The Dog Whisperer and The Pet Whisperer

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All animals have feelings and can suffer from PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome] just like people.

Abuse, neglect, and trauma can affect their behavior, immune system, and even their outlook on life. Yes, animals have an outlook on their own lives just like we humans do.

Their very DNA can be damaged from processed food, vaccines, dangerous and toxic drugs… just like people.

If you have a family pet with any fear or behavioral issues, there is hope for rehabilitation with both emotional healing AND learning how to utilize the many natural healing modalities that are available EVERYWHERE [except at a conventional Vet’s toxic and ignorant office].

Herbs, Nutritional Supplements that are natural and whole food based, PURE FOOD, detoxification via Ozone and herbal therapies, Homeopathy, LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, Accupuncture, Chiropractic adjustments, and the list goes on…. there is always a more economical way to help your pet other than with expensive/processed/toxic drugs and junk food.

Check out and

Take control of your own life with this information so that you can help your beloved best friend.


Prisoner of War Death Camps in America

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outlaw hitler killing gas poison chamber

Every day, the sounds of the excruciating, horrific screams of the dogs and puppies who were thrown into the Gas Chamber to be fumigated and chemically gassed to death are with me.

There was a Yellow Lab and her puppies. There was a Shepherd mix, an Australian Sheep Dog…. a small Pomeranian looking dog, and even one that looked like a Rhodesian Ridgeback… all beautiful. And all adoptable.

Some were so trusting, and had no idea that that were about to be executed with toxic chemical gas.

outlaw inhumane gas poison chamber

Some were rightfully terrified. Like Prisoners of War, they had been abused, starved, locked in a dirty cell…. but still had the will to live, and tried to get away from the Executioners grip.

They were all thrown into the large, metal, top-opening chamber together. Overcrowded. Inhumanely and uncaringly tossed like sacks of potatoes.

The terror and confusion on their faces will remain with me always.

outlaw hitler gas poison chamberThe photo above is the horrible evidence of the excruciating pain and suffering of these innocent puppies being gassed, asphyxiated, poisoned, and tortured to Death.

Is this acceptable in the ‘Land of the Free?’ Is this American? Is this remotely Humane?… or is it more of The Third Reich?

And this is what truly motivates me to seek Justice for these most innocent of Living, Sentient Beings.

save our animals now


Please watch the HBO Documentary “One Nation Under Dog.” It will change your life, your thinking, your actions.


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