Overcoming Trauma & Finding Life’s Purpose

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After having buried the trauma of being sexually abused as a child, my Guest on April 27th, 2013, Rose Heart, openly told my radio audience how this caused her to spiral into the darkness of Alcohol and Drug addiction over time as she emerged into adulthood.

The wake up call for her was having a child who was injured by a vaccine at what is erroneously called the “Well Baby” check-ups at a conventional Pediatrician’s office. Her son had serious breathing difficulties, and had an anaphylactic reaction soon after a series of toxic vaccines.

After the denials by the Pediatrician of any correlation of her son’s frightening reaction to the toxicity in the vaccines, Rose Heart’s personal research became a new life of TRUTH behind the matrix of deception that kept both her own life in a state of un-wellness and then stemmed into her family’s life.

Her determination to learn to heal her own body, her family’s bodies, and then to help others heal and live their true purpose led her to Herbal and Aromatherapy school. She also became a licensed Massage Therapist in her quest to understand the body and how to heal in the physical and spiritual senses.

Today, Rose Heart utilizes her Certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist knowledge to help others heal from all levels of past trauma. She also works with many people who just want to find healing and balance in their lives.

Rose went on to found an extraordinary company, Organic Infusions where Therapeutic, Medicinal grade Essential Oils are available, along with personal healing work with Rose with individual clients.

Rose’s compassion for people who have fallen into psychological turmoil and subsequent drug/alcohol abuse is what makes her unique in the natural healing community.

She’s “been there” and knows how to work with the natural healing modalities of Herbalism, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Juicing, and other incredible gifts from God to help people heal their lives and find the freedom from the chains of dis-ease that was once a burden that blockaded them from achieving their Godly purpose.

An incredible part of Rose Heart’s story is that she found Christianity and the Savior of God’s Love in her newfound life along her Journey to Natural Wellness.

Thank you, Rose, for your life and work on this Earth.

God healed Rose’s life through his beautiful Herbal Garden, guidance, and unsurpassed Love. And he can heal you naturally, too.

All life, all living beings… have a Divine purpose.


This show is available in the “Archives” section of this blog.

Landscape photo of God's Garden

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”
Psalm 55:22

Coming Back To The Garden

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Sometimes I really feel alive. Everything is beautiful, my life is colorful and my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are in-sync with what I believe is God’s great gift of life.

Then sometimes I see the corruption in everything from some incompetent people who defraud the public to the horrifying corruption of our own local and national bureaucratic Governmental entities…. to our schools and their ridiculous Administrative corruption… to everything else big and small in this world that should never have been allowed to go bad. But they did.

The only things I know that will protect me and keep me grounded, balanced, focused, and in a place of Peace are Prayer/Spirituality and Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and finally taking action to heal my body naturally through my lifestyle and food choices.

My conversation on April 20, 2013, with Winston Kao of “Go Beyond Organic” was, as always, so interesting and alive that the time just flew by. I have had Winston on my show several times, as his knowledge is unbelievable.

I started taking a Raw B-Vitamin supplement by Garden of Life a few weeks ago when I had these horrible cracks on my heels. I thought it was just from the cold weather, but no matter how much Organic cream I put on my heels, they remained cracked. But when Winston told my audience that a B-vitamin deficiency is the primary cause of cracked heels, I put ‘two-and-two’ together when I noticed my heels were healing so beautifully… it was the B-vitamin deficiency!

Winston also shared that the Spice Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and a true gift of healing to all life. Certain parts of India have no cancer and other degenerative dis-eases because of their high Turmeric and Curry consumption with many important Spices.

Winston also told my audience that high quality pro-biotics, like his “Inner Garden” liquid product [which I take and love it] are better to take than Enzymes. He explained that Enzymes eat everything in sight, whether they be beneficial to your body or not. And most Enzymes are GMO [Genetically Modified Organisms] so it is not advisable to take. True Enzymes are supposed to be in raw fruits and vegetables but Winston explained that the soil that provides these beneficial, naturally-occuring Enzymes has been seriously compromised by pesticides, fertilizers, pollution, oil contamination and even Chem-Trails.

Thus, you need to supplement with a high quality fermented micro-organisms that includes Turmeric.

Getting back to the Garden takes HONESTY. There is an unthinkable lack of Honesty in this world at this moment in time. With special interests, lack of awareness, ignorance, deliberate CONTROL of your mind/perception, people choosing to be ignorant and even angry at others for thinking differently from their mindset, and all of the corruption across every spectrum of business to churches to schools to medicine to the media… It takes vigilance to garner the truth and to live Honestly.

