Raw Cacao: It’s GREAT For You….

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*******I am so sorry for blogging so late on this important topic I covered on my show on June 22nd, 2013.
I was having some technical issues with my blog and my MacBook…. and found I did, indeed, have some Viruses that needed to be eradicated on my MacBook…. so, Apple, you do get Viruses after all! Hmmmmm.

My Guests on June 22nd, were awesome. The information is invaluable to your wellbeing.

Cacao is pronounced “cah-cow.” It is an awesome healer, and is excellent for your body’s healing when used RAW and unprocessed.

See, the real problem with conventional “chocolate” is exactly the same issue with what is wrong with ALL conventionally packaged foods: It’s processed with toxic chemicals, and then addictive drugs like processed white Sugar are added…. and now it is a bad choice for your body.

Whatever is bad for your body is bad for your brain.

Toxicity affects your behavior. It affects your thinking, your intelligence, your memory, your life.

My two interviews on Saturday the 22nd of June were with incredible people whose generosity in sharing natural healing secrets is a gift to the world.

Shimon Pinhas of Raw Chocolate Love NYC


Winston Kao of Go Beyond Organic

You can achieve a great life. Honor. Integrity. Homeostasis. Truth. Clarity. Grace. Knowledge.

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