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Green Energy is not just a fad. And it’s certainly not something special that is too hard or too expensive to efficiently implement.

Why should you be concerned? Our planet is dying from fossil fuel madness with the short-sighted and corrupted ‘business as usual’ mentality of the Earth soaking up the thousands of yearly [large and small] oil spills, water contamination, food/air/soil degradation… and our quality of life reduced to chronic illnesses and Governmental cover-ups.

Are we worth the investment it will take on the part of both Local and National Governments? My Guest for this segment of the show [broadcast October 6th, 2012], Daniel Rirdan, says “ABSOLUTELY!” And I, of course, say “YES!” to cleaning up our Environment with choices we can make today. Our future depends upon this swift, concerted action on everyone’s part.

Check out Daniel’s informative web site at www.danielrirdan.com

Rather than have devastating oil disasters [and gas hydraulic fracturing that damages our waterways and causes horrific illnesses] why not have Solar be supported by our tax dollars in the Gulf of Mexico and replace all toxic, dangerous, destructive, and environmentally devastating oil rigs? The Technology is here to make this a reality, but the willpower and the gumption on the part of our elected officials is what all taxpayers need to stand up for now.

We can have alternative energy replace dirty coal, oil, gas right now. We need to demand the support for this incredible, clean technology to become reality across the world. We are in the 11th hour, indeed.


Green Roofs can provide local, Organic, sustainable food for both people and pollinating bees and birds.

The “heat island effect” can also be resolved with the help of putting Green Roofs on all city rooftops. And it’s easy to do when you know how… again, local Governments have to have the foresight and ethical resolve to make it happen… but we, the PEOPLE, need to be a voice for this immediate re-direction.

We can ‘get there’ from here… and my Guest for this segment, Mark Winterer, partner with Recover Green Roofs www.recovergreenroofs.com talked about the benefits of installing Green roofs in both the Architectural planning stages as well as in existing structures.

It’s time to re-think how we do things, and look at the ecological need to stop using non-renewable materials [and toxic ones, too, like petrochemical black-tops].

When you are planning a home re-model/new construction or a commercial building, please look into Green Roofs!

GREEN ARCHITECTURE With Architect Sarah Susanka!

When you have the right team, going Green is so easy, fun, and enormously gratifying.

The toxins from chemically laden home building products and furniture that off-gas into residential and commercial interior spaces is so dangerous that it has been directly linked to children’s learning disabilities, birth defects, chronic fatigue, and other serious illnesses. Is it not time to re-think how we build and decorate our homes so we can protect our families and their health?

The beauty of having a well planned, Green home is what Sarah Susanka is all about, and certainly what she is so renowned for. I have all of her books, and I encourage all homeowners to not rely upon others for their knowledge– particularly in areas where being sustainable and green-thinking is not the ‘norm’ yet. Be the source of information for yourself with the gorgeous books from Sarah Susanka, and really educate yourself on the simplicity of healthy design and sustainable building techniques.

Check out Sarah Susanka’s website and learn how to be the catalyst for a better neighborhood… www.notsobighouse.com

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