The Drug Free Child

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Have you been told your child is a “Bully”?
Have you been threatened that your child will be kicked out of school?
Have you been ‘forced’ to medicate your child?
Have you been denied information on natural healing options?

Your answers to all of your immediate and long-term needs are in Author Diana Hunter’s book, “The Ritalin-Free Child… Managing Hyperactivity and Attention Deficits Without Drugs.”

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My prayer for all children in the United States [the most heavily medicated group of children in the developed world] is that the parents who are caring for these children will wake up from the mass-media/pharmaceutical propaganda stupor and say “NO!!!!!!!!!!!” to toxic, dangerous, deadly drugs.

Diana talked to me openly about the threats she faced as a young mother with her own child, whom she was told was “retarded” and MUST be put onto pharmaceutical medication or he would be removed from school!

Her child turned out to be a highly gifted, brilliant living being who simply had a different learning style that was not convenient for the teacher involved in this story.

Diana Hunter’s son went on to win many high achievement awards in his life, and had more College scholarships than he could possibly accept! ….and this is “Retarded” in the eyes of an ignorant system that cannot recognize nor adapt to the needs of gifted, creative, “different” children?

I faced this same scenario with my Nephew a few years ago.

Diana pointed out that while some private schools are very good at working with gifted or different-style learning children, many private schools are still not qualified in their practices to properly educate and even inspire children who don’t fall into the ‘standard paradigm’ of sitting behind a desk.

I told Diana in our February 23rd radio conversation that I was an advocate for home schooling if an honorable, progressive school could not be found or was not affordable.

It’s time for our children to be set free from labels. Life is complicated and surprising and challenging enough without being stigmatized [and burdened with low self-esteem] during their foundation building decade.

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80% Raw, 20% Cooked Pure Foods: Welcome to your healing LIFEstyle.

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Fresh Raw Juice Photo

Looking younger does not come from a needle, nor from a pill or a synthetic goop you buy from a store.

The lifeblood in Wildcrafted, Organic foods oxygenate and clean your blood, Liver, Kidneys, and all organs in your body. And the result is natural beauty, and a clean, clear mind.

My Guest on February 16th was Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Candice Marley. Her 30 day cleanse program is invaluable in rekindling your body’s natural ability to heal itself. And your body, mind, and spirit can all be healed when given the minerals, nutrients, and pure foods that it needs to cleanse and re-build.

Whenever I watch Allopathic physicians prescribe drugs for recovering drug/alcohol addicts and even for mentally challenged people…. it is astonishing to see the deception in the Allopathic/”American style” synthetic drug system that totally ignores the incredible importance of Nutrition in all of its glorious applications.

Minerals within the pure-food Nutrition that all body’s crave is what is MISSING in much of the drug/alcohol addiction that is prevalent today. Many street and pharmaceutical drugs rob your body of the minerals it needs, but they also are little deceivers to your body because they can mimmic much-needed B-vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals that your body is desperate to get every day.

Your body gets fooled and robbed at the same time, and the vicious, horrible cycle of deeper addiction continues. Most addicts would be permanently healed from their addiction issues naturally with raw/whole-food, mineral and juicing nutrition guided by a qualified Holistic practitioner.

It is so sad to watch the conventional system trade street drugs for pharmaceutical drugs without addressing the nutritional deficiencies. Think about the many millions [even billions] of dollars and even lives that could be saved with such a clear, simple approach that is based on truth rather than on profits.

Great Nutrition is yummy! Your taste buds will instantly recognize “chemicalized” and “processed” foods once you spend a full month cleaning your taste buds and body from such toxic substances. You will literally spit it out of your mouth because the taste will be so fake and disgusting that you simply won’t ever want to buy those highly processed, pre-packaged, sugar-laden, fake/Frankenstein foods ever again!

I recently saw a commercial for some corn-based cereal made by a well known, large Franken-food company. They showed a little girl at the breakfast table happily eating each bite of this packaged product that is literally “Diabetes in a box” product! The ingredients are corn [Genetically Modified, so it is highly toxic and feeds fungus, virus, and bacteria in the body, which causes dis-eases], then they list processed Sugar [also feeds fungus, viruses, and bacteria, and directly causes Pancreas burn-out, thus Diabetes], then they list some other ingredients that are for flavoring [all chemicals and highly processed junk]…. This is selling you, the Consumer, trash put into a pretty box with a happy commercial to go with their lies. This should be illegal, but it is not.

The Organic Market that is just pre-packaged food is also now in on this deceptive act. They are legally able to add “flavorings” and other MSG [toxic] laden additives that get disguised by many creative names like hydrolyzed yeast or natural flavors. Don’t buy it.

