When Veterinarians Have A Dark Side

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Our cat Mina, a beautiful Siamese girl, was killed in a horrific way at a supposed “Holistic” Veterinarian office located in South Salem, New York on August 4th, 2010.

She suffocated to death when a badly trained Vet Tech and unspeakably irresponsible Veterinarian tore her Trachea when they inserted an Intubation Tube into her throat.

Rather than immediately performing an Emergency Tracheotomy on Mina to save her life, they simply gave her shots of Epinephrine! Her heart was pounding, she was turning Blue, and she could not get the much-needed Oxygen she needed.

Snow Shoe Siamese Cat

Mina was a Snow Shoe Siamese beauty, much like this gorgeous cat pictured here.

My conversation with Animal Advocate, Julie Catalano of The Vet Abuse Network, http://www.vetabusenetwork.com, is a wealth of information on HOW to avoid being a victim [and your beloved pet being the ultimate victim] from unscrupulous Veterinarians.

1.) Always, no matter who gives you the referral, do your own search on the internet and with State Boards to find out the ‘real’ reputation of any one Vet. Marketing and Advertising is most often an embellishment of the reality behind the “smoke and mirrors.” I have personally been horrified by some abusive Vets who were ‘referred’ onto me! Wow, I grabbed my beloved cat and got out of there when I was stonewalled, smirked at, argued with, and disrespected…. NO WAY would I ever just blindly trust some idiot who cannot even treat ME with decency to touch my beloved family member.

2.) On the first visit, make an appointment for ONLY YOU to interview the Vet and check out the facility. Don’t take your precious pet to any Vet whom you have not thoroughly interviewed and researched.

3.) Never trust a sole practitioner. They often times do not have the higher technology and simply don’t have the time to update the training in Nutrition and other important topics.

4.) Find a well run, 24 hour hospital that you have also thoroughly interviewed and have certainty that your pet will be treated with respect and receive the very best care.

5.) Learn Homeopathy and Herbs for yourself. There are several good books by Homeopathy Veterinarians and Herbs for animals. Use these as reference books. This has saved my cat naturally many times.

6.) ALWAYS insist on copies of Records and electronic diagnostics AFTER every office visit!

7.) Have a secondary, “over the shoulder” Vet who can consult with you via phone as she/he listens to the symptoms and looks at the Records and electronically emailed diagnostics. THIS HAS ALSO BEEN A LIFE SAVER FOR ONE OF MY PETS!

8.) Research all pharmaceutical drugs that any Vet suggests. ALL drugs have serious side effects and there are always natural alternatives, especially for many of the degenerative dis-eases like Cardiomyopathy, Kidney Failure, etc. AND STAND UP FOR YOUR PET AND SAY “NO” TO VACCINES! No vaccine, unbelievably, has ever been proven to be safe nor effective. How in the world the “Rabies” vaccine for dogs got to be Legislated into the “Law” shows how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry truly is… these vaccines all cause huge immune deficiencies immediately and certainly down the road.

You don’t have to be a PhD. in any one topic, but learn and memorize the homeopathic remedies for common things like upset stomach, nausea, Urinary Tract Infections, colds, even for emergencies. 

Also learn to use some key Herbs that you should always have in your home.

Slippery Elm Bark [in capsule you open and mix into warm spring water and Raw Honey] is great for Ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach.

Propolis from Bees is one of the few natural foods that contains the full spectrum of Amino Acids. Add this into daily food and especially into herbal mixtures with Raw Honey for added nutrition.

Burdock is a great blood cleanser. Keep it on hand in the dropper form in the Glycerine formula. All dis-ease is from contaminated blood.

Milk Thistle. You can keep this in capsule form you mix into food or put into warm Spring water tinctures with Raw Honey. This is a VERY important Herb to give to your pets [and for you, too]. It cleans the Liver. YOU NEED A LIVER THAT IS CLEAN TO MAINTAIN OR ACHIEVE HEALTH!

Hydrogen Peroxide. A literal life saver as it re-oxygenates the blood and thus, the entire body. Can kill bacteria and virus. Put a few drops [NOT DROPPERS, but drops– approximately 4 to 6 drops] into water that is in a Glass bowl for them to drink daily.

Beets. This is an amazing Vegetable. You can buy it powdered or you can buy it fresh. Always have this on hand for mixing into food and even make into a warm Spring water, RAW Honey tincture. If you have the fresh Beets, make a Juice with a juicer or a Smoothie with a Vitamix or other Blender. Heals the Liver, Kidneys and helps to nourish the body with vital Enzymes and minerals.

