The Bloody Trail of Special Interest Killers

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“The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars would have disappeared long ago…. hand they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.”
-Havelock Ellis, “The Dance of Life,” 1923.

Today on the show, October 4th, we had to talk about something most people never see or even hear about… that’s because only 1% of Americans are killers who call themselves “hunters.”

Most Americans are totally appalled by hunting, so why do the killing groups have such loud voices in our state legislatures?

My two distinguished guests, Natalie Jarnstedt and Lynn Gorfinkle of Animal Rights Alliance and Project Save A Cat, were on hand to give us the unsettling details of the killing fields in our own back yards…. and what we, as the majority [and wealthiest] taxpayers, can do to stop this carnage, warfare, and terrorism in our own land of the ‘free.’

Being eco-friendly, “Green” means respecting and protecting and conserving our natural landscape, and all wildlife who depend on all of us to take action on their behalf.

These pictures tell a story of ignorance, arrogance, corruption, greed, gluttony, ecological destruction, disrespect, organized crime, murder:

These photos remind me of genocide, warfare, and even terrorism in our woods and last remaining wild spaces.

Ignorance begets ignorance.

It is time that the conservation majority make their voices heard. This is an election year, and conservation has got to be the new standard in our local, state, and federal government.

Stop the exploitation of our wildlife, our natural habitats, and our own quality of life.

It is amazing to me how the dim bulbs find their way into ‘leadership’ positions in our many governmental agencies who are obligated to preserve our natural habitats. Corrupt officials do nothing to uphold anything remotely reminiscent of ecological and environmental protection.

Is anyone out there tired of these alphabet governmental agencies simply existing to create jobs for themselves while they pander to special interests that seek to exploit, kill, and destroy our wildlife? Why do they bother to even exist if they cannot police the groups, individuals, and companies that want to destroy the environment for their own ignorant benefit?

The killing, and the environmental destruction has got to stop. This topic in our town hall discussions has got to be brought to the attention of our elected officials…. they usually cower when it comes to such “controversial” topics…. but is this really controversial?What about intelligent, thoughtful, mindful, ecological conversations on what is happening to our last remaining wild lands?

How many innocent family pets and people have to be shot and killed by killers in the woods, fields, and prairie lands that we should all be fighting like heck to make safe for all to enjoy?

It is clear that it is about money, and perpetuating a system that panders to killing rather than to conservation.

The time is now to save our environment. Saving our wildlife is included in this package of environmental, “Green” lifestyles.

March 1st, 2010 Show: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary Interviewed: What’s Really Behind The Cruelty in Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses? How Can The Consumer Be The Pathway To A Revolution?

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This mother and baby cow are lucky, as they are on a small [family owned farm] and NOT crowded in a big Agri-business facility. This baby would have been ripped away from his mother hours after birth if this had been a facility that produces most milk and animal products.

BTW- the crying of both the mother and the baby the moment the baby is forever ripped away from the mother is heart wrenching and enough to make anyone stop and demand justice for these sentient beings.

So you think that buying “Organic” labeled beef, cheese, butter, and other animal products is okay because they must be ‘cruelty free?’ The surprising answer is an astounding, “NO!”

On a happy note: Did you also know that eating raw, organic vegetables and fruit makes you more imaginative, creative, and increases your right brain abilities?

Farm Sanctuary co-founder, Mr. Gene Baur, gives my listeners a lot of great information about staying healthy by making better food choices that just so happen to be better for the planet and help to stop the cruel, inhumane, torturous practices in factory farms!

Vote with your dollars and spend your money on healthy, humane food….. Demand truth in labeling and make your voice heard by your personal lifestyle choices.

The benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles: You look, feel and act younger…. have more energy…. think more clearly…. longevity…. conquer all modern diseases…. more beautiful…. and the satisfaction of defeating corruption in the giant, bloated agri-businesses that abuse animals for profit.

We must demand that ‘Agriculture’ be taken out of the World Trade Organization. The GMO Industry has worked hard to corrupt the practice of raising crops and has damaged our environment to boot.

People are powerful against these agri-businesses when they unite in big numbers. Remember, the big Biotech firms are unrelenting in their underhanded tactics to “back door” their legislation to keep their gross, inhumane practices because there is big money for them…. but only destruction of our environment for the rest of us who inhabit the earth.

Chickens are left in cages that are only 8″x12″ large and are packed into these factory-farm cages after their beaks have been brutally severed off their faces. They stand in their own filth and are often starved for several days in order to create a physical reaction of the chicken to produce more eggs.

Do NOT buy factory farmed eggs, and do NOT believe labeling of “Free Range.” Be particularly aware that eggs from Pennsylvania are most likely raised inhumanely and you should be a consumer who does their own homework.

These hens are lucky ones…. they actually get to be outside on the dirt and normally socializing with one another…. this is very UNcommon in the egg production industry.

All farm animals are highly social, intelligent living beings who share the same feelings of love, awareness and family that the human animal experiences.

For a baby animal to be ripped away from their mother is totally inhumane, but the milk is what the factory farms care about… the money and not the ethics or good practices is what motivates factory farms.

Pigs are highly intelligent. They are so intelligent that they are related to the Dolphin!

The conditions that these intelligent, highly social animals are raised in would turn the stomach of any decent human being. We are kept conveniently away from the reality of the grotesquely terrible conditions that pigs are raised in. The factory farms don’t want you to know…. but it should be your right to have full disclosure of what your tax dollars are subsidizing. This needs to stop.

All pork products are tainted with a deadly parasite that cannot be cooked out and to be even more to the point: These animals are horrifically slaughtered and the filth of this wretched practice contaminates the flesh of these animals. Do your health and the world a favor: Don’t eat pork products whatsoever!

Save an animal from suffering. Be a healthy, conscious consumer.

Check out

Make a donation. Be a voice.

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”
— Alice Walker

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