Earth and Health Keeper… Are you?

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Lifestlye frogsIt always strikes me as pathetic when you come across grown adults who don’t understand the intricate connection between what they personally choose to consume or buy and the sustainability and future of our entire Eco-system.

When you pay attention to the poisoning of our waterways and the destruction of our natural resources by inept and weak Governments who allow privatized corporations to ruthlessly destroy natural forests and exploit every aspect of this Earth for private profit…. you need to finally understand that your powers as both a Consumer and a Taxpayer have got to be exercised.

Both of my conversations that took place on July 20th, 2013 with Leslie Carole Botha of Adam C. Hall of are two shows that I learned a lot from, and I believe everyone has got to listen to in the “Archives” section here.

With Leslie Carole Botha on the 20th of July, our radio interview was amazing:
Girls [and boys] are dying and are permanently disabled from three main culprits: 1.) Processed and chemical-laden food 2.) Pesticides/pollution 3.) Vaccines.

The fact remains: The new “Gardasil” vaccine has left a wake of death and destruction that only a corrupted FDA could ignore.

We interviewed Britte Fiste, a now 27 year old young woman who was a vibrant 21-year-old College Student when she was given her 2nd Gardasil vaccine. She talked about having been put under immense pressure from a female Doctor to have the vaccine even after she initially said “No.” Britte is permanently disabled now, and no Government agency has come to her rescue, and the very Doctor herself has silently slipped away without even an apology.

This reminds me of the many times I have been pressured by drug-pushing Doctors [some even proclaim to be “holistic” so you need to constantly be vigilant]. I also am reminded of the Nancy Reagan Campaign in the 80’s to “Just Say No” to drugs…. What about saying “NO” to drug pushing Doctors? Is there a Government Campaign for this?

Also, check out the web site below that demonstrates the death and destruction this vaccine and other vaccines have had on innocent people. A young 17-year-old girl named “Jessica” from New York is now dead after receiving her 3rd vaccine. Oh, but the autopsy is inconclusive! How do you feel about trusting this medical paradigm now?

Check out to get a load of information on girls injured and killed, like both Jessica and Britt.

Jessica photo- BE AWARE
This is Jessica as a vibrant honor student who was looking forward to College and her life….

Thousands of girls like Jessica are either dead or disabled in America alone. The Governments of both the UK and around Europe and other ‘developed countries’ have vehemently denied ‘any connection’ or any ‘proof’ that the Gardasil vaccine was the cause! — This one vaccine is filled with Genetically Modified poisons along with Neurotoxins like Mercury, Aluminum, and Formaldehyde—

And who is the Medical paradigm protecting? And why?


My conversation with Earth Keeper Alliance: Can the Consumer bring about the Environmental Stewardship and ACCOUNTABILITY we need to preserve our planet?

My Guest, Adam C. Hall, says “YES!”

Impact Investing: JP Morgan calls this the “Emerging Alternative Asset Class” who are demanding both Environmental stewardship and clean technology for their investments.

There is currently $500 Billion invested in Funds making Socially meaningful investments, and this is positioned for enormous growth.

Adam states that “we are all Earth Keepers.” Each of us was given the right to be the keepers of our individual and collective Gardens.

Now is the time to have a Holistic relationship between the Earth and material prosperity. A Balanced exchange of goods + services that preserve the Earth, the interaction of mankind, and the natural world that aligns Conservation with demand.

As Adam tells my audience, “We can revive the Earth, one person at a time.”

There is also such a thing called ‘Nature Deficit Disorder.” When you are cut off from the natural world, fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food…. it affects your health.

We need to, as Consumers, ONLY support industries that protect our natural world. There are AWESOME alternatives to all the toxic goods and services on the market today. Everything from Gardening to Clothing to Pet Care…. you 100% can CHOOSE to do business with natural, sustainable, truthful companies.

This is a true lifestyle shift, but once you make the change, your outlook and DESIRES will be so clearly anew and realigned with God’s garden that you will wonder why you never thought of changing such toxic patterns sooner.


Adam had outlined the lifestyle for sustainability and better living in his web site for Earth Keeper Alliance:

1.) Realize your purpose and higher calling on Earth.

2.) Create a balanced life of peace, love, and joy.

3.) Become the Master of your destiny.

4.) Lay claim to your role as planetary leader and Guardian.

5.) Honor your legend and legacy.

6.) Fulfill your hearts greatest desire to serve others and planet Earth.

Cut the apathy. Restore your life. You may face apathy, and even someone whose ignorance is so entrenched that they will even resist you, call you names, etc….. But be the CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD ANYWAY!

Life is too short to be a loser. Don’t follow the non-thinking people into the fire. This movement of restoring the Earth, and being uniquely YOU as a caring and peace loving Individual will become the “Norm” before we know it if the progressive, proactive, honorable, Earth Keepers unite, and be the voice we need for a good life for all.


Restore Your Life.

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My conversations over the past weeks have been so fascinating with my various Guests on Conscious Lifestyles Radio Show.

When I interviewed Dorit of “Green Lifestyles” in the July 6th show, http:// the connection between the suffering of animals and the destruction of our wilderness AND our own personal HAPPINESS & Wellness quotients is profound.

Why we are not taught this in basic Religion classes or even Ethics and Health classes is truly the missing keystone to resolving much of the unrest and dysfunction in this world.

Then you add to this paradigm of misinformation & corrupted dogmas the added burden of toxicity on the physical level… and you have the world of strife, sickness/chronic dis-ease, war, and apathy that we see today.

