Thugs & Drugs & Bad Burgers & Misinformed People

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Dr. Brad Case now teaches but his mission in his former practice as a Nutritionist and Chiropractic Doctor has been to educate and empower both his Patients and the Public.

His book, “Thugs, Drugs, and The War on Bugs: How The Natural Healthcare Revolution Will Lead Us Past Greed, Ego, and Scary Germs” has been critically acclaimed. This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to take control of their own health, and learn about the paradigm of what American Medicine has been reduced to.

Check out his website: Health is Natural to learn more and get this informative, incredible book.

Vaccines have never been proven to be safe. But their deadly consequences continue to be ignored by both the “mainstream” and our many [way too many] “alphabet” agencies who masquerade as the protectors of public safety.

Agencies like the FDA, CDC, NIH and even the USDA in America should be shut down. They have become a big, fat, expensive, corrupted revolving door for the big pharmaceutical lobbyists, and other employees whose allegiance is to the drug cartel, and NOT to the care of the American public [or for the world’s health, for that matter.]

Dr. Case discussed the double standards that are routinely practiced when it comes to legally banning a natural plant-based supplement but totally ignoring the deadly wake of a synthesized pharmaceutical drug, such as Vioxx, AZT, Celebrex, Gardasil, Sudafed [synthesized Ephedra], and many other dangerous drugs.

Dr. Case explained that the wildcrafted, Chinese natural Herb Ephedra, for instance, had been used there for many thousands of years in Chinese Medicine without incident. However, when mismanaged to a misinformed public in the USA for off-label use of Weight Loss…. well, then the FDA rushes in and ‘bans’ the Herb. But they never banned Sudafed. Not a word about it. Totally corrupted behavior.

This movement to standing up for our own health through natural, pure food choices and healing lifestyles is no fad. It has a magnificent groundswell of people from all walks of life with stories to tell of healing through food choices, environmentally healing practices, going Vegan/Vegetarian after learning of the ACID=Sickness correlation by eating animal products…. then the reality of the horrifying abuse, cruelty, and outright imprisonment of intelligent animals starts to awaken people……. the whole circle becomes clear, and you realize that the heart Dis-ease, Diabetes, mental illnesses, cancers, weight issues, high blood pressure, and other dis-eases are all caused from the disassociation that the mass-factory farmed-chemicalized foods conglomerates have created with our Natural World with great consequences to our health and wellness.

The current “VegNews” magazine [June 2013] is their Music Issue. http:// The intelligent, talented Artists featured in this issue, with their own stories, should make anyone wake up and reevaluate their eating and lifestyle habits.

To quote a VegNews article on rapper KRS-One:

“With hundreds watching at The Roxy in Los Angeles, rapper KRS-One waxes into the mic about the Food and Drug Administration, livestock drug use, and the lies of the agriculture industry. The song is “Beef,” his anti-meat rap ballad that dissects the act of raising, murdering, and packaging an animal for food, and the argument for a plant-based diet rings loud and clear.”


The atrocities that keep this world in chains and Freedom [and happiness] far from reach can be broken and overcome if ordinary people stopped, and got off the treadmill the big pharma, agri-giants, mass media, even governmental entities have conveniently kept them enslaved to. A simple understanding is all it takes. Lives can be healed and abundance, peace, harmony and long life can be achieved with such small steps.

Albert Einstein was a proponent of a plant-based diet and lived his life with deep connection to the Earth.

Clean your body of animal products, fast food, drugs, chemicals [including pesticides/super dangerous], processed foods, MILK [totally YUCK-O], processed sugar, vaccines, chemicalized beauty/body products, and, of course, ignorant people….

And you will see resounding results! Clear Body = Clear Mind.

Make Love With Your [Naturally Healed] Life

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Beautify Life with Markus Rothkranz

Looking at Markus Rothkranz today, at the age of 50, you would think he was in his 20’s…. and you would never know that he was deathly ill as a child and through young adulthood.

Today, he lives the life that everyone in their right mind wants: Vibrancy, Love, Happiness, True Health, Wisdom, and Abundance.

When conventional Doctors told him at a young age that he would not live long, Markus looked to Nature for the answers. He went into the Desert, observed the beauty and healing of our natural world, and found the way to heal his body through unloading the physical and emotional “junk” he realized he had been carrying around. He detoxed his body, mind, and spirit… and found life.

Markus’s story is remarkable, but certainly not unusual in the natural healing community.

But why is this miraculous bodily [and subsequently spiritual healing] so unthinkable in the conventional, American-style of pharmaceutical, surgery-based medicine?

Why are natural detoxification methods and truthful Nutrition kept out of the equation in “modern medicine?”

In our conversation on Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Markus explained the simple keys to wellness, longevity, and abundance in life.

I call this healing a Gift from God’s Garden. In both the Torah and the Bible, the Herbs and other nature-given healing properties [including Essential Oils] are clearly described and very clearly decreed as Gifts to all living beings to gain healing from. Why are they ignored today, in our supposed “modern” world? Are politics, profits, and control at play?

You can be healed naturally. You can leave behind the pain, suffering and confusion. You can start again, and be better than ever. Markus shows people how to turn their lives around and live 100% healthily.


Here’s the show with Markus that broadcast May 18, 2013 worldwide. Take back your life. Be free!


One More Video For Pet Guardians

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Jan Rasmussen, Best-Selling Author of “Scared Poopless: The Straight Talk on Dog Care” has so many fantastic videos, that I just have to share one more that really resonated with me.

