The Drug Free Child

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Have you been told your child is a “Bully”?
Have you been threatened that your child will be kicked out of school?
Have you been ‘forced’ to medicate your child?
Have you been denied information on natural healing options?

Your answers to all of your immediate and long-term needs are in Author Diana Hunter’s book, “The Ritalin-Free Child… Managing Hyperactivity and Attention Deficits Without Drugs.”

Group of Friends Smiling

My prayer for all children in the United States [the most heavily medicated group of children in the developed world] is that the parents who are caring for these children will wake up from the mass-media/pharmaceutical propaganda stupor and say “NO!!!!!!!!!!!” to toxic, dangerous, deadly drugs.

Diana talked to me openly about the threats she faced as a young mother with her own child, whom she was told was “retarded” and MUST be put onto pharmaceutical medication or he would be removed from school!

Her child turned out to be a highly gifted, brilliant living being who simply had a different learning style that was not convenient for the teacher involved in this story.

Diana Hunter’s son went on to win many high achievement awards in his life, and had more College scholarships than he could possibly accept! ….and this is “Retarded” in the eyes of an ignorant system that cannot recognize nor adapt to the needs of gifted, creative, “different” children?

I faced this same scenario with my Nephew a few years ago.

Diana pointed out that while some private schools are very good at working with gifted or different-style learning children, many private schools are still not qualified in their practices to properly educate and even inspire children who don’t fall into the ‘standard paradigm’ of sitting behind a desk.

I told Diana in our February 23rd radio conversation that I was an advocate for home schooling if an honorable, progressive school could not be found or was not affordable.

It’s time for our children to be set free from labels. Life is complicated and surprising and challenging enough without being stigmatized [and burdened with low self-esteem] during their foundation building decade.

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