Food IS Your Medicine!

July 7, 2015 at 8:02 AM | Posted in Think | Leave a comment


When food is your medicine, you understand how to heal your body from within.

Stop looking to the outside and often confusing messages you get from the big pharmaceutical industry or “propaganda” sources or even to your Doctor, who all too often has zero knowledge of Nutrition as God intended and knows nothing about feeding the body for wellness.

When Author and Nutrition Educator Denny Waxman was on my show, he explained why it is so important for Americans [but now the whole World] to understand how to purify and heal their bodies, which also heals the brain cells/thinking/articulation/comprehension abilities and thus, your SPIRIT aligns with total wellness.

We would have a world without such warfare and hatred if everyone understood how to utilize and heal with God’s Garden.

Check out and take the easy steps to loving your body again.


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