Much of the Organic packaged market has been bought up by big Agri-businesses that are desperate to get into the Organic market, which translates to big money for these Agri-businesses that have no other way of getting themselves into such high end stores like Whole Foods.

One recent buy-out by a big Agri-business was “Amy’s” brand Organic packaged foods. I would personally never buy this product, not just because I certainly don’t trust any Agri-business and their underhanded tactics, but because it is PROCESSED food.

“New Chapter Vitamins” also just got bought-out to a large chemical company. This was, sadly, a once very good ‘mom and pop’ vitamin company, but you cannot trust the quality of this “brand” any longer.

The Consumer has to constantly be vigilant in researching what they buy and who or what is really behind the ‘brand’ that is marketed.

Candice Marley and I agree that buying fresh, Wildcrafted, Organic, preferably small Farmed products so you can make amazing juices, smoothies and sensational food yourself. This is 100% the best way to assure your body the true nutrients it is starving for in order to heal from the constant onslaught of toxins it has to deal with every day.

Juicing is something that Candice got me excited about again. I have always been a Smoothie Girl, but her program re-energized my love for the immediate benefits of adding fresh juicing into your daily regimen. It is so easy, fun, and TASTY to have your own freshly pressed juices. I still make my amazing smoothies, especially in the mornings with my many wonderful Superfoods added with my coconut water and Bee Pollen… but now I have my juicer out in the afternoon and evenings to add to this daily lifestyle regimen.

Candice says to get a Masticating, Slow juicer. There are better brands on the market, so make sure you invest in one that will last for a long time.

I recently started juicing for one my cats. Animals love it, too! I have been giving her small syringes of Beet, Apple, and Carrot juices with some Slippery Elm powdered Herb mixed in for her digestion. The sweetness is always a welcomed part of their regimen, and it’s really good for them, too. You can even mix into their food a few teaspoons of fresh juice for added nutrition.

Check out Align Holistic Health and Wellness

There are SO MANY Counterfeits when it comes to “Alternative Health” and all kinds of fake, fad-like Guru’s who are popping up all over the Media. Don’t be fooled.

Too many major organizations and unscrupulous individuals are marketing themselves as healing and health professionals when they most certainly are not. Be able to detect these Counterfeits immediately with their books on all sorts of “Diets” and ridiculous other things that are only designed to make them money, and serves only to confuse the consumer with complex matters that have NOTHING to do with truth, honor, and natural healing!

I am having a lot of fun re-discovering many of the benefits of lovingly made food that I make for myself and for my family, along with having my new slow-juicer to use daily along with the many new recipes I have from Candice and her incredible 30 day regenerative program that has become a renewed addition to my lifestyle.

Maggie look alike in herb garden
All animals have the innate ability to find healing Herbs, and we humans need to get back to God’s Garden once again and embrace this natural world that is our greatest gift of life.

+This show is dedicated to Bella Grace the beautiful mother dog, and her puppies who were murdered in Massachusetts in February 2012. The former [now rightfully terminated] overseer of the Bay Path Humane Society, two ignorant Tufts Law Students, the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, two unconscionably ignorant and downright negligent Veterinarians were all behind the mismanagement and ultimate killings of these innocent, beautiful dogs who deserved to live.

01-04-12 copy
01-04-12-1 copy
01-04-12-2 copy
01-04-12-3 copy
+The light blond puppy is the only survivor, as she never left the State of Georgia. She was adopted and is living happily ever after.
She never received the horrible “Distemper” vaccine that was administered to these innocent animals by the irresponsible individuals named above, along with countless other vaccines irresponsibly given at one time.
This caused a crises that could still have been healed if these animals were given the rightful medical care in a qualified hospital immediately.. Horrifyingly, they were all outright abused and neglected as they were left to languish in what is called “vaccinoses” and each one was killed by all of the above ignorant people who are all responsible for this terrible mishandling of something that is so bloody avoidable when you are EDUCATED and HONORABLE and when you know the truth about natural healing, good nutrition [which none of these animals got], and immediate care when needed. Unbelievable and torturous in every way.
These animals run free in God’s kingdom. This is the only fact that has brought me any comfort from the pain and suffering that I experienced when my pleas to get the remaining mother and puppy to a 24 hour/high end hospital that I would be happy to pay for were totally ignored [and I was never told about the killings of 3 of the 4 puppies until after the fact].
God’s kingdom is a place that NONE of the evil individuals named above will ever experience. All of the wretched people who were responsible for this horror in Massachusetts [the most unhappy place on Earth] are as evil and corrupted as you can imagine. No place but hell for those outright disreputable, self-serving entities.

