Winston suggested that you check out Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Can we get back to the Garden? It will take a monumental effort by all of us, but I believe we can do it if we all, collectively, choose to find the Truth from the one God who made this Universe…. and if we seek the knowledge we need to empower ourselves to command a reclaimed Earth and a restored natural Environment.

Healthy body’s maintain healthy mindsets. We need clean food, water, air, and FREEDOM to achieve the very Peace that everyone says they want every Christmas and New Year.

80% Raw, 20% Cooked Pure Foods: Welcome to your healing LIFEstyle.

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Fresh Raw Juice Photo

Looking younger does not come from a needle, nor from a pill or a synthetic goop you buy from a store.

The lifeblood in Wildcrafted, Organic foods oxygenate and clean your blood, Liver, Kidneys, and all organs in your body. And the result is natural beauty, and a clean, clear mind.

My Guest on February 16th was Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Candice Marley. Her 30 day cleanse program is invaluable in rekindling your body’s natural ability to heal itself. And your body, mind, and spirit can all be healed when given the minerals, nutrients, and pure foods that it needs to cleanse and re-build.

Whenever I watch Allopathic physicians prescribe drugs for recovering drug/alcohol addicts and even for mentally challenged people…. it is astonishing to see the deception in the Allopathic/”American style” synthetic drug system that totally ignores the incredible importance of Nutrition in all of its glorious applications.

Minerals within the pure-food Nutrition that all body’s crave is what is MISSING in much of the drug/alcohol addiction that is prevalent today. Many street and pharmaceutical drugs rob your body of the minerals it needs, but they also are little deceivers to your body because they can mimmic much-needed B-vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals that your body is desperate to get every day.

Your body gets fooled and robbed at the same time, and the vicious, horrible cycle of deeper addiction continues. Most addicts would be permanently healed from their addiction issues naturally with raw/whole-food, mineral and juicing nutrition guided by a qualified Holistic practitioner.

It is so sad to watch the conventional system trade street drugs for pharmaceutical drugs without addressing the nutritional deficiencies. Think about the many millions [even billions] of dollars and even lives that could be saved with such a clear, simple approach that is based on truth rather than on profits.

Great Nutrition is yummy! Your taste buds will instantly recognize “chemicalized” and “processed” foods once you spend a full month cleaning your taste buds and body from such toxic substances. You will literally spit it out of your mouth because the taste will be so fake and disgusting that you simply won’t ever want to buy those highly processed, pre-packaged, sugar-laden, fake/Frankenstein foods ever again!

I recently saw a commercial for some corn-based cereal made by a well known, large Franken-food company. They showed a little girl at the breakfast table happily eating each bite of this packaged product that is literally “Diabetes in a box” product! The ingredients are corn [Genetically Modified, so it is highly toxic and feeds fungus, virus, and bacteria in the body, which causes dis-eases], then they list processed Sugar [also feeds fungus, viruses, and bacteria, and directly causes Pancreas burn-out, thus Diabetes], then they list some other ingredients that are for flavoring [all chemicals and highly processed junk]…. This is selling you, the Consumer, trash put into a pretty box with a happy commercial to go with their lies. This should be illegal, but it is not.

The Organic Market that is just pre-packaged food is also now in on this deceptive act. They are legally able to add “flavorings” and other MSG [toxic] laden additives that get disguised by many creative names like hydrolyzed yeast or natural flavors. Don’t buy it.

Much of the Organic packaged market has been bought up by big Agri-businesses that are desperate to get into the Organic market, which translates to big money for these Agri-businesses that have no other way of getting themselves into such high end stores like Whole Foods.

One recent buy-out by a big Agri-business was “Amy’s” brand Organic packaged foods. I would personally never buy this product, not just because I certainly don’t trust any Agri-business and their underhanded tactics, but because it is PROCESSED food.