Winston suggested that you check out Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Can we get back to the Garden? It will take a monumental effort by all of us, but I believe we can do it if we all, collectively, choose to find the Truth from the one God who made this Universe…. and if we seek the knowledge we need to empower ourselves to command a reclaimed Earth and a restored natural Environment.

Healthy body’s maintain healthy mindsets. We need clean food, water, air, and FREEDOM to achieve the very Peace that everyone says they want every Christmas and New Year.

Essential Oils: A Gift From God

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essential oil zen photo

I did not have any idea how incredible Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils are to your immediate and long term health and well being until the past few years.

About 8 years ago, it was by chance that I had a bruise that was just not healing, so I just used my intuition to use some Essential Oils I had stuffed in my make-up drawer mixed with Sweet Almond Oil [“carrier oil”] on this bruise on my leg every day after I got out of the shower. In about a week, the bruise was totally gone.

This was my first moment of realization that I may be onto an Ancient healing practice that I once just passed off as some esoterically related, pretty smelling stuff you get from the natural food store and some skin care specialists.

I always knew I liked Essential Oils, because I would use them to avoid getting bit by stinging insects whenever I was gardening and hiking. But what a gift from God these awesome, powerhouse healers really are! They are true Gifts from the Garden, and all cells within your body respond to them when used properly.

My conversation with Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils was on April 13, 2013.

Nan’s incredible energy is fantastic to learn from and to be around, as she is passionate about the historical importance that Essential Oils have played in healing people, animals, and even the Environment.

The Three Wise Men brought to Jesus the Holy Infant [surrounded by the ANIMALS] Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. All of these are powerful healers that date back to earlier than the Egyptians. The Torah and the Bible don’t bother to explain their importance because during these times, and for many thousands of years, all people knew of their prized healing powers and it was assumed by the writers of each book within the Old and the New Testaments that the reader is also knowing of these highly coveted healers from God’s Garden.

Essential Oil in nature

The Western Science culture, and it’s subsequent arrogance that everything not made in a chemical lab by human hands is too ‘sublime’ and inexplicable, therefore, not accepted by Scientific studies.

But this arrogance has cost us our quality of life, and too many people, animals and environmental treasures have been lost as a result of our “Scientific” indoctrination that was spawned from Greed, ignorance, and disconnection from the Earth and its wonders.

Is it not time to get back to the Garden?

The incredible experiences I have had over time with Essential Oils has opened my eyes to this natural, God-given modality as a prized part of my daily healing regiment.

Here are some tips for daily household use of Essential Oils so you can SAVE YOUR MONEY and make your own cleaning and air freshening products:

* Cleaning: Use Baking Soda with a few drops of Essential Oil of your choice [Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Sweet Basil, etc.] to clean your bathroom shower, tub, etc. rather than those toxic scrubs.
* Also, for countertops, kitchen, and other surfaces that are not wood: In a spray bottle, add a small amount of natural Castile liquid soap, like “Dr. Bronner’s” to the bottle, then put a generous amount of either White Vinegar or cheap Vodka, add equal part water, then sprinkle several drops of Essential Oils of your choice to the bottle. Close spray bottle and shake. You have the best, most healthy and heavenly fragrant cleaner on the planet!
*Air Freshener: In a small spray bottle add water [and a bit of cheap Vodka if you choose to have it dissipate faster] and the Essential Oil of your choice. This is the ONLY non-toxic, truly healing air freshener you could have…. and it will cost pennies to make.

Keep learning about Essential Oils, and learn to heal your body, mind, spirit, home, animals, Earth with these aromatic, cleansing wonders from a Divine God.

Ezekial 47:12

Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month because their water flows from the Sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for Medicine.

Lavender herb and essential oil

Heavy Metals in Your Pottery

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My conversation with JR Page of Page Pottery is one that really makes you wonder.

There are no regulations on heavy metals used to make pottery, which thereby transfers itself into your food…

Whenever you put something acidic into a cup, on a plate or bowl– like tomato sauce, coffee, or even milk products– they “upload” the heavy metals into your food.

JR Page told us what to look for in pottery and how to avoid this daily, toxic poisoning whenever you eat or drink.

