Is There Plastic On Your Face?

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Woman looking at skin care

Plastic, lab-made polymers are used illicitly in hair care, facial creams, and even makeup. “Dimethicone” is one such toxic product that literally suffocates your skin as it stops it from breathing as it naturally does through the pores. You wind up with clogged pores and suffocated skin… and when used on hair, it eventually dries out the hair follicles and builds-up this plastic coating on the hair.

It should not be used in any body care product, but most body care manufacturers only care about the short term [immediate] results and don’t care about the toxicity or damage these additives cause to the human body.

In other words, your long-term health is of no concern to most makeup, hair and body care manufacturers.

You have to be your own investigator, and be VIGILANT in your quest for honorable, natural products that are both good for you and for the Earth.

The list of bad chemicals is a long one, but here is a “starter” list of some chemicals to avoid:

Propylene Glycol [also Butylene Glycol]- used as a cheap alternative to the more expensive Vegetable Glycerin. It is highly toxic and seeps directly through the skin and into the blood stream. A Liver and Kidney toxin. Banned in Europe.

Dimethicone- A plastic polymer that makes the skin and hair appear more smooth. This is short lived and can build up on both the skin and hair causing damage to both.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate [and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate]- Acts as a foaming agent. Causes Liver and Kidney damage, vision disturbances and damage to eye nerves, and Dermatitis and Eczema.

Benzyl Alcohol- Causes respiratory tract irritation, dizziness, decrease in blood pressure, nausea and headaches. This product is used in many detergents, nail polish remover, soaps, perfumes. A very cheap and caustic substitute for safer, yet more expensive products like Vinegar, Vodka, Witch Hazel.

Methylparaben [along with Ethyl, Butyl, Propylparabens]- Widely used to increase shelf life. Banned in Sweden and Japan. These chemicals are extremely toxic and have been the source of many health issues. Found in shampoo, conditioners, face creams, body creams, makeup, hair styling products, DENTAL PRODUCTS like Novacaine [shot straight into your blood stream…. WHAT?], hair color, and many products that are used on the body and in animal care and baby care, too. Keep a look out for these dangerous chemicals, and be a voice to stop this heinous act of using preservatives that are incredibly dangerous. There ARE natural, non-toxic [yet more expensive] alternatives like Vitamin C [Citric Acid], Rosemary Essential Oil and Extract, Vitamin E, and other natural products. But as stated, they are more expensive, and many manufacturers look at the bottom line and not your health!

Methylene Chloride- Supposedly banned in 1988 by the FDA, but it is used to this very day in cosmetics and body care that is downright harmful to your quality of life.

Sodium Benzoate- Snuck into many “natural” even “organic” products. This is a toxic preservative that turns into BENZENE when soaked into skin! Again, more expensive preservatives that are natural exist, but many manufacturers look at the bottom line only.

Talcum Powder- Implicated in many health disorders that are very serious. Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Asthma, and other illnesses that can be fatal. What is it doing in makeup, and baby products? There are NON-toxic alternatives like Arrowroot powder, Rice Powder, even Corn Starch. Don’t fall for the slick advertising and pretty packages filled with this carcinogen.

Fluoride- Used as a Rat Poison! This is a highly, highly toxic and corrosive chemical that is the by-product of the synthetic pesticide, aluminum, and coal industries. It has no business in your drinking water, and no business in toothpaste or dental products that your dentist is most likely clueless about. Remember, most Dentists are NOT Toxicologists and have zero training in Toxicology. MANY children have died from eating toothpaste and even in the dental chair when fluoride rinses are wrongfully put into their mouths. There are many, many Herbs, Essential Oils, Nut Oils, and even Sea Salt products that are healthy alternatives to using a dangerous poison! This is THE PLACE to start in your natural lifestyle makeover!

Cocamide DEA- Synthetic Surfectant. Creates foam in shampoos, etc. A carcinogen.

“Fragrance” or “Parfum”– Found in makeup, skin care, haircare, and sold as fresheners and includes commercial-made women’s and mens perfumes. The hundreds of chemicals that create these synthesized smells are extremely toxic to your body and to your brain cells. Many people say they are ‘allergic’ to perfume…. No, they are allergic to the toxic chemicals that create the highly advertised, synthetic concoctions that are also environmental toxins. In fact, it would be illegal to pour them down the drain because they are harmful to aquatic life! Do not buy synthetic perfumes. Save your money, and save your life.

Instead, opt for the many Essential Oils and handmade pressed flower and essential oil and spice parfums that have NO synthetic, chemical compounds. You will be blown away by the incredible natural products that are available to enlighten your life, mind, spirit. Make your own with a blend of organic oil [like Jojoba, for instance] and your favorite essential oil. Actress Drew Barrymore does this exact hand made preparation with her favorite essential oil, Patchouli.