Hawthorne Berry. For all Heart related illnesses. Excellent for Cardiomyopathy and even high blood pressure. Give in Tincture or powdered form in Raw Honey, Spring Water dropper/syringe.

This is just the beginning… Pick up Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s book on Animal Homeopathy, and another Herbal healing book for pets and learn for yourself how YOU can take back the control of your pets health and wellness with very little money, effort, and time.

Additionally, Journalist Catherine O’Driscoll in the UK has written books on the dangers of vaccines, along with several Veterinarians and other concerned citizens.


Our family animal companions have NO control over their own bodies when you leave them unattended at the Vet. NEVER, if you can, just leave your Pet unattended by YOU at any Vet’s office….. Many times, an animal is better off at home to be healed.

Of course, if there is an Emergency, make sure you have a well-established 24 hour hospital with a sterling reputation to rely upon. Again, CONTINUE to be an ADVOCATE for your cat or dog in any situation.

Never blindly Trust. Julie Catalano reminded everyone that those days are long gone. You have to have some knowledge of basic health care requirements for your family’s best friend and you must, MUST be in charge of their wellbeing and never hand-over the reigns to anyone else under any circumstances.

In your leisure, do some reading. Research Homeopathy, Herbs, Nutrition, natural healing modalities, etc., on the internet and the many great books available. Do this so you will have a working knowledge of what is available to you if you ever need it.

Chili Pepper look-alike

This blog is dedicated to the loving memories of Mina, Suki, Brandy, Furchild, Chiquita, Jangles, and all of the innocent animals who have been injured and killed at the hands of a Veterinarian.

Just Say “NO!” To Mammograms and Other Sage Advice

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Mammograms cause Cancer.

They do not “prevent” any cancer and should never be wrongfully marketed for ‘early detection.’

Women are lied to when it comes to their Health Care choices, and the mass media appears to be more than happy to go along with this misinformation that is literally killing women.

A much more effective Diagnostic tool that is light-years ahead of dangerous radiation is a tool used by many Natural-based Practitioners called “Thermography.” Below is a photo of a whole-body Thermography.

thermography entire body photo

My Guest for the show the weekend of October 19th, 2013, is Nutritionist and Herbalist Candice Marley of http://www.rawvitalitytotalhealth.com……. Please listen to this important show in the Archives section of this Blog.

Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show broadcasts via syndicated radio on the Business Talk Radio Network across the USA and into the UK and it hopefully got many women to re-direct their attention to the correct way to prevention!

Candice makes it easy for you to lose weight, heal your body with amazing tasting Food and recipes that are so yummy you will wonder why you ever ate pre-packaged/pre-bottled/pre-canned “dead” food in your previous life!

Eat REAL, RAW, TRUE Nourishing Food for Prevention of all Dis-ease!


Look Yummy? It’s like fireworks for your tastebuds… and you’ll even say to yourself, “Gee, I remember tasting like this when I was a kid!”


She urged women to practice prevention via their Lifestyle and Food choices. Raw, FRESH, Organic [or Wildcrafted/grown naturally], PLANT-BASED food choices are the only way to assure your body of the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to fight off daily free-radicals, pathogens, and even parasites.

Cleansing with Herbs and Juicing. This is KEY to total Vitality!


Cleansing…. your Intestines, Liver, Kidneys, ENTIRE Digestive tract, your BRAIN… Cleansing of Heavy Metals and other toxic scavengers is so very important to turning the corner for your Wellness.

Be VERY careful[steer clear]of any Practitioner who neglects to teach you about investing in a Juicer, Proper Plant-Based Food Choices, and CLEANSING with Herbal Remedies and drinking PURE water daily…. If you are given “Vitamins” or even other Diagnostics that are expensive without being properly Cleansed and taught HOW to live a TOTAL VITALITY Lifestyle… your are, sadly, dealing with an unqualified person whose goal is NOT to heal you…. It is horrifying how many “Practitioners” want to keep you as a return Customer rather than empowering you with information that WILL change your life!

……. And of course, say “NO” to toxic drugs of any kind. There ARE ALWAYS Herbal and natural Alternatives to every toxic drug on the market today. In fact, ALL drugs are synthesized and potentially very dangerous chemical versions of the natural plant/herb from which they came. The sad thing about all Drugs is that  they ALL damage your Liver and Kidneys, and thus, your entire mind/body balance.


Herbs are 100% MAGNIFICENT! They are the ULTIMATE multi-taskers in the natural world. Below I’ve listed some herbs that I keep on hand all the time for my family and my pets that can help your body in many ways:

Slippery Elm= I keep this in capsule form. This healed my beloved cat’s Ulcers and is fantastic for upset stomach or even diarrhea and other ailments of the digestion. For my cat, I mixed one or two opened capsules with Spring Water + RAW Honey, and Bee Pollen. I also added Milk Thistle.

