Healing Your Body Naturally IS a Lifestyle!

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In the first part of my September 8th radio conversation, I talked about some healing lifestyle choices. You can listen to the Archive of my national show in the “Archives” section of this blog.

To be vibrant and healthy is something that everyone wants. But the misinformation that is perpetrated [deliberately] by many special interests who profit handsomely from consumers just not knowing any better has finally reached a crescendo.

Food should be your medicine. But the big, polluting “factory” Agri-businesses don’t want you to understand this power that you have as a Consumer. They spend a lot of time lobbying in Washington, DC, to protect themselves from lawsuits, backlash, and from having to comply with safety standards that would protect the food supply to “the masses.”

The irony is that these denatured, processed, chemical laden products have de-mineralized the population that now suffers from chronic diseases that suddenly have “names” and with them, more toxic “medical” treatments that are laden with yet more chemicals and bring NEW ‘side-effects’ that start a vicious, yet very lucrative circle.

How to protect yourself naturally starts with easy principles that everyone can learn.

#1.) Choose non-processed, non-fast food to start with. If you choose to eat at a restaurant, make sure they prepare and serve food that is local, Organic, and lovingly made [YES! there are such restaurants like this all over the place!]

#2.) Start making Smoothies. Organic frozen berries, Organic sprouted nuts and raw nut butters, Organic Coconut Butter AND Coconut Oil, Spring Water, Lemons, Limes, and high quality powdered Greens that include Chlorella, Spirulina and Enzymes is a great choice. You can also invest in a Juicer and start juicing beets, carrots and other vegetables. Re-build your immune system day-by-day with a regimen that will put super foods into your body.

#3.) Understand what is toxic. For instance, Peanut Butter [even “Organic”] should be avoided. It has been hybrid in this country to the point where it no longer represents the many varieties of natural peanuts that God originally gave to us. There is FUNGUS in all peanuts that can do great harm to your body, so we sadly have to avoid this product altogether.

Additionally, processed Sugar is a totally toxic and de-natured product. It feeds the Fungus that EVERYONE in the modern world has to contend with in their bodies. Choose HEALING sweeteners instead. You have many good choices, but two of the best are Xylitol and Stevia in their natural forms. Be careful and read labels, and don’t buy anything that has added sugar or other toxic products. READ LABELS! Raw Honey [local is best] and Blackstrap Molasses along with Brown Rice Syrup are good for baking and in small amounts very good for you. However, they can feed Candida and throw off your hormones, so make sure you don’t use these every day. The one Caveat I will give here is that Blackstrap Molasses is an amazing source of B vitamins, so it is a true health food.

#4.) Cleanse. You need to use Herbal cleanses to clean your body of the Candida, Fungus, Parasites and other debris that ALL modern humans [and domestic animals] MUST be mindful of. You should also be using an Oxygen supplement every night to help clean your body daily. Vitamin C [raw, unadulterated form] is also healing to the immune system and helps in cleansing of the body.

#5.) Get the exercise.

#6.) What’s in your body care? Lots of really toxic chemicals are in highly advertised shampoo, soaps, cleansers, face and body care. Most deodorant has Aluminum. However, there are natural, so much cooler products on the market today that are not only amazing in every way, but they actually feel better and perform better.

Most commercial toothpaste is made with harmful, abrasive, damaging ingredients that hurt your immune system and not to mention your teeth. For one, “Fluoride” is a rat poison and an industrial waste product that has no business in toothpaste, water, or anywhere else in the environment.

Don’t be a sucker for toxic home products, either.

#7.) Women’s makeup/haircolor. No need to use toxic products, but too many women are using these highly advertised chemical compounds that cause harm to the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. There are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL, HONORABLE, LOVINGLY MADE beauty products today that there is really no excuse for consuming such dangerous products in your daily beauty routine. REAL BEAUTY is pure beauty.

Life is too short to be intoxicated and sick.

Choose naturally made, truthful products for your body, and this will feed your mind and your spirit. You’ll feel it, and you will wonder why no one ever told you.

As I stated in the beginning of this blog, there are “special interests” that want to keep this information away from your daily thought process and certainly from your Consumer buying power. There is simply a lot of money to be made from ignorance.

Intelligent, informed people don’t feed the toxic manufacturers/denatured food producers/pharmaceutical lobbies.

Let’s break the cycle of ignorance.

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