“New Chapter Vitamins” also just got bought-out to a large chemical company. This was, sadly, a once very good ‘mom and pop’ vitamin company, but you cannot trust the quality of this “brand” any longer.

The Consumer has to constantly be vigilant in researching what they buy and who or what is really behind the ‘brand’ that is marketed.

Candice Marley and I agree that buying fresh, Wildcrafted, Organic, preferably small Farmed products so you can make amazing juices, smoothies and sensational food yourself. This is 100% the best way to assure your body the true nutrients it is starving for in order to heal from the constant onslaught of toxins it has to deal with every day.

Juicing is something that Candice got me excited about again. I have always been a Smoothie Girl, but her program re-energized my love for the immediate benefits of adding fresh juicing into your daily regimen. It is so easy, fun, and TASTY to have your own freshly pressed juices. I still make my amazing smoothies, especially in the mornings with my many wonderful Superfoods added with my coconut water and Bee Pollen… but now I have my juicer out in the afternoon and evenings to add to this daily lifestyle regimen.

Candice says to get a Masticating, Slow juicer. There are better brands on the market, so make sure you invest in one that will last for a long time.

I recently started juicing for one my cats. Animals love it, too! I have been giving her small syringes of Beet, Apple, and Carrot juices with some Slippery Elm powdered Herb mixed in for her digestion. The sweetness is always a welcomed part of their regimen, and it’s really good for them, too. You can even mix into their food a few teaspoons of fresh juice for added nutrition.

Check out Align Holistic Health and Wellness

There are SO MANY Counterfeits when it comes to “Alternative Health” and all kinds of fake, fad-like Guru’s who are popping up all over the Media. Don’t be fooled.

Too many major organizations and unscrupulous individuals are marketing themselves as healing and health professionals when they most certainly are not. Be able to detect these Counterfeits immediately with their books on all sorts of “Diets” and ridiculous other things that are only designed to make them money, and serves only to confuse the consumer with complex matters that have NOTHING to do with truth, honor, and natural healing!

I am having a lot of fun re-discovering many of the benefits of lovingly made food that I make for myself and for my family, along with having my new slow-juicer to use daily along with the many new recipes I have from Candice and her incredible 30 day regenerative program that has become a renewed addition to my lifestyle.

Maggie look alike in herb garden
All animals have the innate ability to find healing Herbs, and we humans need to get back to God’s Garden once again and embrace this natural world that is our greatest gift of life.

+This show is dedicated to Bella Grace the beautiful mother dog, and her puppies who were murdered in Massachusetts in February 2012. The former [now rightfully terminated] overseer of the Bay Path Humane Society, two ignorant Tufts Law Students, the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, two unconscionably ignorant and downright negligent Veterinarians were all behind the mismanagement and ultimate killings of these innocent, beautiful dogs who deserved to live.

01-04-12 copy
01-04-12-1 copy
01-04-12-2 copy
01-04-12-3 copy
+The light blond puppy is the only survivor, as she never left the State of Georgia. She was adopted and is living happily ever after.
She never received the horrible “Distemper” vaccine that was administered to these innocent animals by the irresponsible individuals named above, along with countless other vaccines irresponsibly given at one time.
This caused a crises that could still have been healed if these animals were given the rightful medical care in a qualified hospital immediately.. Horrifyingly, they were all outright abused and neglected as they were left to languish in what is called “vaccinoses” and each one was killed by all of the above ignorant people who are all responsible for this terrible mishandling of something that is so bloody avoidable when you are EDUCATED and HONORABLE and when you know the truth about natural healing, good nutrition [which none of these animals got], and immediate care when needed. Unbelievable and torturous in every way.
These animals run free in God’s kingdom. This is the only fact that has brought me any comfort from the pain and suffering that I experienced when my pleas to get the remaining mother and puppy to a 24 hour/high end hospital that I would be happy to pay for were totally ignored [and I was never told about the killings of 3 of the 4 puppies until after the fact].
God’s kingdom is a place that NONE of the evil individuals named above will ever experience. All of the wretched people who were responsible for this horror in Massachusetts [the most unhappy place on Earth] are as evil and corrupted as you can imagine. No place but hell for those outright disreputable, self-serving entities.

