What I Wish I Knew Way Back When I Was Chronically Fatigued….

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In 1998, a Hepatitis A Vaccine caused a serious, painful and even terrifying Kidney infection that was quite serious.

It was almost two months before my Wedding, and I was bed ridden for two weeks, with an Allopathic Doctor who was nearly clueless as to the cause of the sudden kidney emergency.

I was given toxic “Cipro” Antibiotic, which also has its own set of serious side affects… but I was relying on the very same system at that time that most Americans are still relying upon today— a broken, corrupted, and misinformed system that causes the very dis-eases they purport to be “researching” for many cures!

1.) At the behest of corrupted Governmental mis-guidance, millions of people around the world have been jabbed with live viruses, chemicals and heavy metals with unproven vaccines. Sadly, all vaccines have been proven to be dangerous, but NONE have been proven to be safe or effective.

Nevertheless, the invisible powers behind the vaccine promotions assure unassuming consumers [like I was] that vaccines are safe and even urgently needed. None of this is true.
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How does a profit-driven industry like the big pharmaceuticals get away with this? Follow the money. Creating FEAR and pandemics, they create a gold mine for themselves.

They have also convinced the Senate and Congress to hold them legally “harmless” for any and ALL damages these very vaccines cause you, your pets, your children, your loved ones…. You CANNOT SUE THE MANUFACTURER NOR THE DOCTOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VACCINE THAT COULD CAUSE IMMEDIATE OR LONG TERM HARM.

2.) Chemicals in Food, Cosmetics, Furniture, Dry Cleaning…. you name it.
I used to eat at all kinds of restaurants living in New York City. It was definitely an extravaganza for any foodie to live with so many choices.

You might ask, “How do I avoid these chemicals?” YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Everything has an alternative that is the healthy, non-toxic choice. Organic food, Organic/natural cosmetics, Organic Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning, natural/non-toxic cleaning supplies, Organic pet food, Organic Beds, Organic clothing, Organic Towels, etc.

However, I had no idea how often MSG is used in both bought packaged foods in the grocery store, candy, soda, and in most restaurants.
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In the early 1900’s, a Japanese Chemist named Dr. Kikunae Ikeda, isolated the flavor-enhancing product within seaweed named “glutamate.” He chemically extracted this substance, creating a synthesized product and mixed it with salt and water. From thereafter, MSG was in our food system.

Manufacturer’s and non-natural restaurants love this dangerous chemical, as it adds flavor to an otherwise bland foodstuff [which means BAD, processed, or factory farmed/big agricultural pesticide product].

MSG is what is now known as an “Excitotoxin.” It literally damages your brain, causes cell death, and thereby your entire nervous system.

Read the book, “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” by Russell Blaylock, MD.

MSG also contributes to neurological disorders: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, along with mental retardation, ADD, and Depression.

It also is now implicated in Diabetes and Obesity.

MSG is constantly mislabeled on purpose in order to FOOL YOU now that food manufacturer’s know that Consumers are reading labels much more today than ever before!

So, watch out for these Labels:

Mono-potassium glutamate
Autolyzed Yeast
Yeast Extract
Hydrolyzed Protein
Calcium Caseinate
Sodium Caseinate

Please visit www.msgtruth.org for more information. ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE!

Overall, cut processed foods out of your life completely. Eat foods that are Organic, Wildcrafted, and close to their natural state.

3.) Mitochondria

When you are feeling tired and told by the corrupted “system” that you are just experiencing aging when you have lapse in memory, fatigue, heart dis-ease, or any issue at all with your body…. you are experiencing Mitochondria injury.

First, start with your food choices. Are you eating raw foods that are Wildcrafted, Organic, Organically grown?

Your food can heal you or hurt you. But you are the only one who can choose this, and you can ONLY choose the right foods when you are informed with the correct information.

So, DON’T listen to the Government ‘agencies’ who are lobbied and corrupted by the big agri-businesses and factory farms that just want to have their way with you [right into the uninspired life of chronic dis-ease.]

You also need to protect your Adrenal glands and Thyroid from chemical and radiation exposure. Most foods are irradiated! This is WHY you cannot just eat conventional food without consequences.

