Nuclear Warmongering Has Some New Faces

July 7, 2012 at 1:54 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This June 23rd, 2012 interview with Paul Chapelle, of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, is an informative introduction to the domino-effect horrors of the nuclear industry— from manufacturing of deadly Plutonium and other explosive, highly toxic elements… to their storage and even the “practice” explosions that set off nuclear radiation that damages water, air and food quality along with directly affecting all life on Earth.

This photo is of an innocent child born in Iraq whose parents were exposed to the fallout dust of Depleted Uranium bombs dropped by the US Military.

Contamination from Depleted Uranium Pollution lasts for 4.5 BILLION years!

The Military-Industrial Complex is killing all life on this Earth as we know it. The new face of Nuclear Warfare is much more subtle, without the big “mushroom cloud” that scares the Global community. Instead, it is now the “Depleted Uranium” bomb that is used indiscriminately, and its after-life is for billions of years.

Children today born in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from horrendous, unthinkable deformities unknown to humankind in the past.

Women in Iraq are being told to not have children…. what a way to wipe out an entire population, culture, country, innocent people who had nothing to do with this war.

The Radioactive particles are carried via air currents all over the world with every blast of Depleted Uranium.

Is this an acceptable practice that puts all life in jeopardy?

What is so astonishing is that Mr. Obama has changed nothing regarding the Bush-era Iraqi war “project.” Pentagon tallies of the American Soldier and Contractor Death Toll [not to mention their total ignorance of the innocent Civilian Death Toll] is sloppy and even totally dishonest. There is no accountability to the American Taxpayer, or to the world-wide community who must breathe the same air.

Also astonishing is the fact that the USA has had over 100,000 private contractors in Iraq at any given time. This “war” has been a boondoggle for the both the Military Complex and its private contractor friends in this lucrative business.

What is unsettling is that Mr. Obama and his administration are actually increasing our military presence in Afghanistan and spreading the terror and nuclear contamination to this country, too. With billions of years before any Depleted Uranium strikes make a geographic location inhabitable, is it not reasonable to stop and examine this practice?

Abolishing nuclear weapons is a matter of national security as well as a total planetary necessity.

It’s a good thing that the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein is gone, but given the fact that Iraq had NO Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD’s] nor connection to Al-Qaeda, the cost of this unnecessarily aggressive, nuclear Middle East War has been much too bloody, and much too high.

Oh, and don’t forget the Drone Strikes that are also recklessly killing innocent children, families, civilians, and mothers.

When Mr. Obama jokes ignorantly about Drone Strikes, I wonder if he has any knowledge whatsoever of the death and destruction these inaccurate, sloppily deployed Drone Strikes are doing to innocent little girls [his own daughter’s age] and families.

Take a look at this informative website on the innocent child casualties from Drone Strikes deployed by the USA and the UK:

Our tax dollars at work to kill innocent people that are later termed as “Suspected Militants” by our Government-Military in order to justify the killing fields.

The cost is too high for any war.

“One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” —- Joseph Stalin


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