This is the single most terrible experience that I have ever had with any “rescue” group. I have rescued many animals and worked with so many wonderful people who truly care and communicate with honesty and integrity for many years. This was disreputable and unacceptable in every way. The former overseer lied to me, took more than $1,000 worth of Homeopathic and Natural medicine from me that I had expressed mailed to her that she neglected to give to the mother and remaining baby but, instead, hoarded for her OWN dog! She never returned the expensive medicine after it healed her own dog so he was not killed [as she promised she would send back but never did— she is a dishonest, pathetic Sociopath who got what she wanted for her own needs and showed her evil spirit only after she had the products and information that she needed to suit her own needs.]
This was, as my readers and listeners around the world have guessed by now, so heart-wrenching and I was powerless to stop the killings yet I was called upon to pay for expensive products and even have my own Holistic Veterinarian call Bay Path to try and help. Both my Vet and I were shocked at the unethical behavior that benefited the personal dog of the former Director whose bad karma and utter ugliness will cloud her and follow her for the rest of her miserable days. It was only befitting that she was terminated, but clearly it was only after her wake of misery and madness.

America’s Wild Horses: It’s Critical.

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Our Wild Horses, indigenous to the Americas dating back thousands of years, have been “rounded up” off of their rightful wild lands deeded to them by an act of Congress in 1971. They live in unnatural, filthy conditions, and left in extreme weather without shade or shelter.

This is all with American Tax dollars, courtesy of The Department of Interior and the
Bureau of Land Management.

Something has got to change here. Our wild life, along with our last remaining free lands are being “sold” out from under us to the Oil, Gas, and Cattle ranching industries that don’t want to bother co-existing with innocent wild life like our indigenous Mustangs, Wolves, Bears, Coyotes, or even the Native American people.

The Cloud Foundation

Wild Horse Preservation Blog

Save Our Horses From Slaughter

This show broadcast on February 9th, 2013. This is a re-run, but much needed and one of my most popular and favorite shows.

Please support the organizations that valiantly work to save our Wild Horses, and all Wildlife.

Before You Hire A Contractor

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Steve Gonzalez, my Guest for the January 26th and February 2nd shows knows his stuff! Thanks to Steve Gonzalez, hardworking homeowners can arm themselves with knowledge before getting stuck with the many [far too many] bad guys that call themselves “Contractors” or even “Builders” but are just simply scam artists with unnerving tactics to steal your money [and your precious time].

I was surprised to learn from two of my Colleagues at the radio network that they also had horrific stories, and one Show Host actually had a serious Heart Attack as a result of some of the structural and electrical damages that one bad contractor caused in his own home!

It appears that this epidemic of hurting the homeowner is unique to the United States.

I believe that this is a direct manifestation of our corrupted public educational system, and also our corrupted “justice” system that appears to protect and even coddle the criminal before seeking truth or justice for the victims in this area of life.

The public educational system does not want to bother with the “bad kid” in schools, so they ship them off to occupational/vocational-technical schools but they never get to the proximate cause of their behavioral issues, anger, or self-sabotage.

No training in Ethics or good business practices are given to these vocational-technical students who have become invisible in society. But then, when they grow up, they are now in YOUR HOME causing the same disruptiveness and chaos that they never were forced to address as adolescents.

Many have become drug and alcohol addicts on top of their unsavory choices. And again, they are in YOUR HOUSE.

Read Steve Gonzalez’s book, “Before You Hire A Contractor: A Construction Guidebook For Consumers” and check out his website Contractor Watchdog.

1.) Never trust anyone in the building industry, no matter how pleasant they appear initially.

2.) Get a qualified, and experienced Project Manager [who is NOT actually building your home, and who is not taking a commission from what you buy in materials, etc.]

3.) Get an Insurance BOND for large ticket items as well as demand a Bond from a qualified, honest Builder for the entire project. Warranties are great, but they are only as good as the person/company standing behind them. You need proper protection via top-quality insurance AND Bonding to protect your home and your own money. Our own Government municipalities demand this very insurance for their projects, so the homeowner is entitled to this assurance as well.

4.) Compare Apples-to-Apples. Never hire a “spec home” builder for your personal home renovation! They do not know what they are doing in renovations involving an actual homeowner! Also be aware that when the Economy is good, all people in the building ‘trade’ step themselves up a notch. For instance, a Painter suddenly becomes a Carpenter and a Carpenter suddenly becomes a “Builder.” Don’t fall for these scams.

And when the Economy goes sour, the very same scam artists who primarily like to build spec homes suddenly turn into home-renovation experts.

Be careful. Do your homework. Surf the internet for complaints and other information.

I even suggest looking at their financial and historical backgrounds to see if anyone you are hiring to do a small, medium or large project is even worthy of your time, your home, and your money.

You can listen to both shows in the “Archives” section.

USA today cartoon Our Contractor showed up when he said he would

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