Something I noticed in the Suburbs…

June 9, 2017 at 6:03 AM | Posted in Think | Leave a comment

Everyone is alike.


At least, they try to become as similar to one another as possible. The ‘herd’ mentality takes over. Consensus is more important that being individual, unique, and mindful.

No longer do I see people with their own viewpoints and talking about the research they did on any particular subject that sheds new light on old, outdated information. Instead, I see apathy in its worst form based on fear and low self-esteem.

Why do the bright minds of city-folk seem to dim in the Suburbs?

Why the passive-aggressive behavior that only curates frustrated children, teenagers, and severs family communication and values, which are the foundations for any great society?

As I look back over the past ten years, when I first relocated from NYC to the suburbs, I have seen myself bowing to the suburban pressures way too many times. My self-image and character has been attacked over the years with passive-aggressive, subtle yet overt daggers of disapproval, shunning, smirking, gossip, and lack of empathy for another viewpoint.

Why do educated women [and we have more educated women now than ever before in the history of this world] become compliant, complicit, apathetic, and fearful to what a man, a group of men, a religious doctrine, outdated social mores, and even yesteryear “roles” within society force upon unsuspecting adults?

It is time to stand up and speak up to overpower the darkness of a paternalistic and oppressive community.

Old, man-made Religions do their part to keep women submissive, and thus, our children are warped with these damaging messages. Another branch of important life quality that is damaged by an overpowering Government, paternalistic Religions, Deceptive School Systems, etc., is our Environment, Wildlife, Food Quality, and all Animal life since Sexism is on the same, ignorant plane as abuse of all living beings.

It does nothing but harm to the self-worth of children and certainly confuses young women with the dichotomy of “good girl/shut up and be pretty” versus “educated and strong, decisive, successful, and maintains her own viewpoint.”

I have seen and felt the numbness of complacency. It will reduce your life to a mundane set of tasks and roles to fulfill without fully understanding your God-given reason for being on an amazing Earth to begin with.

I urge all women, men, teenagers, and lovers of life to come together to bring this very detrimental undertow of being “average” and “compliant” to the forefront of public discussion to raise awareness, and thus, ACTION, for the the truth of our self-empowerment on this Earth, in this one life, so that we can all live in God’s Grace with joy and HONESTY, true peace, emotional harmony, mutual respect, reverence of this short gift of life, and in celebration of our differences.hands-holding-world













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