The Beagle Freedom Project

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Beagle Angel

Who could hurt this sweet Angel?

Horrifyingly, Beagles and other innocent, docile animals are used in evil, unnecessary, junk-science, nazi-inspired “laboratory experiments.”

Take a look at the amazing work that Beagle Freedom Project is doing to bring this sadistic, sociopathic, arrogant, wretched practice to an end.

Take a look at the realities of the false-positives and false-negatives in this so-called scientific testing…. people are dead and dying from such diabolical ‘science’ that creates dangerous chemicals, toxic drugs, and harmful home/garden/laundry/personal care products that are laced with some of the most DNA destroying chemicals on the planet.

My conversation with Kevin Chase of the Beagle Freedom Project on October 5th, 2013 revealed these realities to my radio Audience that are totally unimaginable to most people in this supposed “modern” time in history. 

This show is available right now in the Radio Archives Section of this Blog.

We need to write/email all of our elected officials, and the NIH needs to either be shut down [for total cleansing of its own filth and corruption] and/or it must be ordered to STOP ALL FUNDING [several BILLION] for specific ‘animal testing.’

This has got to Stop! Wow! Can you imagine all of the hungry children in America alone we could feed with this money? Nutrition, or lack thereof, is the #1 cause of death and dis-ease of the body…. so why are they funding dangerous, destructive, wretched animal experiments that benefit absolutely no-one?

Who benefits from this waste of our tax dollars? Who in their right mind would justify this carnage of innocent, precious life with our tax dollars?

These images are just a few that show the lonely, painful horror. It must stop now.

beagle terrified must stopTerrified, alone, tortured, in a constant state of stress/fear, and left to suffer in un-natural/sterile/unlivable/uncomfortable cages as they live a life of horror every day until they are killed. …. and this is “Scientific”? Stop the Deception. This is Diabolical.

beagle terrified in cage must stop NOW

Beagel undercover lab photo

L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Physicians Formula, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon…. these are just a FEW of the animal testing cosmetic companies that are selling dangerous, toxic chemicals in their UGLY formulas that actually cause aging and other serious dis-eases [yeah, like Liver/Kidney dis-ease and cancer].

Additionally, the household cleaners that are so darn dangerous to breathe let alone to allow your home to be cleaned with them… these are also highly tested on innocent animals [without consumer knowledge, of course.]

Proctor and Gamble is one horrible company. They are a big, arrogant animal tester for their wretched, chemicalized products that pollute our waterways to boot.

Household cleaners/disinfectants like “Lysol” and “Ajax” and “Comet” and “Clorox”…. bad, bad, bad, BAD. Even “Febreze” and “Mr. Clean” [Mr. Mean, as it has been dubbed] are TERRIBLE in every way.

All of these products, and many more that are heavily advertised on TV,  have been ruthlessly tested on animals yet they remain, ironically, extremely DANGEROUS to YOUR health, and to the health of our Waterways, Air quality, and to the entire eco-system.

Remember, everything, EVERYTHING you put down the drain or wash your laundry with is recycled back to YOU in your water that comes through your tap! 

Dangerous chemicals will not become safe just because an animal died a miserable, horrifying death for it. 

Speak up. Take Action.

water quality

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