Contradictions. Corrupted.Wretched.

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This incredible collection of Contradictions and outright, bold-faced LIES of Mrs. Criminal Clinton should get you to think about the future of your own life and the future of the safety of your family, the USA, and what remains of your Freedoms.


Criminal. Corrupted. Rotten to the Core.

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Fakery: major media preparing to steal election-night outcome? — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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Fakery: major media preparing to steal election-night outcome? by Jon Rappoport October 17, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) Note: this article is about the early projections media outlets make on election night—when they call the winner. Here it is in a nutshell: major media consider the election a […]

via Fakery: major media preparing to steal election-night outcome? — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Why I support Trump & Pence

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I have seen enough. The falsified, sensationalized “media” with its biased [and totally unprofessional] obsession with smearing a Candidate who was fair-and-square voted to be the Nominee for the Republican Ticket is a horrifying depiction of corruption and perception control of the American people.

The outrageously BAD, unethical, destructive and woman/child killing practices of the Obama Administration’s bombing of innocent civilians, killing boys/girls and calling them
“Militants” and creating chaos in our abysmal foreign abusive-policy has created a terribly unstable world for everyone.

Trump is a man of truth, and as a woman I will proudly vote for him and for Mr. Pence.

High taxes, big Government, NO CIVIL RIGHTS [for anyone], a MILITARY-State of life, a lack of economic choices, fewer jobs because large corporations are fleeing America to avoid huge, Socialist-style taxes… and the list goes on and on with the Obama/Hillary {aka, Killary, Hitlery} administration that has brought a dangerous dishonor to every hard working American.

Look on the internet. Do your own research. Hillary and Bill Clinton have a TRAIL of dead people that lines a red blood stain in their wake… any former “in the know” employee/governmental bureaucrat or former Mistress, etc., who might stand in the way of these two grossly evil and conniving Politicians has a lot to worry about. This level of Dictatorship with NO JUSTICE BROUGHT AGAINST THESE TWO is something everyone, and certainly every WOMAN should take a look at.

If any man, woman, or young person who is voting this year takes a clear, unbiased look at the Truth behind the far, far too many Obama schemes…. such as the Benghazi murders of innocent Americans, along with the abysmal economy with jobs literally disappearing, and then don’t forget the NEVER REPORTED Sudan Massacre overseen by a War-Thug who has been supported by Obama and Mrs. Clinton for several years to KILL, and to ENSLAVE innocent Christians in the Southern Sudan. Yes, this includes little Girls.

Don’t distract me with sensationalized mud-slinging. It does not work for those of us who do our own research, and look very openly at the truth on “non-mass media” outlets like RT news, Alex Jones, and other great reporting outlets that will knock your socks off with the facts.

Just do an Internet Search for the many collusions of the current Administration, the scandals of the Clintons [both past and present] and the media collusion with corrupt politics that only enslaves YOU, the innocent American Taxpayer.

I know how much Mr. Trump seeks counsel from good Christian Ministers. He attends the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, a world-renowned Church where the late, great Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was a great messenger of God. I am a Member of the Marble Collegiate Church, and I met my husband there. I know the character of the people who seek truth and God in this beautiful Church, and I myself renewed my vows to God there.

Mr. Trump is not perfect, but he is very honorable in his love for America and he is the ONE person we have to choose from this year who will bring fair trade, safety to Americans, HONOR returned to the image of America in the world-wide stage, and PROSPERITY with jobs, growth to the economy, and smart negotiations.










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