One of his suggestions was to find a smaller, hand-crafting pottery business and talk with the Potter directly. Find out their philosophy and how they are making their pottery. Secondly, when you “knock” on the plate, it should be equivalent to knocking on a stone and have a hard, “dunk” sound to it. If, on the other hand, it has a sound that is high and sounds more like glass when you knock on it, then it was low-fired and is most likely toxic.

Be careful of the fine china and crystal that also intoxicates your food and wine. JR told us that fine China is typically low-heat fired, and this poses a serious health issue.

Blue colored items are also to be avoided if they are not properly made. JR tells my radio audience what to ask for when buying pottery for your home or restaurant. The mineral Cobalt is used for most blue and green pottery, and this is highly toxic for human consumption.

Why is this not regulated? Great question.

Anything made by mass production in China is something to be very wary of, as heavy metals are typically used in most overseas mass produced china ware, pottery, coffee cups, etc.

Be careful. Your health is on the line whenever you eat or drink something acidic. Instead, find pottery that is safe for you and your family.


Sitting, Sleeping, and Lounging on Chemical Warfare?

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Sullivan Sofa F230

The State of California Legislature got bamboozled back in the mid 1970’s by the Chemical industry to make it the Law to install toxic, off-gassing, chemical warfare into all upholstered furniture.

The reasoning [the DECOY] for this argument to install such horrifying chemicals into furniture was for ‘flame retardant’ properties of such chemicals.

This has proven to be so damaging to the environment and people that it’s now become an epidemic to have Thyroid disorders, Hormone disorders, hyperactivity in children, and other illnesses that were not at all commonplace prior to these chemical additives.

Why the United States is the ONLY developed country in this world to require such chemicals proves the power of LOBBYING by specific industries ON THE STATE LEVEL, and not just the national level.

Because California required these ‘flame retardant’ chemicals, all manufacturers simply added these chemicals to ALL of the furniture they made for the USA market. Thus, everyone else who was not living in California has been contaminated with these dangerous, and often deadly chemicals when they buy most upholstered furniture in the USA.

The ONLY way to avoid this toxic soup of chemicals coming into your home, you must buy truthfully Organic furniture that has NO polyurethane foam or other batting that has been treated with such flame retardants. And by the way, when a “Green Washing” company states that they use “Soy” foam…. this is just as toxic, but with some soy oil added! Don’t buy it!

Another issue to pay attention to is WHAT the sofa/chair is made with on the inside! Are they using chemical-laden plywood? Most of the time they do. Are they using other toxic things like chemically treated fabrics that are ‘easy to clean?’

Don’t buy this. You WILL have to be Vigilant, but it’s worth saving your life over.

My conversation on Saturday March 30th, 2013, with Travis Nagle, one of the founders of Viesso Furniture in Southern California, was informative to many people who many have learned about this whole new paradigm of dangerous chemical exposure.

Check out Viesso
Also check out these additional natural furniture makers:
Ekla Home
Cisco Brothers
Endicott Home

Dr. Arlene Blum’s Green Science Policy Institute

Most eco-friendly furniture is made with Latex rubber, but there are other natural products available like Hemp stuffing and Organic Cotton. There are many options, but the Consumer as of today in the USA does not know about them. You might need to do a bit of research, but all of the information is out there for you to gather.

My working with Travis has been a pleasure. I found some Hemp fabric that was the color I wanted, so I had it sent to Viesso for some pillows they are making for me.

As Consumers, if we continue to voice our dissatisfaction with toxic and Earth poisoning furniture and REFUSE to BUY it…. and put our money into healthier [and ecologically responsible] choices…. don’t you think the furniture industry will finally get the message? Will they be motivated to improve their business practices?

Also check out Mother Jones Magazine’s excellent article on this matter: http://http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2012/11/couch-flame-retardants-cancer-toxic

Cats have been besieged with Hyper and Hypo-thyroid issues after the introduction of Fire Retardant Chemicals in Furniture. Our children have been hurt by these chemicals as well and it's showing up as ADHD, Hyperactivity, low academic performance, mental and emotional disorders and other dis-eases. Is this acceptable? Should we continue to let the Chemical Industry Lobby to have their way into our homes?

Cats have been besieged with Hyper and Hypo-thyroid issues after the introduction of Fire Retardant Chemicals in Furniture. Our children have been hurt by these chemicals as well and it’s showing up as ADHD, Hyperactivity, low academic performance, mental and emotional disorders and other dis-eases. Every living being who lives in your home, including you, has been affected by these chemicals in some way. Is this acceptable? Should we continue to let the Chemical Industry Lobby to have their way into our homes?


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