Unbelievable But True: Chem Trails & Radiation Dangers

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Dr. William Von Peters has been studying and speaking about the dangers of Chem Trails for many years. He developed a product called, “Chem Busters” to help people who are affected by the toxic chemicals that are being mysteriously sprayed by the US Military [covertly] into our skies.

Barium and Aluminum are among the toxic heavy metals to have been confirmed in the Chem Trail residue. Additionally, several Chemists and other qualified investigations have found mould spores and fungal additives in the Chem Trails. None of this is good for your current or future health.

Everything inhaled gets into your bloodstream. Everything in your blood stream is within every Organ of your body.

My conversation with Dr. Von Peters broadcast on May 8th and 9th, 2013. His incredible research into natural healing is nothing short phenomenal. Life Quest Formulas


If the Airport “TSA” or a misguided, under-informed Doctor or Nuclear Power company or even a Cell phone company [tower installer or cell phone manufacturer] tells you that their radiation is not too bad… don’t believe it.

Radiation, especially Ionizing Radiation, will damage your DNA. Period. Your Thyroid, Pituitary, and Hormones, brain cells, reproductive organs, Bone Marrow, and every cell that makes up your physical body are affected by all Radiation.

Dr. Von Peters told my audience to never allow themselves to walk through the airport scanning contraptions as the high levels of radiation invade the entire body.

Dr. Von Peters developed a product called “Sea Quest” that helps to rid the body of radiation if you are exposed [and we all are in today’s world with both Chernobyl and Fukushima and DAILY dumping of radioactive Strontium 90 from ALL Nuclear Reactors].


It is time to email your elected officials, both locally and nationally, to be a voice of truth in order to change the trajectory of our communities and world.

Big political pay-offs are the proximate cause of these environmental disasters that are, without any doubt, creating the sickness, dis-ease, unrest, and a violent world. We are slowly allowing this “low heat boil” to destroy every life, and every beautiful living organism within this life on this God-given Earth.

Stop the spin. Restore the honesty in the political and economic processes whose tentacles are far reaching… and affect the HEALTH of all.

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