Happiness is… good, ethical people with good information around you.

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My interview with Home Inspector Steve Gladstone, owner of Stone Hollow Inspectors is a wealth of practical and helpful information to anyone who is buying a home or even thinking of renovations.

I personally had a very bad experience with a dishonest Home Inspector a few years ago when I bought a house in a town where I knew no one, had never lived before, and knew nothing about home maintenance to boot.

When commissions or money are on the table, be very careful with whom you deal. If something sounds “off” or you just get a bad feeling about anyone you are dealing with in any home inspection/buying/building process, Steve Gladstone urges people to take a step back and reevaluate the characters/professionalism of the people around you.

“Do your due diligence” is what Steve advises. Get a second or even third opinion from someone completely unrelated who can shed some light on the questions you have in a non-partisan, fair manner. It’s your money and you are the only one who will be left with the mess of other people’s dishonesty if you trust too much.


Speaking of money, my third conversation with Howard Strauss of the Gerson Institute and Gerson Media was primarily exposing the horrifying reality of big money in making YOU, your family, and the entire world’s population chronically dis-eased.

Both the pharmaceutical industry and the big-agriculture “food” industries profit from creating Fungus and thus, dis-ease in your body.

ALL pharmaceutical drugs cause an ACID balance in the body, which thereby allows fungus, yeast [Candida Albicans] and even parasites to grow and proliferate in your body.

When you are overrun with all of these—- and you will be if you allow your body to be vaccinated, take drugs, and eat processed food—- you will have any number of chronic illnesses from heart disease to diabetes, etc.

The Genetically Modified Organisms that are pronounced as easy-to-grow “Miracle-Crop Food” is really NOT food at all. It is a chemically modified, laboratory created seed with incredibly dangerous “Frankenstein” pesticides, bacteria, and DNA from other organisms to create something so dangerous and destructive to the environment and to ALL living beings, that there ARE NO STUDIES TO CONCLUDE ITS SAFETY!

And this is JUST the way that the GMO industry/big-agriculture companies want it. They want nothing to trace back the deaths of our pollinating bees and other important insects THAT WE SIMPLY CANNOT GROW FOOD WITHOUT…. and they certainly don’t want their chemically laden crops to be proven to cause disease and death to people, or learning disabilities/personality disorders in young children and adults.

Both Vaccines and Genetically Modified Organisms are so dangerous that it is beyond belief in the magnitude of damage they are causing in our world today.

I write this blog to both stir enough anger and action within good people so that we can actually dream of having a safe and peaceful world. Without our ability to fight back right now, we just don’t have a chance.

Too many injured and sickly people creates a weak and distracted population that gives the power squarely in the hands of the very industries that seek to steal your life, your money, your peace, your future, your dreams.

Big Government is also part of this scheme.

I don’t want any part of this “New World Order” that many politicians sneak into their casual conversations.

I will not be a number, a statistic, a Serf. I want freedom to breathe clean air without pesticides or chemicals, and the freedom to live a full and fruitful life with total health and wellness.

I hope you make the commitment to challenge the lies and propaganda from these industries.


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