5,000 Reward Flyers Distributed Today In Downtown LA

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CoCo the Black-Coffee/Chocolate Colored “Tea Cup” Chihuahua has been missing since December 10, 2013.

Where Last Seen: Palmwood Drive, Los Angeles, the “Crenshaw” neighborhood area.

A dog sitter lost his grip on her during an evening walk along Palmwood Drive in LA, and did virtually nothing to find little CoCo that night or thereafter.

When Conscious Lifestyles learned about this we wanted to help.

We hired a Flyer Distributor to post Flyers today all over the neighborhood, and we have offered a $2,000 REWARD for the good person who finds CoCo and turns her into one of the LA County CACC Shelters. She is Microchipped, and they will confirm CoCo’s identity.

We will Western Union the Reward to the good person who finds and rescues CoCo….

No questions asked. We just want to see CoCo found and to have a happy ending.

We ask that anyone with any information on CoCo email us at radiovoice@hushmail.com

Thank you so much to all who care for our innocent animals…….

They are such gifts from God! 

Why Fracking Will Kill You

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Fracking. The short name for “Hydraulic Fracturing” where the oil/gas industry [dirty dozen set of companies] drill through shale into the Earth in order to extract gas for energy.

The problem: This toxic process uses billions of gallons of precious water and then intermixes it with highly carcinogenic chemicals, like Benzene, to drill through radioactive rock and through the water table. The toxic chemicals and radioactive waste seeps into your water table, and poisons all drinking water, streams, lakes and ultimately the Ocean.


Is it acceptable to poison and kill all life on Earth for dirty energy?

Is it acceptable to trade quality of life for high profits for the oil/gas industry?

What about the people already driven from their homes as a result of the contamination in their water wells and land? How is this trade-off worth the suffering both short term and certainly long term?

Where will we live if we cannot have clean water?

hydraulic fracturing image works

Everyone should watch the Documentaries “Gasland I and II” to fully understand the magnitude of this Wild West “Fool’s Gold Rush” mentality. It’s very real, and very dangerous…. and may literally end up in your back yard.

Gasland The Movie

Take Action with your local elected officials. “NO” to Fracking our Mother Earth!

The Killing Fields: When Wind Energy is Black and NOT Green Energy!

January 15, 2014 at 3:59 PM | Posted in A Conscious Life, Animal Redemption & Environment, Arrogant Energy, Be an Advocate for our Animals, Be An Earth Keeper, Be An Eco Warrior Now, Think, Wind Turbines That Kill Birds, Wind Turbines that Kill Endangered Birds | Leave a comment

wind turbine bird kill

wind farm obscenity photo

Open-blade wind turbines are built, deliberately, right in the pathways of the millions of migrating birds. The sad fact that these birds are the casualties of a foolish ‘Gold Rush’ to irresponsibly pretend to go ‘green’ with killing blades that spin in the pathways of these much-needed Wild Birds….

Isn’t saving our Wildlife and our Environment [thus, our own lives and futures] the whole point of ‘going green’ in the first place?

wind turbine bird kill 2

The above photo is a rare migrating bird dead after wind-turbine blade collision, which was witnessed by a group of Bird Watchers.


A Bald Eagle killed by a wind turbine. Is this acceptable?

Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Owls, Bats, Song Birds, Falcons and many rare and Endangered Birds are being killed by open-blade turbines.

When you buy a fan for your home, the blades are covered by a grate, as the home fan photo depicts below:home fan with grate

The fact that the older-style spinning blade turbines [that can span as wide as a football field] are irresponsibly installed across open lands across the USA is a despicable act of arbitrary Wildlife warfare.


Please visit the excellent website http://www.wind-watch.org to learn more about the realities of the carnage that wind turbines are creating with the Federal Government ignoring this violation of Wildlife Protection Laws.

In fact, there is a ONE BILLION DOLLAR corporate welfare give-away to all wind farms and companies that are arbitrarily cropping up in order to take ahold of this taxpayer windfall. But who is really gaining anything from this pathetic, uneducated decision to run in the wrong direction with a blindfold on?

What can we do? Support responsible and truly green companies like the “FloDesign Wind Turbine” company along with other more innovative and eco-responsible organizations like “Sky Sails” and “Humdinger Wind Energy” companies. Check out the “Wind-It” concept on http://www.elioth.com and how wind energy can be non-threatening to wildlife when designed properly and integrated [ingeniously] into existing power transport towers that are already in place. The wind production hardware itself has no spinning blades that kill.

Finally, let your local and state elected officials get an email from you regarding YOUR KNOWLEDGE about the unacceptable and brutal killing of our beloved migrating Birds from the open-blade, propeller turbines.

Check out the video on http://www.cfact.org to fully understand the magnitude of this issue.


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