A Few Things You Need To Know [or it can kill you].

June 18, 2013 at 1:02 PM | Posted in A Conscious Life | Leave a comment

Here are some of the toxic ingredients in the average, highly advertised toothpaste:

Fluoride= develops bone cancer, impairs pineal gland, causes fluorosis, inhibits antibody formation, depresses thyroid activity. A mouthful of Fluoride toothpaste can kill a child.

Triclosan= causes cancer, disrupts endocrine system.

Abrasives= damages enamel, making teeth sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate= promotes mouth ulcers

Parabens= affect the endocrine system, increase the risk of breast cancer, may enter a developing fetus.

Saccharin= contributes to cavity formation, causes cancer.

Swallowing While Brushing: may cause dizziness, nausea, headache and thirst.

Damage to the Environment: When Fluoride toothpaste goes down the drain or ends up in the landfill, the very chemicals that can harm you destroy aquatic ecosystems and harm microorganisms, all plants, and all animals.

The phosphates destroy the ecosystem by creating excessive algae growth.

When you look for toothpaste, buy a non-fluoride version or better yet use the many liquid/Essential Oil natural products and the powders that are available at any good Whole Foods, or Natural Food Store… or certainly the natural stores on the internet.

Another Chemical Alert: Phenylpropanolamine [PPA]

Alka Seltzer: contains this dangerous drug. It has been linked to hemorrhagic stroke.

This is one of MANY cold “medicines” that contain PPA, which can cause hemorrhagic strokes or cerebral bleeding. One single use can cause these dangerous side-effects.

Unsurprisingly, Pharmaceutical companies have known about these terrible side-effects for many years.

Even the FDA is now admitting this chemical is dangerous and recommends everyone [including children] seek alternative medicine.

*This information was supplied by the wonderful company “Frequency Foods.” Thank you for these alerts to the public.

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