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Lately, I have been consciously trying to remain happy, keeping my life in balance while juggling the many issues [particularly animal wellbeing issues] that I cover weekly on my show….

Organizing closets and the paperwork… the daily laundry lists seem to meld into each other but the truthful meaning of my life and purpose for being alive at this time in History is a constant, thoughtful daily meditation for me.

I vacillate daily between these mighty subjects:

1.) I don’t understand the HUGE Taxation without giving a damn about the Representation of the Will of the hardworking people who pay for both the elected and non-elected Government to exist in the first place.

2.) I don’t understand how the obvious evil acts of both animal and human Genocide & constant warfare are acceptable to the “mass media” and even stifled from the daily topics in Headline News.

3.) Environmental Destruction. Can’t live without an Ecosystem that works properly. Period.

4.) Sociopathic manipulation [especially by those in positions of “Authority” like Doctors, Politicians, Religious Dogmas, etc.]

5.) The chemicalization of food/suburban lawns/farm land/water/air. Chemicals Kill. Period. They are biological warfare weapons created during the Nazi regime. Perhaps all Agri-businesses, The EPA, Landscapers and Homeowners need to learn a little bit about History. Stop the stupidity!

6.) Why truthful Nutrition and natural cleansing of the body is totally absent in any rhetoric related to Health. Duh.

I just don’t understand how the many “Agencies” and “Associations” and “Bureaus” and “Groups” miss the point to their very existence and just simply don’t do their job….

My conversations with my many Guests are compelling to learn from. I thank each and every one of these incredible people for being a Voice of Truth in this world today.

Subjects like our the Horrible, ILLEGAL Wild Horse Round-ups that cost the Tax payer many hundreds of MILLIONS…. to the incompetence of the broken sick-care system… to the consistent lying and deception of our own Taxpayer-funded Government where elected officials collect huge salaries, bonuses and benefits [at Taxpayer expense] yet manage to do nothing right for the world… so many topics that must have the attention of every intelligent person on this Earth because the direction has got to be reversed if we are to have any future whatsoever.

What is the “End Game” for the polluters, wildlife and wild land destroyers, drug pushers, child abusers, public school administrations that don’t know how to truthfully educate nor inspire our youth, pharmaceutical cartels, destructive “energy” companies who insist on their ignorance to the obvious, renewable and sustainable options like solar and Hemp power?

And look at the constrictive, bondage-inducing religious dogmas that deny people from knowing true empowerment or anything close to Honor and Faith in God?

Check out these short videos from You Tube and please make the decision to Take Active Steps to Save Life and Liberty…

Save Our Wild and Domestic Horses

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beautiful wild white horse

Our Horses, both young and old, Wild and Domestic, need our help ASAP.

My interview with Omega Horse Rescue replayed on November 2nd, 2013. This is one of my favorite shows.

Please be a voice for these beautiful, peaceful living beings who should never face the horror of abuse, starvation, “round-ups”, displacement, and Slaughter. 

Please support worthy organizations like  and

Write emails [they really read these from Voters!] to your Local and State elected officials.

Don’t live in Apathy… Take Action for quality of life!

Shame on Cheyenne, Salinas, and Rodeo Madness

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stop the rodeo cruelty

Who let the madmen out? Why are Rodeos even legal with the obvious cruelty that is clearly in violation of the Animal Welfare Act?

You have got to see for yourself the insanity at the average, American Rodeo:

Check out and

Animals have their necks broken, and their limbs severed and bones dangling from being broken in several places…. They are so terrified it is equivalent to the brutal spectator-blood-sports of Gladiators in the Roman era.

This is NOT Entertainment!

stop the rodeo cruelty photo 4

These horses were fatally injured at the rodeo, as many hundreds of animals die in agony at the Rodeo annually.

Stop the Rodeo Cruelty photo #5

stop the rodeo cruelty photo 2

They die of shock, extreme injuries and trauma… Not cool.

Stop the Rodeo Cruelty Photo #6

What has the Rodeo been reduced to? And why? Why the cruelty? Why the callous, pathetic violence against innocent life?

Stop the Rodeo Violence NOW

Look at the many videos on and please support Animal Respect Advocate Steve Hindi of

We all want Peace on Earth… it starts right here, with your voice and your Action.

Horse Slaughter Reality: Total Horror

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Photos You Need To See For Taking Action Right Now.


I don’t understand why the Obama Administration has allowed the Horse Slaughter ban to “Expire” and not bother to do anything for our most innocent and beautiful living beings. Not a word, a peep, or a casual mention of this terrible and bloody killing.

Where is the pro-active legislation to care for our Wildlife, Environment, Domestic Animals and such important social issues? We were given big promises, but there is blood on the hands of all elected individuals who turn their back on protecting our natural world, and of course, our Wild Horses.

Horse Slaughter is a horrendous, horrifying reality and every person reading this blog should, at the very least, email their Congress persons and Senators immediately to stop this abomination.

Only the Will of good people coming together, in FAITH and Conviction, will change the corrupted trajectory of this current world.