Additionally, your Hormones are adversely affected by irradiated and chemical-laden and processed foods, too. Remember, all factory farmed animals are not only abused [gets into the final slab of meat you eat, too] but they are shot up with chemical Hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics! YOU are ingesting this toxic witch’s brew into your body whenever you eat fast food, restaurant meat that is not local/organic, processed foods of all kinds.

Mitochondria= they are the energy producing cellular substructures that are present in all living beings, including our plants.
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All organs in your body, including your bones contain Mitochondria. These cells make up 10 percent of your total body weight.

Mitochondria have retained their own DNA for more than a billion years on this Earth. This same Mitochondria DNA is passed from mother to child, so the health of any mother [and her food choices] is vital to the health of her baby both short and long-term in life.

Nutrients from the very food you choose to consume pass directly into the Mitochondria! This is where a chain of reactions known as the citric acid, or Krebs, cycle converts the energy in sugar, fats, and proteins into ATP [Adenosine Triphosphate]. These are literally energy stores that fuel our minds and our bodies.

Free radical damage to the Mitochondria is the the cause of aging.

Mitochondria help control cell growth, conduct intracellular communication, signal defenses against free-radical onslaught, and literally destroy the damaged or diseased cells.

It is unthinkable that the American Medical system does not bother to educate the Consumer to protect such an important part of their body’s functional system.

With all of it’s foundations and fund-raisers to research every dis-ease under the sun caused from injury to the Mitochondrial Cells, one would think that this simple truth [based again, on sound Nutrition without chemicals] would come forward.

What can you do to protect your Mitochondria?
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Eat less. But eat pure foods when you do.

Mindful Exercise. Yoga, Hiking, Martial Arts, Power Walking. You should not overdo it, as this can create free radicals if you are just getting started.

Pure Amino Acids. Bee Pollen is one of the best sources. You can also get Full Spectrum Amino Acids in capsule form in a high quality Health Food Store or Natural Food Store.

Coenzyme Q10- protects the Mitochondria against free-radical damage. The brand I like is Garden of Life, as this is a non-processed form. Remember, never buy synthesized supplements! They are dangerous for your health. So do your own homework on this. Most high quality natural stores have good selections. BUT Drugstores like CVS or Walgreens… Uh, NO!

C0Q10 is also not recognized by the current corrupted system as a very important therapy for heart failure, hypertension, angina, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, and many other chronic dis-eases.

Juicing and Smoothies. Organic or Wildcrafted, Small Farm [or home grown] only.

Spirulina and Blue Green Algae [please NO Algae from Oregon’s Klammath Lake, as Winston Kao on my show reminded us that this has been polluted.] Opt for Hawaiian, Ecuadorian or even hot-house grown.

Why have you not been told this by the average Doctor, foundation that raises money, TV, Pharmaceutical companies that create pandemics to scare you into actually damaging this precious Mitochondria with their toxic vaccines? Any wonder?

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Health and Healing, Naturally.

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My conversations with Health Expert and Natural Healing Advocate Howard Straus of Gerson Media are always incredibly lively and filled with information that I am surprised to find out for myself, too.

There is a Health Crisis in the USA. This fact is well known by most of us, but the resolutions to this crisis have been suppressed, horrifyingly, by some very special interests that control the ‘sick care’ system and all of the misinformation that they continually pump into the main stream media.

I often laugh at the talking heads on TV who are hosting a show, etc., but don’t know a thing about what they are supposed to be reporting on. The zero investigation behind all the propaganda that is ironically called “Journalism” today is pathetic.

In America today:

US Life expectancy is 42nd in the World among developed nations.

US has the highest cost for its ‘Health Care’ system.

US is 37th in overall performance for achieving health among developed nations.

US is 72nd in the world by overall level of health.

What do you think of this? The system is clearly broken, and it is broken on purpose.

Doctors in the United States spend less than 10 minutes per patient, and are never taught about Nutrition [FOOD CHOICES!], natural healing methods [THERE ARE MANY], or even Toxicology [Would be helpful, given they prescribe the most toxic substances on Earth made by the big Pharmaceutical monopoly].

Americans, and sadly, many vulnerable third-world countries, have been conditioned to be mindless. They want to control what you think, how you behave, and the options you actually have to choose from in healing your body and even your life.