This is the single most terrible experience that I have ever had with any “rescue” group. I have rescued many animals and worked with so many wonderful people who truly care and communicate with honesty and integrity for many years. This was disreputable and unacceptable in every way. The former overseer lied to me, took more than $1,000 worth of Homeopathic and Natural medicine from me that I had expressed mailed to her that she neglected to give to the mother and remaining baby but, instead, hoarded for her OWN dog! She never returned the expensive medicine after it healed her own dog so he was not killed [as she promised she would send back but never did— she is a dishonest, pathetic Sociopath who got what she wanted for her own needs and showed her evil spirit only after she had the products and information that she needed to suit her own needs.]
This was, as my readers and listeners around the world have guessed by now, so heart-wrenching and I was powerless to stop the killings yet I was called upon to pay for expensive products and even have my own Holistic Veterinarian call Bay Path to try and help. Both my Vet and I were shocked at the unethical behavior that benefited the personal dog of the former Director whose bad karma and utter ugliness will cloud her and follow her for the rest of her miserable days. It was only befitting that she was terminated, but clearly it was only after her wake of misery and madness.

Happiness is… good, ethical people with good information around you.

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My interview with Home Inspector Steve Gladstone, owner of Stone Hollow Inspectors is a wealth of practical and helpful information to anyone who is buying a home or even thinking of renovations.

I personally had a very bad experience with a dishonest Home Inspector a few years ago when I bought a house in a town where I knew no one, had never lived before, and knew nothing about home maintenance to boot.

When commissions or money are on the table, be very careful with whom you deal. If something sounds “off” or you just get a bad feeling about anyone you are dealing with in any home inspection/buying/building process, Steve Gladstone urges people to take a step back and reevaluate the characters/professionalism of the people around you.

“Do your due diligence” is what Steve advises. Get a second or even third opinion from someone completely unrelated who can shed some light on the questions you have in a non-partisan, fair manner. It’s your money and you are the only one who will be left with the mess of other people’s dishonesty if you trust too much.


Speaking of money, my third conversation with Howard Strauss of the Gerson Institute and Gerson Media was primarily exposing the horrifying reality of big money in making YOU, your family, and the entire world’s population chronically dis-eased.

Both the pharmaceutical industry and the big-agriculture “food” industries profit from creating Fungus and thus, dis-ease in your body.

ALL pharmaceutical drugs cause an ACID balance in the body, which thereby allows fungus, yeast [Candida Albicans] and even parasites to grow and proliferate in your body.

When you are overrun with all of these—- and you will be if you allow your body to be vaccinated, take drugs, and eat processed food—- you will have any number of chronic illnesses from heart disease to diabetes, etc.

The Genetically Modified Organisms that are pronounced as easy-to-grow “Miracle-Crop Food” is really NOT food at all. It is a chemically modified, laboratory created seed with incredibly dangerous “Frankenstein” pesticides, bacteria, and DNA from other organisms to create something so dangerous and destructive to the environment and to ALL living beings, that there ARE NO STUDIES TO CONCLUDE ITS SAFETY!

And this is JUST the way that the GMO industry/big-agriculture companies want it. They want nothing to trace back the deaths of our pollinating bees and other important insects THAT WE SIMPLY CANNOT GROW FOOD WITHOUT…. and they certainly don’t want their chemically laden crops to be proven to cause disease and death to people, or learning disabilities/personality disorders in young children and adults.

Both Vaccines and Genetically Modified Organisms are so dangerous that it is beyond belief in the magnitude of damage they are causing in our world today.

I write this blog to both stir enough anger and action within good people so that we can actually dream of having a safe and peaceful world. Without our ability to fight back right now, we just don’t have a chance.