My interview on March 23, 2013, with Stephanie Greenwood of Bubble and Bee Organics was, hopefully, informative to my listeners who care about their health.

You can’t control the pollution outside– although as taxpayers and citizens of this Earth, we certainly should have our voices heard about stopping the dirty industries that are intoxicating our lives.

But what you CAN control immediately is the quality of products you allow into your home, into your body, and onto your skin.

Take a look at Stephanie’s blog on her website Bubble and Bee and check out the “Chemical of the Day” information that Stephanie has put together to educate the consumer. This is an impressive educational site, so read and learn from her incredible research, and then arm yourself…. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how many so-called “natural” products contain these harmful chemicals.

A whole new world of HEALING, HONORABLE, GORGEOUS, INCREDIBLE products awaits you when you learn how to include TRUTH into your daily body care routines.


More Than 100 Miles Per Hour On The Highway… At Rush Hour.

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florida highway

When Karen Mertes was driving home from work after running some errands on an average Wednesday evening around 7PM, she had no idea that a drunken driver [also high on drugs] was going to ram the back of her car at over 100 MPH.

Karen’s steering and brakes were instantly gone. So were her back tail lights with the impact completely demolishing the entire rear of the car she was driving.

As she sped out of control, in the dark, and passed out behind the wheel from the impact… a miracle must have happened that saved her life that only survivors of unthinkable circumstances can only explain or imagine.

After she regained consciousness, she was still behind the wheel, without brakes, steering, lights.

She had not realized she had suffered a severe head trauma, but started to pray to God to save her life. In return, she would dedicate her life to helping other victims overcome trauma.

By the Grace of God, Karen was on a stretch of highway outside of Tampa, Florida, that was straight and without any overpasses and waterways.

Karen is one of those outstanding people you always admire and secretly hope to emulate in your life. An Officer in the Air Force, a graduate from a top University with two additional Graduate degrees, including an MBA, she is a focused and honorable citizen who does everything in life spectacularly.

Talking with Karen, you would never know that she suffered such an accident. But when you read about her story of recovery, finding forgiveness, and then helping others… you cannot help but be inspired.

I spoke with Karen on March 16, 2013 on Conscious Lifestyles Radio. You may listen to the broadcasted show now on podcast in the ARCHIVES section of this blog.

Check out Karen’s Non-Profit Charitable Organization she established in 2009 to help victims overcome tragedy and restore triumph in their lives:

Fulfill Your Destiny

sunrise in florida golden

Why Can’t You Know The Truth?

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My conversation with Howard Strauss of Gerson Media on March 9th, 2013, is one of many I have had over the years with a man who has generously shared his passion and knowledge of natural healing for all modern-day disease.

Viruses and Bacteria are nothing to be afraid of. Why? They have been part of life since the beginning of time. And they can’t hurt you if you BUILD your immune system naturally and maintain a lifestyle that is utilizing God’s Garden the way we were actually mandated to do… God gave us the herbs and minerals and all of his Garden to heal and live well.

Why have we, as humans, been denied the information that is life saving, money saving, time saving, and downright easy to implement?

The ‘powers that be’ are very well organized and have infiltrated every single circle of Government, thereby creating regulations and ‘Laws’ that benefit themselves.

Money, Profits, Power. These are the reasons why natural healing methods for all levels of dis-ease have been hidden from [primarily] the American consumer. An America that is very much a sick nation is very profitable for Hospitals and Pharmaceutical interests.

Healing modalities like slow masticating juicing, healing Nutrition, Ozone, Herbal and Homeopathy therapies are imperative to understand if you want to achieve homeostasis.

Read more about healing naturally at Gerson Media.

You can listen to this important show in the Archives section of my blog.

Save your life and save our world by living consciously.

gerson norwalk juicer

The Best Show Ever: Omega Horse Rescue, Scribbles the Horse & A 17-Year-Old Girl Named Brittany

March 8, 2013 at 5:57 PM | Posted in A Conscious Life, A Face For The Horrors of Domestic Horses Betrayed, Horses are NOT Livestock!, Save Our Horses NOW, Scribbles the Horse Rescued From Slaughter by Omega Horse Rescue, Uncategorized | 4 Comments
Wild Mustang Horses being loaded onto truck for Auction where many "kill" buyers illegally front themselves as 'good homes' for these innocent horses. Auctions are no place for Sentient Beings.