Are we, perhaps, without realizing it… the generation who are living within the genuine Dark Ages?

Save Horses NOW #2

The Best Show Ever: Omega Horse Rescue, Scribbles the Horse & A 17-Year-Old Girl Named Brittany

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Wild Mustang Horses being loaded onto truck for Auction where many "kill" buyers illegally front themselves as 'good homes' for these innocent horses. Auctions are no place for Sentient Beings.

Wild Mustang Horses being loaded onto truck for Auction where many “kill” buyers illegally front themselves as ‘good homes’ for these innocent horses. Auctions are no place for Sentient Beings.

This show, broadcast on March 2nd, 2013, was one of the best shows ever [according to my husband and colleagues].

I really have to agree, as it brings us face-to-face with the reality of what is happening to America’s beloved, gentle horses.

The story of Brittany Wallace’s horse winding up at an Auction in Pennsylvania and bought by a “kill” buyer…. all without Brittany or her family’s knowledge…. is a compelling story of both heartbreak, shock and finally triumph.

Thanks to Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue, who happened to be at the Auction where Scribbles was bought and waiting in a pen to be boarded onto a trailer bound for SLAUGHTER, a miracle took place instead.

Kelly notices Scribbles in the holding pen, and she was bleeding profusely as an artery had been severed. She knew this horse would bleed to death without immediate Veterinarian care, so she took control by summoning the Veterinarian to care for the horse to save her life.

This sounds ironic, given she was headed for a horrifying end at a slaughter house in either Canada or Mexico. However, Kelly just could not turn her back on this sweet faced horse.

While the Vet was stitching up Scribbles [her name and origin were not known at the time], the Vet commented on how well behaved this horse was, and Kelly knew she had belonged to someone who must have loved her given her beautiful manners and patience all while being in unspeakable and excruciating pain.

Kelly, Thank God, bought Scribbles that day from the Kill buyer. She just could not live with betraying her and putting her in the Kill pen after all that she had been through.

Following her intuition and love for horses, Kelly nursed Scribbles back to health at The Omega Horse Rescue in Pennsylvania. She posted her story and face on her website http:// and other social networks, such as Facebook, as she does with all of her rescues.

Meanwhile, Brittany, a 17 year old living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is devastated by her family dog’s death. To help work through her loss of one of her pets early one morning before school, she decides to write a paper for school on Horses.

While researching the internet, she discovers Omega Horse Rescue’s posting of Scribbles, and sees that the brown female horse in the photo looks just like her own childhood horse who was sold to a supposed ‘children’s petting farm’ and horse stables 5 miles up the road in Massachusetts.

Brittany was a competitive show horse rider, and thought that Scribbles had been left with a good home so she could continue to visit her even though she could not have her as a competitive riding horse.

To the Wallace family’s horror, Scribble’s new “Owner” in Cape Cod, Massachusetts was an apparently dishonest individual who refused to disclose the whereabouts of their horse… and to add insult to injury, this individual ignored their written, legal contract to offer the Wallace family the First Right of Refusal… which means that the Wallace’s would have had the opportunity to buy back Scribbles and match any price to do so.

Thus, it should not have been about MONEY that motivated the illegal sale of Scribbles. The story appears to unfold as a personal act to hurt the Wallace family, and ultimately an innocent horse.

When the Wallace family approached Kelly Smith at Omega Horse Rescue, there was a lot of trepidation on everyone’s part given the odds that Scribbles was indeed, Scribbles!

When Brittany asked Kelly to check for a very specific scar near her tail on the phone, Kelly came back to her and confirmed that the scar was exactly the horse-shoe shaped that Brittany had described! They both described the disbelief that by a miracle only God could bring to this Earth, this gentle soul was saved at the 11th hour from a slaughter bound trailer.

Brittany would have never known the horrifying end to her beloved family horse had it not been for this miracle one day in December 2012 in Pennsylvania.

This story is incredible to listen to with both Kelly and Brittany helping to bring a FACE to this “underground” world of domestic and wild horses winding up at slaughter, often without the owner’s knowledge.

The tear jerker in this story is that when Scribbles saw Brittany for the first time in a couple of years, and despite all of the abuse and terrifying moments she experienced during her dark journey with an abusive owner who ultimately sold her to slaughter….

Scribbles immediately recognized her best friend and started licking her and BOWING for Brittany, which was a trick that Brittany had taught her to do during her childhood years with Scribbles.

What an astonishingly sharp memory Horses have…. and this just proves to me and the world that they absolutely are NOT to be treated with such disregard. They are, indeed, Sentient Beings.

Please listen to this show in the Archives for March 2, 2013. It is truly incredible.

Please support Omega Horse Rescue… Thank you Kelly. God Bless our Wildlife, our Horses, our Natural World.

Brittany and Scribbles: Their story in the Equine Chronicle

The York Daily Record: Scribbles’ story with Omega Horse Rescue’s Valiant Act of Kindness

Brittany and Scribbles the Loved Horse
This photo was taken at Omega Horse Rescue during the reunion of Scribbles the horse and Brittany, her best friend and rightful Guardian.

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