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My conversations with Health Expert and Natural Healing Advocate Howard Straus of Gerson Media are always incredibly lively and filled with information that I am surprised to find out for myself, too.

There is a Health Crisis in the USA. This fact is well known by most of us, but the resolutions to this crisis have been suppressed, horrifyingly, by some very special interests that control the ‘sick care’ system and all of the misinformation that they continually pump into the main stream media.

I often laugh at the talking heads on TV who are hosting a show, etc., but don’t know a thing about what they are supposed to be reporting on. The zero investigation behind all the propaganda that is ironically called “Journalism” today is pathetic.

In America today:

US Life expectancy is 42nd in the World among developed nations.

US has the highest cost for its ‘Health Care’ system.

US is 37th in overall performance for achieving health among developed nations.

US is 72nd in the world by overall level of health.

What do you think of this? The system is clearly broken, and it is broken on purpose.

Doctors in the United States spend less than 10 minutes per patient, and are never taught about Nutrition [FOOD CHOICES!], natural healing methods [THERE ARE MANY], or even Toxicology [Would be helpful, given they prescribe the most toxic substances on Earth made by the big Pharmaceutical monopoly].

Americans, and sadly, many vulnerable third-world countries, have been conditioned to be mindless. They want to control what you think, how you behave, and the options you actually have to choose from in healing your body and even your life.

In contrast, God’s Garden and his gifts of NATURAL healing gives the body the incredible ability to heal itself.

Holistic healing looks at the entire person, and not just symptoms [and suppressing those symptoms].

Let’s change our lifestyle choices! Look at what we drink, eat, take into and slather onto our bodies, and re-examine our spiritual connection to this magnificent Earth. All of the Herbs, Vitamins, Wildcrafted and Organic food choices, and other healing modalities are your birthright to take ahold of.

check out Gerson Media and take control of the information you deserve to have in today’s world.

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