Too many injured and sickly people creates a weak and distracted population that gives the power squarely in the hands of the very industries that seek to steal your life, your money, your peace, your future, your dreams.

Big Government is also part of this scheme.

I don’t want any part of this “New World Order” that many politicians sneak into their casual conversations.

I will not be a number, a statistic, a Serf. I want freedom to breathe clean air without pesticides or chemicals, and the freedom to live a full and fruitful life with total health and wellness.

I hope you make the commitment to challenge the lies and propaganda from these industries.


Candida: Invisible Vampire

September 24, 2012 at 3:10 PM | Posted in A Conscious Life, Affordable Sustainable Food is Your Right, Be careful of all pharmaceutical drugs, Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show Blog, Consumer Choices, Health, Holistic Healing, Natural Healing, Organic Health, Take Action For Our Beloved Pets, Take Back Your Wellbeing, The Cure For ADD/ADHD, The cure to cancer, Truthful Healthcare, Uncategorized, Vaccine Dangers | 6 Comments

Candida. Most “Conventional” or “American trained” Physicians don’t know a thing about this ferocious killer, and will even adamantly deny its existence when confronted.

Every major disease you can think of…. from Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Weight Gain… to Diabetes and Cancer…. the proximate cause that all of these dis-eases spawn from is Candida.

My conversation with Dr. Jeffrey McCombs on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 unveils the truth behind this killer that almost every human today suffers from. What causes Candida to turn into a deadly Fungus within the digestive system are several assaults to the immune system:

#1.) Antibiotics
#2.) Pharmaceutical Drugs
#3.) Birth Control Pills
#4.) Processed/Genetically Modified “Frankenstein” food
#5.) Processed White Sugar and White Wheat [denatured] Flour
#6.) Petrochemicals/Pesticides
#7.) Fluoride
#8.) Heavy Metals [found in Silver Dental Fillings, Toxic Lipsticks, Processed Foods, Pesticides, Hair Color, Pollution]

Take the time to understand the underlying reasons for most diseases today.

The good news is that you can turn this around and clean your body of this killer! You don’t need to spend a lot of money going from one bad, clueless doctor to another…. you just need to know the truth and then take action to heal your body NATURALLY.

Sadly, our beloved Pets are now suffering from Candida overgrowth for all of the same reasons. The high rates of Cancer and other autoimmune dis-eases in our family pets is now staggering, and clearly, the corrupted medical system that enslaves humans has now wrapped its tentacles around the Veterinarian industry.

Living Consciously starts with knowledge and then making honorable choices that will both save your life and save the planet.

Check out Dr. McCombs’ web site and learn more about how to heal your body naturally. www.Candidaplan.com

Bees Dying And Our Girls and Boys Dying: All Man-Made Disasters

September 16, 2012 at 11:40 AM | Posted in A Conscious Life, Affordable Sustainable Food is Your Right, Be An Eco Warrior Now, Be careful of all pharmaceutical drugs, Bees, Buy Organic Or Grow Your Own, Chemical Warfare Disguised As Pesticides, Childhood Vaccines Injure and Kill, Community Supported Agriculture, Conscious Lifestyles, Consumer Choices, Drugs, Earth Friendly Business Ethics, Eco Living and Lifestyle, Eco Warriors, Ecologically Sustainable and Beautiful Landscapes, Environment, Environmental Stewardship, Ethics in Business, fear, Gardasil Kills Girls, God-given Birthright, Government held accountable, Health, Honorable Nutrition for Kids, Hormones, Industrial Revolution, Insecticides, Killing Our Planet For Oil, Local Farms, Organic, Permaculture, Pesticides on Conventional Fruits and Vegetables, Restore Honesty In Politics, Save our Bees and Save our Planet, Save Our Natural Resources, Save Our Planet to Save Our Lives, Save our Wild Lands, Save Wildlife, Stop Agri-business pollution NOW, Stop Genocide, Stop The Deforestation Now, Sustainable Agriculture, sustainable farms, Take Back Your Wellbeing, Truthful Healthcare, Uncategorized, Vaccine Dangers, Vaccines | 2 Comments

Where are our pollinating bees going? What is causing the die-offs?

