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A simple word: Water.

We see it everywhere. Our faucets, streams, lakes, the Ocean… but with Nuclear disasters like Fukushima [which continues to dump radioactive waste into the Pacific everyday] along with Political, twisted bureaucrats who insist on controlling the “masses” [you and me] with dangerous additives like Fluoride and Chlorine…. our choices for clean drinking water, and thus, our choice to remain healthy, vibrant, intelligent, and functional….are all dwindling to a trickle.

My show broadcast on May 26th, 2012, is devoted entirely to the unthinkable reality that our Water has been way more contaminated than we have been led to believe.

My Guest, Winston Kao, makes some great points about the many misleading ideas and downright deceptions that the Consumer has been exposed to continually in order to confuse the issues.

MOST American Water coming out of the tap is highly contaminated with industrial waste, Agricultural SLUDGE and deliberate carcinogens like Fluoride and Chlorine.

For the record, Fluoride is a very toxic by-product of the Coal, Chemical Fertilizer, and Heavy Metal industries. It is used as a RAT poison, and is highly damaging to the entire body, especially your brain cells.

Fluoride is a “dumbing down” agent that drastically reduces intelligence and even has been linked to ADD/ADHD and horrifying dis-eases like Cancer and Liver and Kidney [irreversible] damage.

So, WHY on Earth are they dumping this industrial pollutant into our waterways? There is a whole history behind the politics of proclaiming that Fluoride is good for the teeth, and therefore, must be added to the municipal drinking water sources.

This misinformation is an outright lie. Fluoride is highly corrosive to the teeth and to ALL bones in your body. It makes them brittle.

Winston’s wonderful explanations for all of this can be heard on the Podcast in my “Archives” section of this blog.

My whole point in spending an entire show on this extremely important topic was to make YOU, the hardworking, taxpaying Consumer angry! Yes, ANGRY! I want you to get angry enough to contact your State Legislature, your local water companies, and every representative that you can think of to CHANGE this diabolical practice that has NO basis on sound, ethical Science!

As far as our Dental Associations, Politicians, and Water Companies are concerned, there appears to be NO logical biological understanding of life and the damage such chemical interferences can do to all living beings [and to the entire eco-system] whatsoever!

Who is REALLY behind the poisoning of our waterways?

What can you do to protect the water that comes to your home’s tap?

Check out Winston Kao’s website, and arm yourself with information and find ways to clean the water pro-actively that comes into your home.


Is it acceptable that we are subjected to continual, low-dose poisoning every time we bathe, take a shower, drink water, and cook?

What about the packaged juices, cooked foods and other ingestible items… they are all made with contaminated water, too. Acceptable?

Why so much talk about drugs and “finding the cure” to every imaginable ailment that only modern society has had to deal with… but NO talk from the Political pundits and other talking heads about cleaning up our waterways, our municipal water systems and making water safe from disease causing contaminants?


WHY NO OZONE USED IN AMERICA [rather than dumping toxic Chlorine and Fluoride into the water]?

See this important video: www.tv.naturalnews.com

Finally, an article written by Russell McLendon for Mother Nature Network, the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act “covers 91 contaminants but there are tens of thousands of chemicals used in the U.S., including more than 8,000 monitored by the EPA, and many of their health effects remain unclear.”


This article in Mother Nature Network also states that “…. at least 35 U.S. cities’ water supplies are contaminated with the highly toxic Chromium-6—- made famous by the 2000 movie ‘Erin Brockovich'”

…. and the EPA still does not regulate toxins like ‘Chromium 6’ nationally!!!!!

Who is watching our lifeblood for all life on Earth? And why is PREVENTION of such toxins never demanded by our irrational, foolish Political system that tells us what they THINK we want to hear about “Family” and “Education” and “Caring for the Elderly” and even the stupidity of “National Healthcare” —-BUT NEVER, EVER bother to take care of the proximate cause of all of these social, environmental, and health related concerns?

Everything is directly related when it comes to the original sin of these dangerous chemicals contaminating people from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep…

Think about it. Do something. Take Action.


This is a photo of a river in Ohio where chemical pollutants are dumped by industrial waste openly, and without any Agency stopping such barbaric and wretched deception to the Consumer.

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