Thugs & Drugs & Bad Burgers & Misinformed People

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Dr. Brad Case now teaches but his mission in his former practice as a Nutritionist and Chiropractic Doctor has been to educate and empower both his Patients and the Public.

His book, “Thugs, Drugs, and The War on Bugs: How The Natural Healthcare Revolution Will Lead Us Past Greed, Ego, and Scary Germs” has been critically acclaimed. This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to take control of their own health, and learn about the paradigm of what American Medicine has been reduced to.

Check out his website: Health is Natural to learn more and get this informative, incredible book.

Vaccines have never been proven to be safe. But their deadly consequences continue to be ignored by both the “mainstream” and our many [way too many] “alphabet” agencies who masquerade as the protectors of public safety.

Agencies like the FDA, CDC, NIH and even the USDA in America should be shut down. They have become a big, fat, expensive, corrupted revolving door for the big pharmaceutical lobbyists, and other employees whose allegiance is to the drug cartel, and NOT to the care of the American public [or for the world’s health, for that matter.]

Dr. Case discussed the double standards that are routinely practiced when it comes to legally banning a natural plant-based supplement but totally ignoring the deadly wake of a synthesized pharmaceutical drug, such as Vioxx, AZT, Celebrex, Gardasil, Sudafed [synthesized Ephedra], and many other dangerous drugs.

Dr. Case explained that the wildcrafted, Chinese natural Herb Ephedra, for instance, had been used there for many thousands of years in Chinese Medicine without incident. However, when mismanaged to a misinformed public in the USA for off-label use of Weight Loss…. well, then the FDA rushes in and ‘bans’ the Herb. But they never banned Sudafed. Not a word about it. Totally corrupted behavior.

This movement to standing up for our own health through natural, pure food choices and healing lifestyles is no fad. It has a magnificent groundswell of people from all walks of life with stories to tell of healing through food choices, environmentally healing practices, going Vegan/Vegetarian after learning of the ACID=Sickness correlation by eating animal products…. then the reality of the horrifying abuse, cruelty, and outright imprisonment of intelligent animals starts to awaken people……. the whole circle becomes clear, and you realize that the heart Dis-ease, Diabetes, mental illnesses, cancers, weight issues, high blood pressure, and other dis-eases are all caused from the disassociation that the mass-factory farmed-chemicalized foods conglomerates have created with our Natural World with great consequences to our health and wellness.

The current “VegNews” magazine [June 2013] is their Music Issue. http:// The intelligent, talented Artists featured in this issue, with their own stories, should make anyone wake up and reevaluate their eating and lifestyle habits.

To quote a VegNews article on rapper KRS-One:

“With hundreds watching at The Roxy in Los Angeles, rapper KRS-One waxes into the mic about the Food and Drug Administration, livestock drug use, and the lies of the agriculture industry. The song is “Beef,” his anti-meat rap ballad that dissects the act of raising, murdering, and packaging an animal for food, and the argument for a plant-based diet rings loud and clear.”


The atrocities that keep this world in chains and Freedom [and happiness] far from reach can be broken and overcome if ordinary people stopped, and got off the treadmill the big pharma, agri-giants, mass media, even governmental entities have conveniently kept them enslaved to. A simple understanding is all it takes. Lives can be healed and abundance, peace, harmony and long life can be achieved with such small steps.

Albert Einstein was a proponent of a plant-based diet and lived his life with deep connection to the Earth.

Clean your body of animal products, fast food, drugs, chemicals [including pesticides/super dangerous], processed foods, MILK [totally YUCK-O], processed sugar, vaccines, chemicalized beauty/body products, and, of course, ignorant people….

And you will see resounding results! Clear Body = Clear Mind.

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