The answer is simple and the resolution should be just as simple, but the Politics that encumber the resolutions to being enacted are unbelievably complex.

On Conscious Lifestyles on September 15, 2012, my first Guest for the day was Bee Keeper and Educator Raymond DuBois.

He told my audience about the necessity of Integrated Crop Management and how maintaining a respectful balance of the indigenous environment will bring higher, more healthy yields of food crops…. and protect the NATIVE Bees to the geographical area.

However, this is the OPPOSITE of what our American Taxes are supporting! The Bee die-offs are a result of a poor understanding of how to properly produce food without Chemical Pesticides, Chemical/petroleum based Fertilizers, and the horrendous “clear cutting” and bulldozing of the natural, indigenous environment of the agribusiness practice of “Mono Crop” production.

This practice of removing and thereby destroying the entire environment to have thousands of acres of ONE crop [such as Corn, Soy, etc.] is destroying the native Bee populations.

Add onto this diabolical practice the usage of pesticides and fertilizers that KILL our natural Bees and other pollinators, and you have massive die-offs and a critical tipping point in our Environment that is now threatening food crops and our future.

Why would the EPA ignore this obvious raping of our Eco-system? Are they NOT “The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY?” The obvious question is Why they are not living up to the title of their very own name. Politics, pay-offs, and Lobbying by large Agribusinesses and Chemical Fertilizer/Chemical Warfare companies is a huge percentage of the answer.

This is certainly no time to be a passive tax payer. Apathy is something that the very Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides CAUSE in the human brain, by the way! These very dangerous Chemicals kill brain cells, and cause immune dysfunction and endocrine/hormone harm.

The urgent need for the Consumer to take back the quality of food cannot be over-emphasized.

Write, email, call and be a voice to your local, elected Politicians to outright DEMAND that our taxes be funneled into Organic, Sustainable, Integrated Crop Production that respects both the Environment and our much-needed Pollinators!

Without our Bees, we have no future. No kidding here. It really is time for Action.

Check out Raymond DuBois’s Web Site www.beelove.org

Support your LOCAL, Organic, SMALL and Humane Farms. You can internet search for your local Community Supported Agriculture organizations. There are many that will deliver to your town, and even to your front door weekly! Stop supporting ALL large-scale food manufacturers and put your efforts into healing your body with natural, sustainably grown and harvested food. Food can be your medicine, and it is the only thing that can truly heal your body.

The second half of my show broadcast on Saturday, September 15th explored more detail on the horrifying topic of Vaccines in general, but the “Gardasil” vaccine that is now marketed for BOTH girls and boys ages 9-26.

The carnage this toxic vaccine has left behind is nothing short of Genocide of our next generation. The over-vaccinating of our children with extremely toxic [never proven “safe”] witches brew of Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Mercury, unknown live viruses, other dangerous adjuvants like Squalane…. is it any wonder we have ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities and behavior issues of ALL kinds, and an array of Autoimmune dis-eases?

I highly suggest that all of my blog readers and radio audience around the world take the steps to educate themselves, and ultimately ARM themselves against the falsified, fraudulent messages that are both subliminally and overtly sent to the Consumer daily.

The buzz of FEAR tactics that are expertly utilized to gain a firm CONTROL over your behavior that makes you a PASSIVE Consumer [sucker] for these wretched vaccines is part of the Propaganda that is part of the big-Pharmaceutical/Government collusion to keep you sick, and in need of more drugs, therapy, other toxic treatments, etc.

Check out Leslie Carol Botha’s website at HolyHormones.com and learn, each day, something new about your body, and how intricately balanced it is and certainly deserves to be treated with natural, healing respect.

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