In contrast, God’s Garden and his gifts of NATURAL healing gives the body the incredible ability to heal itself.

Holistic healing looks at the entire person, and not just symptoms [and suppressing those symptoms].

Let’s change our lifestyle choices! Look at what we drink, eat, take into and slather onto our bodies, and re-examine our spiritual connection to this magnificent Earth. All of the Herbs, Vitamins, Wildcrafted and Organic food choices, and other healing modalities are your birthright to take ahold of.

check out Gerson Media and take control of the information you deserve to have in today’s world.

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What is Vivisection: Why you should care.

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This is Vivisection. As ugly, horrifying, and evil as it sounds phonetically.

What’s even worse is that it is totally unnecessary for humans to advance themselves in every way possible.

The pain and suffering can be stopped with the voices of PEOPLE, good people, to stop it.

Start with your purchasing power: don’t buy animal-tested, chemical-laden consumer products.

Some of the really unethical companies that do the unthinkably painful torture on animals in the name of creating [still very toxic] chemical products for you to buy are the following:

Proctor and Gamble
Head and Shoulders
Oil of Olay
Oral B
Nice n Easy
Herbal Essences


Max Factor
Estee Lauder
Physicians Formula
& many other chemically dependent brands

Johnson and Johnson
All pharmaceutical companies

“Private” Laboratories
Many Universities [even “UC Berkeley”– the place of supposed “Green” living and “Enlightened” thinking?]

My Guest on December 5, 2013, to talk about this terrible, shameful reality was Peggy Cunniff, Director of The National Anti-Vivisection Society. www.navs.org

This is outright Fraud. People are dying and are seriously injured from this quasi-science that has not an ounce of ethical management to police itself. Over one million people a year die from taking pharmaceutical drugs as prescribed! Does this not tell you something about the wrongfulness of testing on animals in and of itself? The false ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ have caused pain and suffering to both the animals who are tortured in laboratories and to the people who, as Consumers, are left literally in the dark when it comes to the dangers of the consumer products they have no idea can and will hurt them.

There are excellent alternatives that are accurate, cheaper, and certainly more ethical than the practice of murdering animals for testing any products.

Now is the time to stand up for these higher technology alternatives to be implemented immediately.

vivisection 2
vivisection 3

vivisection 4
vivisection 5

None of this torture is acceptable. Aren’t we supposed to be sophisticated and peace-loving people as a whole? The wretchedness of this practice of maiming and killing animals for profit [with YOUR Tax dollars] has got to end NOW. Nothing can justify this madness that is simply the most evil of all entities on this Earth.

You can help stop this. Visit The National Anti-Vivisection Society http://http://www.navs.org and be a voice to your elected officials and to all companies that should be told you will not be swindled by slick advertising when they torture animals in the name of chemicals they want to sell hidden within their toxic products.

Try using natural cosmetics and cleaning products. You will be saving your own life and the planet to boot.

Last 3 weeks of December…

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My final shows for December were diverse yet embody all of the things that Conscious Lifestyles Radio intensely cares about:

1.) My Commentary

2.) Mind, Body, Spirit Equilibrium NATURALLY

3.) Dangerous toxins in vaccines, food, chemically laden consumer and industrial products

Saturday, December 15th, 2012:
Part I: My commentary
[Part II removed at my discretion]

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012:
Dr. Dain Heer: BeingYouClass.com
Mind, Body, and Spirit

Saturday, December 29th, 2012:
Eileen Danneman:
Vaccine Liberation Army

After saying goodbye [for now] to the physical companionship of my beloved girl-cats [daughters]Maggie and then Sabrina Isabella…. and then spending time with family this holiday season, I have had some time to reflect on what a meaningful life looks and feels like.

The ingredients to peace and fulfillment are so simple that it is easy to overlook them in this physical and now toxic world. Sometimes it takes the physical departure of someone you love so much to ground you in being and living in the moment, and restoring your purpose every day.

I have come to realize that there are a few things none of us should live without on this earth:
loving yourself and thus giving and receiving love…. listening to your inner God-given Intuition…. physically and emotionally detoxifying…. seeking knowledge and wisdom [from truthful sources]…. and being a voice and advocate for what is right, for the innocent, for nature, and for yourself.

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