Peppermint= heals digestion, and a natural wake-up for your mind. The Peppermint Oil is also a natural bug & rodent repellent for yard/house.

Basil= Helps to rid body of parasites, and good for killing bacteria, fungus.

Dandelion & Milk Thistle= Heals the Liver. Excellent for cleansing the body, and wild Dandelion is an important herb for our pollinator Bees.I take this almost every day as it is GREAT for beautifying the skin.

Oregano= Great for ridding body of fungus, Mucus, parasites and rids bacteria and virus from blood and organs. This powerful herb can be bought in the capsule form.

Cayenne Pepper= Can buy in capsule form. Believe it or not, heals Ulcers! It is a natural stimulant, so no need for coffee. I also use this Herb for seasoning everyday. Cleans up the blood, thus, all organs in the body benefit from this wonderful Herb.

I strongly suggest that anyone new to natural healing work with a qualified Herbalist like Candice Marley, along with anyone who has been disappointed by less-than-honest practitioners whom they might have come across in the past. Your body can get to its ideal weight, heal itself, and start to rebuild without being costly.

I seek to educate, and thus, empower my listeners around the world every week, and I thank Candice Marley for joining me again this week to bring some enlightenment and empowerment to Women.

We all need to speak up, stand up, and take action right now for our natural Environment. It is being “lobbied” in corrupted Governments away from us… look at the Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO’s] that have been set loose on our Environment, and look at the monolithic size of profits the big-Pharmaceutical/Chemical [for-profit/publicly traded] companies are accruing YET they take YOUR Tax Dollars in corporate welfare to continue the circle of death and destruction around this world.

It’s time. We need to LEARN how to heal our bodies, and heal our world. Start now with your own body, house, yard/garden, animals, choices.


Pollinating Bees: All Life & Food On Earth Needs These Incredible Insects!

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Honey Bees

Spraying of chemical fertilizers on lawns, in gardens, and on commercial/big-agribusiness crops are killing our most incredible Life Givers on this planet.

You cannot have fruits or vegetables without the pollinating Bees.

Another contributor to the alarming drop in Honey Bee colonies in the USA is the Genetically Modified Organisms [Frankenstein crops] that are grown by large Agribusinesses with American Tax Dollars, to boot!

This is a very serious mistake that our seemingly blinded EPA and Elected State and Federal Government Politicians are making by refusing to take swift action on the culprits of the killing….. and YOU, the innocent Human, are paying for it and will certainly pay for it when there is no food to eat.

The Bayer pharmaceutical company makes a commercially used Pesticide, “Clothianidin” and “imidacloprid” [both are known carcinogenic pesticides called “Neonicotinoids”] that has been directly posed as one the major causes for this steep mass-killing of our most important insects!

These pesticides disrupt/kill the central nervous system of pollinating Bees and they are also spread through the vascular tissues of plants! Thus, when YOU eat a plant that has been sprayed with chemical pesticides…. you CANNOT just wash off the exterior of a pesticide-laden fruit or vegetable and think that you are safe from this insidious poison!

Why is the USA Government placing PROFITS over SAFETY for the Environment, People, our Food Pollinators, and all life on this Earth? Whom are they really protecting? Is money and bribery worth all of the destruction that a small group of Pesticides are causing our health? What about our future?

Please check out a wonderful website that has great information on this topic: http://www.foodfirst.org

My conversation on my radio show on Saturday, October 12, 2013, with Bee Keeper, Author, and Honey Bee Activist Marina Marchese was both fun and informative. Listen to the show in the Archives section of this blog!

Check out Marina’s web site http://www.redbee.com

Be a Backyard Beekeeper! Contact your local Backyard Beekeepers Association, http://www.backyardbeekeepers.com and find out what you can do to be a voice for these amazing insects!

backyard beekeeper

Also, DO NOT ever call a Pesticide company to ‘remove’ any bee colony that may have set up in your home or garden….They will simply spray them with toxic pesticides to kill them and leave YOU with the carcinogenic, DNA disrupting pesticide residue in your Garden/Yard/Office/Home!! And remember Pesticides accumulate in your body and are persistent.

Instead, contact the US Bee Removal Hotline at 888.228.1644 or visit their website http://www.brsr.org…. They safely and humanely remove and RELOCATE the bee hive so that the all-important Honey Bee colonies can continue to live and thrive.

Marina Marchese also pointed out that when homeowners are duped into spraying their homes with Pesticides and even chemical fertilizers for their lawns, they are greatly contributing to the killing of our Bees, who forage for several miles from their Hives.

