How To Avoid Genetically Modified Food

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There is NO Scientific proof that GMO’s are safe for human consumption.
But the scary fact is that animals have developed Caner, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Liver Failure, Obesity, Behavioral Issues, and Cognitive Disorders [to name a few bad things] from being fed Genetically Modified Corn, Soy, Beets and other crops.

GMO’s are not labeled. This has been vigorously and hatefully campaigned against by the behemoth GMO Agriculture companies themselves.

Because there is no labeling, you as the Consumer have to be much more of a Detective [and write to your Local and State Representatives to change this ‘hide and seek’ behavior immediately].

But you can bet on the fact that anything processed, fast food, or not labeled “Organic” or “Wildcrafted” is Genetically Modified.

Produce that is NOT labeled Organic that is likely to be a GMO crop:

Apples, Celery, Bell Peppers, Peaches, Strawberries, Nectarines, Grapes, Spinach, Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Cherries, Hot Peppers.

Finally, here is another important trick to use when you are buying produce:

The Product Lookup Number [PLU]:

It’s a four-digit number that is labeled onto the fruit/vegetable.

If it begins with a 3 or 4, the produce is conventionally grown with chemicals and pesticides, but is not GMO.

If it begins with a 9, it is Organically grown.

If the produce is labeled with a five-digit code that begins with the number 8, this is a GMO crop. Stay away.

We as Consumers have to stand up to this unfolding Environmental DISASTER with how we buy our food. Will the dangerous GMO companies fold up their tent and go home? NO. They are very much intertwined in our Government on purpose. They lobby, cajole, lie, manipulate, and participate in the most unethical behavior that you can imagine.

You have to be a physical voice to your elected officials starting now. Email them. They DO read and count emails.

Genetically Modified Food photo 2

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