Solar Can Save Us… But Who’s Listening? And Why Don’t Most Politicians Understand Fruits and Veggies?

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Light bulb, Solar power

Daniel Rirdan: Averting Global Collapse

Global climate change is primarily caused from burning and mining for fossil fuels. Additionally, I have spoken extensively how “Geo-Engineering” also plays a big part in our global climate change.

Daniel Rirdan has spoken and written about Solar Technology that exists today that can replace the deadly [forced] addiction that everyone has had to endure with the fossil fuel industry, and the Politicians who just don’t really care [about your future.]

With climate change, we are seeing more incomprehensible weather in all parts of the globe. Everything from severe droughts to severe rainfall that causes mud slides and houses and people to be swept away… to huge storms like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

My family and I [and our home] survived Hurricane Sandy. We lived without power for 5 days, and it was certainly a painful 5 days, indeed.

During this time without power and living in what felt like a “time warp” as I knew life was going on outside our daily world of survival without power, hot water, phones, or any other conveniences we really do take for granted… our beloved Sabrina died. Sabrina was the sweetest, most gentle best friend, family member anyone could ask for. She came to me at 6 months old while I was a single working girl in NYC as a rescued cat from a terrible abuse and neglect reality. She was and is a great Messenger from God in my life. Her 17 1/2 years with me brought many lessons, and I miss her presence in my life every day.

I do, however, feel her spirit guiding me. As I have taken some time off to restore myself and to reflect on her love in my life, I am hit with the realization that there is a very thin veil between life on Earth and Everlasting life. Our lives are ephemeral, and love is what lasts long after you leave this Earth. And it really is all that matters when you reflect upon your life’s journey.

My prayers are with those families who not only lived without power for several weeks [unimaginable] but have had to endure severe damage to their homes, and many whose homes are no longer inhabitable.

The global warming and climate change consequences are very real. We have to do something NOW.

Please join Daniel Rirdan in his quest to educate others about the answers we can find with the Solar electric grid technology he has advocated. Then take action.

My second Guest on the November 17th show was the very outspoken advocate of natural health and healing, Howard Strauss of Gerson Media. Gerson Institute and Gerson Media


Obamacare does not account for, nor remotely understand that most health care costs can be erased with the right food put into the mouths of children, adults, and our pets.

Sadly, most Politicians don’t understand how dangerous over-reaching “Agribusinesses” are to our health and to the health of our planet. The disastrous health consequences that Pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms, and processed, chemicalized foods have on the living body and the environment cannot be ignored. But they are.

Howard Strauss clearly cares about getting the message out to as many people as possible: YOU CAN HEAL YOUR BODY NATURALLY!

Being a slave to a medical system that can and will hurt you is certainly a sure path to sickness, and death.

Howard states that you should do “the exact opposite” of what the pharmaceutical ads and Government sponsored radio, television, and other media messages tell you to do. They are totally diabolical when you look at the intent behind them.

Why does the Government want you to be less of a person? What is there to gain from a constantly diseased population?

Can you be more easily controlled?

These questions and answers are in my interview during this show.

Finally, thank you to my listeners and followers all over the world who read my blog. I do this show for you. I hope to inspire people to help both themselves, their families, loved ones, friends, colleagues, townships, and their beloved animal companions.

My heart has been heavy these past few weeks, but knowing that I have my health, faith in God, my family, a renewed curiosity to learn more and seek Wisdom… I allow the metamorphosis to bring its brilliance into my life, and thus, into yours.


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