Wild Mustang Horses being loaded onto truck for Auction where many “kill” buyers illegally front themselves as ‘good homes’ for these innocent horses. Auctions are no place for Sentient Beings.

This show, broadcast on March 2nd, 2013, was one of the best shows ever [according to my husband and colleagues].

I really have to agree, as it brings us face-to-face with the reality of what is happening to America’s beloved, gentle horses.

The story of Brittany Wallace’s horse winding up at an Auction in Pennsylvania and bought by a “kill” buyer…. all without Brittany or her family’s knowledge…. is a compelling story of both heartbreak, shock and finally triumph.

Thanks to Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue, who happened to be at the Auction where Scribbles was bought and waiting in a pen to be boarded onto a trailer bound for SLAUGHTER, a miracle took place instead.

Kelly notices Scribbles in the holding pen, and she was bleeding profusely as an artery had been severed. She knew this horse would bleed to death without immediate Veterinarian care, so she took control by summoning the Veterinarian to care for the horse to save her life.

This sounds ironic, given she was headed for a horrifying end at a slaughter house in either Canada or Mexico. However, Kelly just could not turn her back on this sweet faced horse.

While the Vet was stitching up Scribbles [her name and origin were not known at the time], the Vet commented on how well behaved this horse was, and Kelly knew she had belonged to someone who must have loved her given her beautiful manners and patience all while being in unspeakable and excruciating pain.

Kelly, Thank God, bought Scribbles that day from the Kill buyer. She just could not live with betraying her and putting her in the Kill pen after all that she had been through.

Following her intuition and love for horses, Kelly nursed Scribbles back to health at The Omega Horse Rescue in Pennsylvania. She posted her story and face on her website http:// and other social networks, such as Facebook, as she does with all of her rescues.

Meanwhile, Brittany, a 17 year old living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is devastated by her family dog’s death. To help work through her loss of one of her pets early one morning before school, she decides to write a paper for school on Horses.

While researching the internet, she discovers Omega Horse Rescue’s posting of Scribbles, and sees that the brown female horse in the photo looks just like her own childhood horse who was sold to a supposed ‘children’s petting farm’ and horse stables 5 miles up the road in Massachusetts.

Brittany was a competitive show horse rider, and thought that Scribbles had been left with a good home so she could continue to visit her even though she could not have her as a competitive riding horse.

To the Wallace family’s horror, Scribble’s new “Owner” in Cape Cod, Massachusetts was an apparently dishonest individual who refused to disclose the whereabouts of their horse… and to add insult to injury, this individual ignored their written, legal contract to offer the Wallace family the First Right of Refusal… which means that the Wallace’s would have had the opportunity to buy back Scribbles and match any price to do so.

Thus, it should not have been about MONEY that motivated the illegal sale of Scribbles. The story appears to unfold as a personal act to hurt the Wallace family, and ultimately an innocent horse.

When the Wallace family approached Kelly Smith at Omega Horse Rescue, there was a lot of trepidation on everyone’s part given the odds that Scribbles was indeed, Scribbles!

When Brittany asked Kelly to check for a very specific scar near her tail on the phone, Kelly came back to her and confirmed that the scar was exactly the horse-shoe shaped that Brittany had described! They both described the disbelief that by a miracle only God could bring to this Earth, this gentle soul was saved at the 11th hour from a slaughter bound trailer.

Brittany would have never known the horrifying end to her beloved family horse had it not been for this miracle one day in December 2012 in Pennsylvania.

This story is incredible to listen to with both Kelly and Brittany helping to bring a FACE to this “underground” world of domestic and wild horses winding up at slaughter, often without the owner’s knowledge.

The tear jerker in this story is that when Scribbles saw Brittany for the first time in a couple of years, and despite all of the abuse and terrifying moments she experienced during her dark journey with an abusive owner who ultimately sold her to slaughter….

Scribbles immediately recognized her best friend and started licking her and BOWING for Brittany, which was a trick that Brittany had taught her to do during her childhood years with Scribbles.

What an astonishingly sharp memory Horses have…. and this just proves to me and the world that they absolutely are NOT to be treated with such disregard. They are, indeed, Sentient Beings.

Please listen to this show in the Archives for March 2, 2013. It is truly incredible.

Please support Omega Horse Rescue… Thank you Kelly. God Bless our Wildlife, our Horses, our Natural World.

Brittany and Scribbles: Their story in the Equine Chronicle

The York Daily Record: Scribbles’ story with Omega Horse Rescue’s Valiant Act of Kindness

Brittany and Scribbles the Loved Horse
This photo was taken at Omega Horse Rescue during the reunion of Scribbles the horse and Brittany, her best friend and rightful Guardian.

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