Dr. David Kennedy is one smart Researcher and Dentist. He has made 27 Documentaries to educate the public on the physical and psychological harm that both Fluoride and Mercury do to the human body, and to all life on Earth. Check him out on YOU TUBE. Just type in Dr. David Kennedy and you will get to his many Documentaries, including the most recent one titled “Fluoridegate.” Watch it and pass on the information!

It’s not easy to take all of this in, especially if this is the first you have heard of any of this. But it is imperative that you mull this information over one piece at a time and then get angry enough to take action personally with your lifestyle choices and in your community.

We cannot sit back like apathetic Wimps and let a rogue, overgrown, dictator-style Government poison our lives for another day, year, decade.

The after effects of the chemical air spraying make all of us feel like we are in a Haze, and we are tired a lot… this is all by design. The after effects of Fluoride [poured into the water of Nazi prisoners] make us passive, with lowered IQ and intoxicated Livers and Kidneys to boot.

None of this if fair. You are trying to work, earn a living, support a family, find meaning to your life, and be a good citizen.

But somewhere along the line, somewhere in time, the bad guys took over decision making— everything from Medical School curriculum, our public schools curriculum, public policy, foreign policy, energy dependance, the way houses are constructed in the USA [total crap], and the very food we eat, to the information that is fed to us via the media… it was all taken over through the past generations while the good and honest people were actually working for a living and unknowingly allowing this mind/body/education/lifestyle control to take place.

Where were the Religious Churches and Synagogues to preach to their Flocks to WAKE UP and to be stewards for the Earth? It appears, from my research, that many organized religions were in collusion to control “the masses” and did nothing to point their followers to the Truth [which is clearly spelled out in both the Torah and the Bible]. YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE. God’s Garden has ALL of the healing and wellness that both sustains and flourishes all life.

Why have these religious outfits remained silent on the very terrorism that has been very deliberate and planned and organized? Terror in Government photo
Terrorism Collage

Vaccines= Terrorism
Genetically Modified Food= Terrorism
Chemical Air Spray Programs “Chem Trails”= Terrorism
Toxic Home Building Products= Terrorism
Toxic Chemicals in Beds/Sofas/Baby Clothes/Body Care/Makeup/Hair Care= Terrorism
Toxic Dentistry= Terrorsim
Heavy Metals= Terrorism
Fluoridation= Terrorism
Indoctrination= Terrorism
Warmongering= Terrorism
Mind Manipulation= Terrorism
Animal Testing [“Vivisection”]= Terrorism
Oil and Gas Drilling/Spilling/Poisoning= Terrorism
Religious Dogmas that have nothing to do with God= Terrorism
Deforestation= Terrorism
Induced Apathy= Terrorism
Taxation without Representation= Terrorism
Wild Horse “Round Ups” with Tax Dollars= Terrorism
Hunting/Steel-leghold Trapping/Killing= Terrorism
Lying to the Consumer/Public Policy Manipulation= Terrorism
Killing Animals [including Euthanizing animals unnecessarily in Shelters]= Terrorism
Prejudice/Shunning/Taught Ignorance= Terrorism
Racism/Sexism= Terrorism
Water politics= Terrorism

I believe that we have been Terrorized for a very long time in some heinous and insidious ways. We have even been “indoctrinated” by powerful forces that put themselves in positions of Authority… Religious Leaders, Politicians, Educators, even parents.

Earth Dead 2
We have a very short amount of time in the history of this world to put on the brakes and re-direct the Trajectory of our entire Society. I believe the time is now. It is the NOW Generation that has to make this happen or there is no future for any life.


Horse Slaughter Reality: Total Horror

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Photos You Need To See For Taking Action Right Now.


I don’t understand why the Obama Administration has allowed the Horse Slaughter ban to “Expire” and not bother to do anything for our most innocent and beautiful living beings. Not a word, a peep, or a casual mention of this terrible and bloody killing.

Where is the pro-active legislation to care for our Wildlife, Environment, Domestic Animals and such important social issues? We were given big promises, but there is blood on the hands of all elected individuals who turn their back on protecting our natural world, and of course, our Wild Horses.

Horse Slaughter is a horrendous, horrifying reality and every person reading this blog should, at the very least, email their Congress persons and Senators immediately to stop this abomination.

Only the Will of good people coming together, in FAITH and Conviction, will change the corrupted trajectory of this current world.

Are we, perhaps, without realizing it… the generation who are living within the genuine Dark Ages?

Save Horses NOW #2

Raw Cacao: It’s GREAT For You….

July 6, 2013 at 8:35 AM | Posted in A Conscious Life, Uncategorized | 1 Comment


*******I am so sorry for blogging so late on this important topic I covered on my show on June 22nd, 2013.
I was having some technical issues with my blog and my MacBook…. and found I did, indeed, have some Viruses that needed to be eradicated on my MacBook…. so, Apple, you do get Viruses after all! Hmmmmm.

My Guests on June 22nd, were awesome. The information is invaluable to your wellbeing.

Cacao is pronounced “cah-cow.” It is an awesome healer, and is excellent for your body’s healing when used RAW and unprocessed.

See, the real problem with conventional “chocolate” is exactly the same issue with what is wrong with ALL conventionally packaged foods: It’s processed with toxic chemicals, and then addictive drugs like processed white Sugar are added…. and now it is a bad choice for your body.

Whatever is bad for your body is bad for your brain.

Toxicity affects your behavior. It affects your thinking, your intelligence, your memory, your life.

My two interviews on Saturday the 22nd of June were with incredible people whose generosity in sharing natural healing secrets is a gift to the world.

Shimon Pinhas of Raw Chocolate Love NYC


Winston Kao of Go Beyond Organic

You can achieve a great life. Honor. Integrity. Homeostasis. Truth. Clarity. Grace. Knowledge.

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