Our beloved Siamese Cat, Mina, was killed [murdered is more like it, shockingly] at a Vet’s office when they convinced my Nephew and my husband to have some of her teeth pulled. None of this made sense to me, as a Holistic Health Counselor, given her Asthma and the fact that she was over 10 years old. It seemed very high risk, but they downplayed any such risks and made it out to be a routine, no-big-deal type of procedure and assured me that she would adjust to not having some teeth and be fine.

Mina’s Trachea was ripped open by a Vet Tech whose arrogance and lack of integrity are beyond description. Neither Vet in the operating room did a thing to save Mina. She suffocated to death!

The Vet involved in this tragedy worked at the “Holistic” vet office called Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic, run by the infamous Dr. Marty Goldstein. Both he and Dr. Jaqueline Ruskin negligently and improperly gave Mina Epinephrine while she could not breathe as her Trachea was torn. They negligently ‘forgot’ to give her a Tracheotomy and/or put tubes directly into her lungs so she could breathe while the Trachea was properly repaired.

Additionally, this female Vet was charged with 2nd Degree Negligence by the State of New York Disciplinary Board. One more complaint, and she will have her license suspended.

Clearly, no one in this Vet office was properly trained in any of these procedures, and their Idiocy caused Mina’s horrific death.

Imagine getting a call in the middle of the day, after being told that this is routine and everything would be fine, that your beloved and beautiful Cat is dead.

This Video by Jan Rasmussen is ALSO to be applied to cats. Please, Consumers BEWARE!

Your Pet is Scared of the Vet for a Very Good Reason!

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Jan Rasmussen, Author of “Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care,” was my Guest on the Show on May 11th, 2013.

Her advocacy for our beloved Pets has brought about a Buzz with many millions of loving Pet Guardians and Families around the world.

However, the USA remains the ONLY Nation on Earth that promotes yearly, dangerous vaccines.

There really are no words that can better describe the tragedies that both over-vaccinating [and vaccinating AT ALL to begin with], and chemicalized/processed food can do to your Best Buddy than the Videos that Jan Rasmussen’s foundation has given to the public to learn from.

Please watch these videos and take action for your family’s best friend.

Vaccine Reactions: Be Informed and Well Armed For Your Pet

Our Last Wild Places: Why is the US Government killing and destroying with [Billions] of your tax dollars?

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This article is difficult for me to write. With all of the injustices in this world, it is a challenge to focus on the most innocent living beings horribly, brutally murdered with my own tax dollars. This is so hard to comprehend the corruption in its entirety: Our own “Government” killing, stealing, robbing from the tax payer, and from our beautiful, natural Landscape given to us to enjoy and revere and celebrate by God himself? Unthinkable.

President Obama is “indifferent” to this asinine killing. Hmmm. Did he NOT originally promise prospective Voters to be “Green” and campaign as an “Environmental” Candidate? What happened?

Politics, as usual.

My conversation last Saturday, May 4th, 2013, with Priscilla Feral of “Friends of Animals” Website for Friends of Animals was revealing. Hopefully, people will stand up and realize that they must be the voice to make the changes that we need to see in this world in order to save it.

Fax, Email, Write Postcards…. to your local and national Representatives. Be a voice for our Wild Horses, our Wolves, Our Whales, Dolphins, Wildlife and Domestic Animals… our food quality, our air and water quality, too.

We continually hear the same rhetoric repeatedly with empty promises. I think the educated, honorable Voter is really tired of the self-impressed, egotistical and Sociopathic Politicians who do nothing to improve this world. Instead, hasn’t this world and the quality of life within it gotten worse?

The cheap ‘burger; the cheap chicken wings; the animal products that are mass produced are grazed on our Public, beautiful wild lands that are paid for by our Taxes. These tracts of wild acreage were set up originally many decades ago to preserve our natural landscape for all generations to enjoy.

However, the factory-farm cattle grazing companies had other ideas for this land. They have cajoled our elected Politicians, lobbied, and bought their way into destructively grazing cattle and other “cheap,” large-corporately owned/factory farmed animals– and subsequently killing wildlife in the process by way of steel leg-hold traps, shootings, poisoning, and illegal “round-ups.”

ALL of these wretched killings, by the way, are NOT paid for by the factory-farms that whine their way through the Halls of Congress and the Senate to get this bloody massacre of our wildlife done… it is paid for by YOU, the Taxpayer, whose very Birthright is supposed to see these wild lands Untouched. Instead, we are being lied to by the Propaganda that invades every crevice of media possible.

When will we, collectively, wake up?

Let’s hold their feet to the fire, and make the “US Fish and Wildlife” Department, along with the “Bureau of Land Management” and
“Department of Interior” accountable for their atrocities. Frankly, this is a good way to balance the Budget/Deficit in the United States: FIRE all of these goons and start to protect our last remaining wild places. For once.

Remember, your State Senators and Congress people need to hear from you. Send a 5 minute email. Priscilla Feral reminds us that these emails, postcards and phone calls do, in fact, matter.

ignoranceIgnorance in a photograph. When will the stupidity stop?

Now is the time to save our natural world. Tomorrow is too late.

Moppel in Trap

Someone’s Beloved cat is trapped in a steel leg-hold trap. These traps are indiscriminate, highly destructive, and have no place in this world today. Similar to Mines, they kill anything and anyone who crosses their path.

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