Use ORGANIC fertilizers [Composting is great for this]. Marina says that Chicken manure is also a wonderful fertilizer. There are MANY Natural/Organic fertilizing companies that have recently sprung up all over the place… make it a point to find one in your local area and support such sustainable companies!

STOP the Pesticides around your home!IMG_0929

This photo was taken by me when a neighbor down the street [who lives on Wetlands, by the way] sprayed their yard last Spring.

As Marina Marchese stated in my show, this just is beyond ignorant and totally out-of-touch with the realities of how dangerous and totally destructive these pesticides are to Bees, Pets, Waterways, and PEOPLE!

Essential_Oils_700WNatural pesticides are Diatomaceous Earth, Peppermint Essential Oils and other Essential Oils like Citronella and even Lemon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Pine, etc. You can spray this in a large spray machine mixed with water and with a small amount of mild Castile soap around your property. Additionally, there are non-toxic/organic companies that are creating businesses for online ordering as well as servicing homeowners and businesses.

There are so many safe and effective alternatives to pesticide spraying that it is truly heartbreaking to see the Consumer get duped into paying for their own families and gardens to be poisoned.

The time is now to save our Bees, and thus, ourselves.

backyard beekeeping photo 2

Keep your lawn, garden, and flowers pesticide-free and Organic. Help the Bees with your Consumer & Lifestyle choices.

backyard beekeeper photo #3



The Beagle Freedom Project

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Beagle Angel

Who could hurt this sweet Angel?

Horrifyingly, Beagles and other innocent, docile animals are used in evil, unnecessary, junk-science, nazi-inspired “laboratory experiments.”

Take a look at the amazing work that Beagle Freedom Project is doing to bring this sadistic, sociopathic, arrogant, wretched practice to an end.

Take a look at the realities of the false-positives and false-negatives in this so-called scientific testing…. people are dead and dying from such diabolical ‘science’ that creates dangerous chemicals, toxic drugs, and harmful home/garden/laundry/personal care products that are laced with some of the most DNA destroying chemicals on the planet.

My conversation with Kevin Chase of the Beagle Freedom Project on October 5th, 2013 revealed these realities to my radio Audience that are totally unimaginable to most people in this supposed “modern” time in history. 

This show is available right now in the Radio Archives Section of this Blog.

We need to write/email all of our elected officials, and the NIH needs to either be shut down [for total cleansing of its own filth and corruption] and/or it must be ordered to STOP ALL FUNDING [several BILLION] for specific ‘animal testing.’

This has got to Stop! Wow! Can you imagine all of the hungry children in America alone we could feed with this money? Nutrition, or lack thereof, is the #1 cause of death and dis-ease of the body…. so why are they funding dangerous, destructive, wretched animal experiments that benefit absolutely no-one?

Who benefits from this waste of our tax dollars? Who in their right mind would justify this carnage of innocent, precious life with our tax dollars?

These images are just a few that show the lonely, painful horror. It must stop now.

beagle terrified must stopTerrified, alone, tortured, in a constant state of stress/fear, and left to suffer in un-natural/sterile/unlivable/uncomfortable cages as they live a life of horror every day until they are killed. …. and this is “Scientific”? Stop the Deception. This is Diabolical.

beagle terrified in cage must stop NOW

Beagel undercover lab photo

L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Physicians Formula, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon…. these are just a FEW of the animal testing cosmetic companies that are selling dangerous, toxic chemicals in their UGLY formulas that actually cause aging and other serious dis-eases [yeah, like Liver/Kidney dis-ease and cancer].

Additionally, the household cleaners that are so darn dangerous to breathe let alone to allow your home to be cleaned with them… these are also highly tested on innocent animals [without consumer knowledge, of course.]

Proctor and Gamble is one horrible company. They are a big, arrogant animal tester for their wretched, chemicalized products that pollute our waterways to boot.

Household cleaners/disinfectants like “Lysol” and “Ajax” and “Comet” and “Clorox”…. bad, bad, bad, BAD. Even “Febreze” and “Mr. Clean” [Mr. Mean, as it has been dubbed] are TERRIBLE in every way.

All of these products, and many more that are heavily advertised on TV,  have been ruthlessly tested on animals yet they remain, ironically, extremely DANGEROUS to YOUR health, and to the health of our Waterways, Air quality, and to the entire eco-system.

Remember, everything, EVERYTHING you put down the drain or wash your laundry with is recycled back to YOU in your water that comes through your tap! 

Dangerous chemicals will not become safe just because an animal died a miserable, horrifying death for it. 

Speak up. Take Action.

water quality

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